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Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) with Charging Case


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:37 pm


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  • Universal fit that’s comfortable all day
  • Automatically on, automatically connected
  • Easy setup for all your Apple devices
  • Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”
  • Seamless switching between devices

13 reviews for Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) with Charging Case

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Andrew Koh

    Ottime, spedizione molto veloce
    Sulla qualità non c’è molto da dire, tutti sanno come sono fatte e com’è il suono nelle airpods, inevitabilmente ci sono dei sacrifici in cambio della comodità e velocità di utilizzo.
    Voglio chiarire un attimo la confusione riguardo questo articolo, queste AirPods sono di SECONDA generazione, l’unica differenza con l’altro articolo identico sempre vendute da Amazon, è che queste sono GARANZIA EUROPA e ciò si può controllare anche dal codice retail che si trova nella descrizione, essendo vendute da Amazon la garanzia Europa non è un problema perché se ne occupa essa senza problemi.
    Molti dicono che sono di prima generazione perché il case di ricarica è uguale alla prima generazione dove il led è posto all’interno ma vi assicuro che sono di seconda, anche perché la prima gen è fuori produzione.
    Prendendole a prezzo scontato vale la pena prendere queste, ma a prezzo pieno consiglio di prendere la versione Garanzia Italia.

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  2. C.L

    My son saved up for them, worth it & still cheaper than some stores

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  3. Niccolò Saraga

    Il prodotto è originale, viene nella sua scatola Apple sigillata dalla plastica (come si vede dalla foto). Tutto perfetto, garanzia Amazon di 2 anni!

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  4. Annie M

    Bought a second pair already – as a gift. Very happy. Life changing when moving from corded earphones!

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  5. Kerrie Ley

    Not tinty sound like other but a great bass sound. Sit in ears well & so easy for calls etc. I wish I bought these sooner! Worth the high price.

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  6. Stephanie Wong

    Airpods were delivered on time and everything seemed in place – packaging, verified serial number with Apple, etc.

    However, when I paired the airpods with my iPhone for the first time, I heard “Yi Yi’ airpods”, suggesting they have been paired by someone else before?

    I am returning them.

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  7. Glenn

    Air pods are good

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  8. Jacques M

    These genuine AirPods are genuine Apple, & work well.

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  9. patt

    Fast delivery, perfect apple AirPods. Love them, use daily.

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  10. Niccolò Saraga

    First off, I bought this for calls outdoors, and this works well. Even in the gym, or in noisy places, the other person can hear me clearly, and I also can hear the other party clearly. A few things bugged me though, which is why i deducted two stars.

    1. The right side connects 1 to 5 seconds faster than the left side sometimes. It works sometimes and both sides connect instantaneously, but sometimes the right connects faster. This tells me that something is not working properly with the left side as the right side could connect faster consistently.

    2. The AirPod is slippery and one size fits all. In upright position this is ok, but when I do bench press in the gym, it is at extreme risk of falling off (which might spoil it).

    3. I connected this to my Android phone and iPad Air 4. Even when I switch the settings of the iPad Air 4 to “connect to last device”, rather than “always connect to this device”, it ALWAYS connects to iPad Air first and I have to manually connect if i want to use the phone. I get it that it’s an apple product, but I am also a customer, having bought an iPad and AirPods, and I wish they will make it more customer friendly and allow me to connect to whichever device i set it to.

    Further, when I unpaired it with my iPad Air, the AirPods will automatically connect to my phone whenever i put it in my ear. But if I dare to let my AirPods know that i own ipad (by pairing with it), EVEN IF the ipad Bluetooth is off, or if the ipad is 10000 miles away, the automatic connection with the phone will not happen. Other neutral products like Sony or Jabra (which is potentially newer and cheaper) wont have this issue, so I am regretting my purchase somewhat due to this.

    4. Last point is that I bought this last Friday at $188. On Sunday, they revised the price to $178. Just two days!

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  11. D Yip

    I bought this for my wife. Upon first connection, I tried to purchase AppleCare+ from the phone not successful and it shows my Airpods only have 6 months warranty. I bought them down to Apple Store and the staff there advise me to call Apple Support. First call was wasted, the Apple Support agent promised to call me back but never do so. Second call was half way done, the Apple Support agent asked me to send my proof of purchase over to him and end up telling me the relevant department does not work on Sunday. Third call only I am able to get my purchase date updated and manage to purchase AppleCare+. Although getting back the 24 months protection but I am not able to get the 6 months Apple Music for newly purchased Airpods as mentioned in the Apple website.

    Not sure what happen here but as official reseller for Apple, Amazon SG should align with Apple SG to resolve this warranty and AppleCare+ issue, I am not the first case here and will not be the last I assumed.

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  12. jimmy

    Good sound 2nd Generation stays in your ears i have ipod pro always falling out

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  13. Sal

    The last pair of good earphones made that don’t keep falling out of my ears! No changing tips, no fuss, just put in your ears and ready to go without the fear of them falling out.

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    Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) with Charging Case
    Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) with Charging Case


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