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Bandai 1/144 High-Grade Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model Kit


Last updated on May 31, 2023 10:20 pm


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  • Features translucent blue effect parts for the dragoons and shield and comes with both beam rifles
  • Fully posable after assembly, it’s armed with two of the MA-M21KF
  • All parts come molded in multiple colors and feature snap-fit construction
  • Colorful marking seal stickers are included to provide extra colors and markings
  • Develops motor skills, hand eye coordination and understanding of cause and effect

Specification: Bandai 1/144 High-Grade Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model Kit



Model Number


Number of pieces


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Material Types


Material Care Instructions

‎Not applicable.



Release date

‎15 April 2023

Item Model Number


Product dimensions

‎77.22 x 49.28 x 22.86 cm, 1 Grams

6 reviews for Bandai 1/144 High-Grade Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model Kit

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  1. Alex MoWu

    This High Grade Strike Freedom Gundam was between easy and bit hard to build in some areas of the kit. Hard part came from the stickers only because of the head area requiring delicate timing and precision to put the sticker on it. The next hard part putting together the headpieces since parts are small. The body to legs area was the easiest took about 5-10 min to do at best. Finally the wings aren’t hard but blue fins don’t connect perfectly and feels a bit loose on a few. The back pack to hold the wings too heavy and will fall over if not leaning again something to keep it up or using a stand helps too. Please handle the box better I’m a collector and love it to be safe or why do I buy them new for what then?

    I don’t panel line my gundams yet but you’ll notice some rough areas with marks where i cut them with the nips I have. I did try light sanding those areas as best as I could but learn from other kit builders its due to old technology that made these plastics parts.

    Overall I had fun building this strike freedom gundam minus the rough edges or backpack for the wing unit i still love it. Before I forget it, please seller pack the box better, i brought it for new not used or wanting it damaged. I’m a collector and want my box safe from damage and being badly dent or cut but I’m still glad no parts wasn’t damage from it. Lose points in The box condition being bad so please handle with care next time for all buyers please. I highly doubt they read these reviews but new buyers its better to buy in person then online if box or parts get damaged due to poor handling.

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  2. Alex MoWu

    I purchased this as my first model, having always wanted to build one. It was surprisingly forgiving for beginners, instructions are easy to follow. Some pieces are very small, so I wouldn’t recommend this for young children.

    You will not need paint or glue for this.

    You will not need a “gundam kit” with clippers and files if you have average household items. I used scissors for most clipping, and for small stubborn nubs, I used a set of nail clippers. I had a small file around the house already. Unless you’re purchasing this for crazy high standards display or want to keep everything flawless for painting, don’t worry about special tools.

    The figure is very posable, but fragile. This was not made to be played with by children, as much as set up on a display shelf. Be gentle positioning it and it will be fine.

    Be aware that some stickers for it are very small as well, such as the eyes. I used a needle to drop them into place carefully. Even with my hands, which shake, it wasn’t too difficult.

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  3. C.So

    I like It because this my favorite gundam but it’s hard for new I need one night to finish it .

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  4. Jack of all Trades

    It is very fun to built it.

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  5. lee wai loon

    Good product!!!!

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  6. C.So

    Final build for this kit is absolutely beautiful but I recommend starting off with a different HG kit as a beginner. If you’re not starting out your gunpla journey, this is a great model kit to get!

    The bad/meh: There are many tiny parts & stickers especially for the head which can be frustrating to assemble. In addition, the red & yellow part of the headpiece falls off easily, so it might be better to superglue those pieces. This model is very difficult to pose without a stand since the wings are too heavy, causing it to fall over.

    The good: Joint articulation is good except for the ankles which have very limited motion. The model feels solid and limbs don’t fall off easily, the quality is 100% here in this build. There are also lots of accessories, making this set nice for Gundam photography.

    Accessories include:
    2 sets of hands (1 pair of fists to hold accessories. 1 pair of outstretched hands for posing)
    2 red beam sabers (can be combined into 1 twin bladed beam saber. Saber handles can be placed on the rail cannons on each side.)
    2 rifles (can be combined into 1 big rifle. Both rifles can be affixed and adjusted up/down on the waist after moving the rail cannons to the back.)
    1 shield (use red part from arm guard to affix onto outer arm)

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    Bandai 1/144 High-Grade Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model Kit
    Bandai 1/144 High-Grade Strike Freedom Gundam Plastic Model Kit


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