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(Black) – Brainwavz Earpads For ATH M50X, M50XBT, M40X, M30X, HyperX, SHURE, Turtle Beach, AKG, ATH, Philips, JBL, Fostex Replacement Memory Foam…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:39 pm


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  • Made With High Quality Memory Foam
  • Comfortable And Fits Many Oval Cup Designed Headphones
  • Durable And Long Lasting
  • Better Quality Than Most Stock Earpads Found On High End Headphones

Specification: (Black) – Brainwavz Earpads For ATH M50X, M50XBT, M40X, M30X, HyperX, SHURE, Turtle Beach, AKG, ATH, Philips, JBL, Fostex Replacement Memory Foam…






Part Number


Compatible Devices


Headphones form factor


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Material Type

‎Memory Foam

Includes Rechargeable Battery


Includes remote


Product dimensions

‎16.51 x 11.68 x 5.59 cm, 9.07 Grams

Item Weight

‎9.07 g

Item Model Number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎23 March 2018

13 reviews for (Black) – Brainwavz Earpads For ATH M50X, M50XBT, M40X, M30X, HyperX, SHURE, Turtle Beach, AKG, ATH, Philips, JBL, Fostex Replacement Memory Foam…

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Was a little concerned buying these as mixed reports of them not fitting the Momentum 2.0’s. Very happy to report that they definitely install perfectly. I will note that Brainwavz have different sized pads so must take care to ensure correct size ordered.
    Have only just got them so cannot comment on durability, however their larger size is definitely a more comfortable fit than the stock pads. I now experience no discomfort after wearing headphones for hours where with the stock pads I did.
    I am not an audiophile so whilst I cannot explain exactly how, I can definitely tell that the sound signature has changed. I also think that the noise cancelling is now just slightly less effective. This is only slight and was not tested properly.

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  2. Frankie Hiltz

    Bought these to fit on a pair of Sennheiser 4.40BT headphones. Like most people, the stock pads weren’t designed for normal human ears (I refuse to believe I’m above average in ear size). After careful consideration based on other reviews, and a desire to wear the headphones for more than an hour, I picked these pads up.

    First up, the packaging was clean, no nonsense. The pads had a bit of a smell but what doesn’t give you cancer these days? I took far too much pleasure pulling off the stock pads from the cans, only to be immediately crushed by the overwhelming difficulty of getting the new pads on. There’s a bit of a “lip” on the new pads that kept curling in on itself instead of going into the all too small gap on the headphones.

    Once that ordeal was over, the result was ultimately worth it. These pads sit so wonderfully *perfect* around my ears, and give the entire a headset a much lighter feeling. My head doesn’t feel “crushed” (I’m exaggerating, it was more of a light squeeze) and I’m pretty sure if I tried hard enough to ignore the music, I’d forget I was wearing the headphones entirely.

    While comfort increased, I echo the same sentiment of a few reviews here – you will lose bass. One of the reasons I picked the headphones over others, is the frequency response and audio clarity. This isn’t a review for the 4.40BT’s, but good god do they sound amazing for their price range. With these new pads, there’s less “punch” to accompany the lows, and it’s very noticeable. This has made the mids and highs more prominent, and taken away some of the perfect balance the sound had before. That said, the improvements to comfort cannot be overstated, and it was worth the trade off.

    Overall, if you have normal sized ears and need something that fits, this are a good replacement. The fit and finish is fantastic. Aside from the difficulty getting them on, and the changes to sound reproduction, there’s no downsides, and those are small compared to the increased listening time afforded by these pads.

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  3. Matthew Kempe

    These go right around your ear and are quite comfy! Slightly reduced bass and noise cancelling however. Great upgrade otherwise!

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  4. Drake

    Easy replacement for old atx30 cans, gives them new life for travelling etc.

    Snazzy red that are super comfortable, glad I went for velour.

    Will upgrade the atx50s when the black vinyl starts flaking off my ears eventually

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Comfortable, looks well made. It wasn’t obvious to me from the listing that these are leatherette, not fabric. Not a deal-breaker for me but be aware.

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  6. Richard Speight

    I used the to replace the original pads on my Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC headphones, as the originals had split.

    Good: Comfort! OMG, this is what they should feel like from new. Also, much larger opening than original pads, so these fit comfortably over and around your ears. Original pads sit on your ears, and become uncomfortable during use.

    Minor issues: the backing material between the pads and the earcup is very thin/sheer compared to OEM pads. Fitting the pads needs a bit of patience, don’t rush it.
    The larger cups do change the sound levels slightly. This may be an issue for some people, but for me the improved comfort was worth the slight change..

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  7. Vick

    Fit was bit fiddly but once you get these on, these have no real impact on sound. Comfort is definitely 10/10 for me. Before these, I couldn’t wear my MeZe for more than 30 mins. Highly recommended if you have MeZe 99s.

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  8. Craig Smith

    These earpads fit me much better than the stock ATH-M50xBT ones and the valour is comfy and holds up to gym sessions. Yet to air travel test them, though isolation is not this headset’s strong suit anyway.

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  9. Ben

    Super comfy, and much better than the stock ear cups on the G Pro X Wireless. They could use a trim before installing, but I managed to stretch them over with enough strength.

    I’m docking it a star though because the fabric is very sloppy stiched together. Youll see in the photo that the stich is very uneven and ugly looking. Although a nitpick, build quality is important.

    As for comfort, they’re nice and massive. My ears touched the drivers with the stock cups, they don’t anymore. The sound isolation us improved also.

    As far as I know, these are the only ones people are mentioning as fitting the g pro wireless headset, so you can’t go wrong.

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  10. Craig Smith

    I bought these to replace the original pads on my Audio-Techina ATH-M20x.

    To make these pads universal the collar at the back is wider and not as stiff as the collar on the original pads. They are a bit fiddly to put on correctly (threading the collar into the slot rather than just pulling it over the outside of the cups) but worth the effort. The pads are extremely comfortable, and the inner hole fits over my ears. I can now easily wear the headphones for longer periods if needed.

    Others have commented on sound quality – and sound quality is always subjective. I mainly use the ATH-M20x for online work meetings and on weekends for a community radio show as I prefer not to take my better quality headphones to the station. The ATH-M20x are the entry level of the range and I have previously found the sound to be a bit “tinny” when playing music. To my ears the Brainwavz pads have improved the soundfield, making instruments in the high end more distinct and opening up the stereo image.

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  11. Frankie Hiltz

    Purchased headphones from the Avantree brand (AS9) but there was a defect with the cushion of the right pad that made it uncomfortable so I searched for replacement earpads that had about the same diameter and stumbled upon these. I bought the velour model because I thought fabric would be more comfortable than fake leather and it really is, but it also has some important downsides to consider.

    – fits perfectly on the Avantree AS9 headphones
    – very comfortable to wear
    – breathable: won’t make you sweat
    – very deep and thick, so your ears do not touch the inside of the headphones and the pads sit comfortably around your ears
    – adds a nice touch of color to otherwise boring headphones

    – does not come with a plastic tab so it can be difficult to install
    – since it’s breathable it doesn’t have good sound insulation: everyone around you will hear your music
    – it’s a big hair magnet; because of static electricity it will attract pet hair and whatnot
    – since it’s deeper than the original pads your ears are further away from the speakers so the acoustics is different and doesn’t sound as good
    – since your ears are further away you have to raise the volume, which makes the battery drain faster
    – because of the increased thickness you have to adjust the headband to account for wider pads
    – the color of the left and right pads that I received differ very slightly, as if it discolored in the sun or something but this doesn’t affect performance
    – no way to wash them if I ever need to, since they’re made of fabric, and I don’t think they would fare well in the washing machine

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  12. Greg P.

    I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 and I was told by Sennheiser that they do not make replacement pads for them anymore. I wanted something good (not those $5 jobs from other places) and I saw a lot of people recommending Brainwavz.

    I did wonder how they claim to fit different types of headphones, and now I get how they do it. The pads fold over the cups of the headphones, so aesthetically they are not as nice as the stock pads. I guess I could try and trim them down to fit better, but I am worried I may break them and these headphones do not leave my house so I will deal with it.

    They are very comfortable which is important for long sessions wearing them. The sound quality seems a little different, but still great. I think they hold a little more sound in than the stock pads I had.

    So in summation I would not hesitate to buy these again but I would always buy the proper pads if I could.

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  13. Him

    These have been a great upgrade to my old flaky Momentum 2 ear pads, I find them more comfortable with no compromise in sound quality or noise cancellation.

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    (Black) – Brainwavz Earpads For ATH M50X, M50XBT, M40X, M30X, HyperX, SHURE, Turtle Beach, AKG, ATH, Philips, JBL, Fostex Replacement Memory Foam…
    (Black) – Brainwavz Earpads For ATH M50X, M50XBT, M40X, M30X, HyperX, SHURE, Turtle Beach, AKG, ATH, Philips, JBL, Fostex Replacement Memory Foam…


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