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Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless 5.3 True TWS Earphones Touch Control IP7 Waterproof 40H Playback LED Power Display Over-Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Noise…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:38 pm


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  • 【Comfortable to wear & IP7 Waterproof】: The weight of a single ear is only 4 grams, light and comfortable to wear, ergonomic in-ear surface and angle, fit the shape of the ear, not easy to fall off, bringing a comfortable wearing feeling and fit. The waterproof level is IP7, no need to worry about sweat or rain, suitable for sports outdoor wearing in the rain. (Do not immerse the earphones in water)
  • 【Bluetooth 5.3 Anti-interference Without Delay】: The new wireless earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 EDR technology chip, the signal interference is increased by 80% compared with the previous earphones, you can enjoy more stable 3D stereo music, and at the same time increase the playback communication capacity by 2 times , Realize the synchronous transmission of audio signal and left and right headphones without delay, which side can use monaural/binaural mode stably.
  • 【Auto-Pair & LED Display】: After the initial connection is completed, when you use it again, just take the headset out of the charging box, the headset will automatically turn on, and the connection with the mobile phone will be completed automatically. After returning the earphones to the charging case, the LED of the charging case reads the remaining amount of earphones. The multi-function button of the high-sensitivity touch sensor can perform various operations with a single click
  • 【40-hours Long Battery Life & Wide Compatible】: The Bluetooth earbuds come with a 400mAh charging box, the earphones can be used for about 7-8 hours a single time, and the charging time is 1-2 hours. The charging box can charge the earphones 4-5 times, and the total battery life can be up to Up to 40 hours with fast charging. They are widely compatible with most devices with built-in Bluetooth function.
  • 【3D Stereo & CVC 8.0 Noise Reduction】: The Bluetooth headset is equipped with 14mm titanium-plated composite diaphragm speakers, creating a clear and natural wide sound field, restoring the true binaural stereo effect, and the deep bass makes you feel the concert scene. The in-ear earbuds have CVC8.0 noise reduction and are equipped with three pairs of ear caps of different sizes for you to use, allowing you to make clear calls and enjoy music in a noisy environment.
  • 【Touch Control】Easy Touch control brings you a more comfortable and convenient experience to answer phones,switch songs and activate voice assistant without operating your mobile device frequently,just easily control it by a simple press on the earbuds.
  • 【Instant Connection】With one step auto-paring design,simply take out the earbuds,it connects automatically to the paired devices instantly.Each earbuds can be connected alone.
  • 【Single Mode & TWS Mode】The earbuds can be chose to L / R Solo,so each of the earphone can be used for single channel mode.Also can work for binaural mode,both earphones immerse you in a premium fantastic stereo music
  • 【Hifi stereo sound quality】Full in-ear design,these music wireless earbuds unique digital audio processor and composite diaphragm moving coil unit provide you with wide sound range, dynamic highs and deep bass.It comes with 3 different sizes of ear tips, which can better make the bluetooth earbud go deep into your ear canal without sound leakage so as to ensure the ear can accurately receive more music details.Enjoy your immersive music everywhere even in a loud environment.
  • 【All-day Battery Life】Earbuds provide extra 40 hours playtime with the portable charging case, just put the earbuds back into the case and charge automatically.Fast Type-C charging,15 minutes charging,2 hours of using,enjoy music anytime,anywhere.

Specification: Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless 5.3 True TWS Earphones Touch Control IP7 Waterproof 40H Playback LED Power Display Over-Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Noise…


Microphone format




Model Name


Compatible Devices


Special Features

‎Fast Charging

Mounting Hardware


Number of items




Charging Time

‎2 Hours

Headphones form factor

‎Over Ear

Cable feature

‎Without Cable

Connector Type


Material Type


Package Dimensions

‎10.3 x 9.7 x 3.9 cm, 150 Grams

Item Weight

‎150 g

Item Model Number


Date First Available

‎10 April 2023

7 reviews for Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless 5.3 True TWS Earphones Touch Control IP7 Waterproof 40H Playback LED Power Display Over-Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Noise…

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  1. J.

    I am really impressed with the new N35 True Wireless Earbuds. They are several steps up in technology from my previous pair from Golrex, the T59 wireless earbuds. Most impressive is that the charging case itself utilizes wireless charging so you don’t have to scramble to find or plug in any cables. You still have an option to plug in a USB-C charging cable and box. PLUS, it also has a full-size USB connector that can be used as a backup battery to charge your cell phone.
    In addition to these upgrades, the device has more user friendly, intuitive controls. For instance, The older model has a single Multi-Function button on both ear buds that you used for volume, next track, previous track, pause, play, and answer phone (although I never really got that feature figured out. Speaking of, the instructions are much better written and confirm the microphone location in the illustration (which I’m not really sure where it was located on the other, or if it even had one at all).
    What sets this one apart is the addition of plus and minus rockers on both earpieces, giving you better control of the volume as well as freeing up some of the confusing multi-function options with less confusion. (Think short tap, long tap, double tap, triple tap, etc.). Also, the volume control is more controllable with a slower increase or decrease in steps so you don’t blow your ears out suddenly if you hold it too long.
    Comparably, I like the form factor of the previous T59 model. They were smaller in both earbuds and case size. The addition of the new volume rockers added to the overall length of the earbud body, while maintaining a similar sized over the ear loop, which makes for a secure fit on both models. No more lost earbuds on a trail run through the woods!
    One noticeable feature is how the earbuds sit in the charging case. Clam shell in design, both models have a form fitting recess to secure and dock the earbuds for charging and storage. However, on the new model (N35) Left and Right are reversed. Even with the old ones it took me a little bit of time to get used to placing them in correctly in order to seat properly for charging. However, once you make note of the embossed letters L and R, you can quickly discern which piece goes into which slot and how to orient them properly.
    Battery life on these headphones are incredible. I rarely have to charge the case itself. I can go for a week’s worth of runs without having to recharge the case. One nice feature of both models is the LCD status indicators. Both feature a numerical percentage for case battery availability and both provide individual charging bars for left and right earbuds. You can even use one earbud or the other individually with and they will still sync with your Bluetooth no problem.
    The only drawback I have to say is the fit and resulting bass response. I did not drop the score below 5 because the price and features outweigh more expensive brands. But I have experienced this same problem on very expensive models as well. It may be my own ears that don’t fit well, because the bass level is good if I hold the earbuds to my head.

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  2. Christos

    Don’t expect great wifi sound. Bass shy, easy paired to my phone and smart tv

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  3. Yikidee

    From day 1 had issues with the ear buds, which is a shame as when they worked, they were the best ear pieces I have had so far.

    – Excellent sound, when they work
    – Awesome touch pads that don’t get activated when doing weights or stretching. Probably the biggest issues I have had with other ear buds
    – Superb battery life

    – From day 1 you could time it to 30 mins into a work out, one of the ear buds volume would drop to 10% or less. Ear piece would not come back to normal volume for at LEAST a day, if not more (currently 2 days into right ear piece working at most 10% volume)
    – No point going to the Vendor. They answer up to what they need to, then pass you onto Amazon. Go straight to Amazon if you have issues! Vendor should just point you to them straight away instead of dicking you around for 5 days just to inform you need to get in touch with Amazon.

    I have given these a go for nearly 2 weeks now and every day had the issue raised. Its only one problem, but very annoying as its the main reason I went with these ear buds.

    If I can get a replacement and the next set works as intended, I will edit and update.

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  4. Crystal

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     Like my review title says, what’s not to love?! These pocbuds are pretty awesome! They seem to have a really great battery life, both the individual buds and the wireless charging case. In this review I am going to try to cover all the bases and be as detailed and honest as I possibly can. I’ve been using these earbuds for a few days now, upon opening them was the only time I have had to charge them and the battery life is still in the high 80’s!!! That’s incredible to me! I have a pair very similar to these and the battery on them is not even comparable in the least. I have to charge them almost daily. I also want to note I can go through the entire day using only one bud without having to hear that low battery prompt and have to switch out buds while the other is charging. These buds have been holding their battery life soo well! Now let’s talk about sound, it’s pretty decent. I LOVE THE VOLUME CONTROLS ! These buds have up and down volume buttons on BOTH earbuds which is an upgrade from my other ones which only had volume control using the multi function button (mfb) but the worst part was that each buds mfb was either up or down so if you weren’t wearing both at the same time (which I NEVER do) you could only turn the volume up OR down but not both… so these up/down options on each earbud is GREAT! I’ll be honest though, at first I didn’t think the volume buttons worked. I would press them to test them and nothing would happen but throughout the next few days of testing and trying them out they started to work. I think the issue was that they were soooo new and just needed to be “broken in”. They work just fine now. I also love the sleek feel and appearance of these pocbuds. They are very asthetically pleasing and also VERY COMFORTABLE! They are super lightweight and have not hurt my head or caused any ear pain whatsoever! That’s such a relief because my older version of these (which are almost identical) did hurt my ears so much! I also want to point out some good things about the carrying case. It is sooo strong! I think it’s a very good, durable case especially with having children always dropping it. I think it has good protection and will last for a long time. I really like how strong the magnets inside the case are as well. The buds just kind of pop into place which is great! I’m always in such a rush so not having to fiddle with them and push them into their place is nice, not super important but nice… next I want to point out the voice prompt. It’s in a voice I can actually understand! Haha it’s not some person with a thick accent speaking improper English like my previous pair of earbuds. Again, this is not super important but just a nice feature. Ok lastly, I would like to say I like auto pairing and this has it! Like the volume controls at first I didn’t think these buds had that because I had to keep pressing the pair button on my device. But after pairing a few times throughout the days of using these now they auto pair without any prompting. Phew! That’s a relief because oft times I do not even have my phone on me running around the house with my children. Overall, I think these are a great option! They work wonderfully thus far and they were a great affordable price! These babies only cost $29.99 and there is also free shipping and let me tell you the shipping was quite speedy! I definitely recommend these earbuds as well as the company. They really care about their customers and what the customers think about their products. Buy these and you won’t regret it.

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  5. Steve

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     I bought these for a change in my current headphones and I’m much happier. They have a case that lights up to inform you of the battery remaining. The case charges the headphones so make sure to charge the case now and then. I haven’t had to charge my battery all week at the gym at least 60 minutes a day, so nice battery life. The ear piece reminds me of my daughter’s (much more expensive buds)and fits nice and comfortably in the ear. I was concerned they would fall out while running, but to my suprise they did not. Therefore i decided to give them a try at work. I package items for delivery or pickup and I’m constantly running around all over. We have 2 different areas for one for pick ups and another for delivery’s, plus the picking area, so a ton of moving around. My previous headphones were not up for the hustle and bustle of my days at work and they seem fine at the gym, but I’m not running into different rooms while on the treadmill or elliptical. Now you wouldn’t think that moving around doing activities beside running would make a difference, but I can not tell you how many times I have dropped my (now old) headphones at work. So these have been a huge deal for me. I haven’t had them fall out at all. I do have smaller ears and thought maybe that was the problem with the old headphones, but I’m an unsure.
    The sound is nice and am happy with it. My favorite option is the pause when you touch the earpiece. I often need to pause my music to talk to coworkers or to contact a customer over the phone, so not fumbling with my phone is very helpful. I love to be able to go right back into the song I was listening to. There is a lot of touch options with these headphones. You can use them during a phone call, you just click the earpiece and it answers the phone! How cool is that. I was very excited about this option. I don’t always have my phone on my person while working, so this is a great option to be able to answer the phone without having to run to or find where I (mis)placed myphone. This has a range of 33 ft so you don’t want your phone to be too far away or you will get some cutting out on the headphones. My work place is small so it’s not an issue for me. Don’t want to be bothered by phone calls? Just hold the earpiece for 2 seconds and they will be pushed to voicemail, if you have that set up, I realize as I write this not everyone uses voice mail as much as they used to.
    If you use apple user this has a Siri activation as well which I see could be super helpful also. I like to be able to not use my phone as much as possible. Plus being on your phone at work is kinda frowned upon. Want to skip a song or change the volume? Yup, you can do that too. It feels like they have covered everything here. There wasn’t any apps that I needed to add to use these either. Thank goodness because I don’t need another app running things on my phone. Overall these are perfect for me at work and at the gym. I am amazed at how great they have been for me. I also used one (earpiece)on hike so I could hear people around me and it was nice to not worry about losing them. And if I did I would buy another pair. You can’t beat the price of these for what you are getting! I won’t go back to the old (expensive) type of headphones again.

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  6. J.

    I received an invitation to review this product from a previous product purchase and decided to give it a go. I’m not usually one to leave a review unless I think it could possibly help someone else nor did I need another set of earbuds. On that note, I went ahead and placed my order. The ear buds arrived overnight and were well packaged. The box itself (as shown in the pic) is the height of a generic eye glass case and just under the depth of the eye glass case. My first thought was this is on the heavier side for ear buds and preceded to unbox the product. After removing the plastic film, the internal box slides out with minimal effort. No cutting or packaging fuss. Right on top is the user manual with easy to read simple instructions. Under the instructions is the case for the earbuds. In the smaller compartments above the case are the type-c charging cable and ear caps (the ear buds come with medium caps on but these additional caps are handy for those who prefer the larger or smaller size). I quickly went through the instructions to see what was needed (some items need to be charged a certain way before they can be used). After reading, I decided to jump right in. Again the box was a little heavier than I had anticipated. I then took out one of the ear buds. It was deceptively light in comparison. It’s the charging case that is a little on the heavier side. Its not a brick by any means, but I often have it in my pocket and since it is a little bigger than my previous charging case it its slightly more noticeable-again not an issue for me, but worth mentioning. The design is blockier than what I have purchased prior, but not an overall concern for me. I removed the film on the earbud and it was very easy to insert in my ear. The over the ear piece did not tangle in my hair nor did it pull at it when in place. I intentionally left my hair messy and in a pony to replicated how I would wear them when going to the gym. A lot of times previous buds would tangle or grab and even get caught in my hair. These ones glided on without any incident (hair up or down). They were actually very comfortable. After placing them I couldn’t even really feel the over the ear piece. I was able to move my head in any which direction including exaggerated movements and the buds would stay comfortably in place. The buds paired to each other and to my iPhone quite easily. The whole pairing event took less than 15 seconds (included opening the settings app, pressing bluetooth, selecting N35 and voila the earbuds were connected and ready to go. I, of course, had to test them out. There are buttons on each bud for volume control and to pause and unpause audio. Very easy to navigate. I went for a jog around and the buds stayed comfortably in place without any adjustments. No problem with free weights either (bending over and positional changes were without incident-no popping out, no pain, no disruption in audio). The sound quality is great! I don’t have to have it on max to hear over a vacuum or blender. They are not noise canceling but do muffle surrounding sound especially when playing audio as expected with something directly in your ear. I gave it a full 24 hours of use (mostly streaming music, actual phone calls, and a few lectures) before leaving this review. The battery has held a strong charge. I have yet to charge the charging case and still have quite a bit of battery remaining on the case indicator. I would highly recommend this product especially at this price point. Pics attached for size comparison (mechanical pencil and AA battery) and overall ear fit. Hope this review is helpful!

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  7. Steve

    Full disclosure, I was asked to try this product and give my opinion, so here goes.

    Received within the 2 day prime shipping as stated in listing. Not sure if that credit goes to Amazon or the manufacturer that reached out to me, but I’ll give it to both.

    Earbuds and case came fully charged (unexpectedly) and ready to pair. Earbuds paired easily with both Samsung Android phone and Apple iPad 12 pro (2nd gen?)

    I usually only use ipad for TV/movies and gaming on PUBG mobile…. mainly PUBG mobile. Watched two 45 minutes episodes and then gamed for 2 hours. No distortion while watching shows and zero lag in sound while gaming. Game chat was a bit loud at first but that was due to in-game settings and iPad. After tweaking volumes a bit, it worked flawlessly. Side note, typically do a lot of gaming with turtle beach wired headphones at home and fellow gamers can hear my wife snoring or watching her tv shows in the background. With these, none of my teammates could hear the TV in the background (which was on a setting of 18 vs normally 12). So with that I’m almost sold alone.

    Haven’t had a chance to see how long the earbuds charge fully last, but based on the bars after using and putting back in case, I would logically say could easily go another 6 hours. After and hour (ish) of charging, it the case only dropped 4% so it may take a few weeks to drain enough to recharge case.

    The case does have one side with type C to recharge unit and a USB port on the opposite side to use as emergency charging for other devices (phone, smartwatch).

    The only negative aspect of the design in my personal opinion, is that the earbuds are stored in the case opposite of ears. Meaning the right earbud is placed on the left and vice versa. Having had a set from the parent company and placement in case was accurate it does bug me a bit, but as for quality, it didn’t disappoint. Also a bit heavier than previous model, but hoping it’s due to larger battery capacity and thus longer use times.

    As for charging pins in unit and case, I won’t know the full quality of withstanding pocket jostling for a month or so but design is similar to that of previous model of parent company and it has held up for almost a year now, so I have high hopes.

    Hopefully this review helps future owners/customers in their decision, but I would definitely buy again in the future/for family members that use earbuds. May let my son use them for his 🎵 🤔.

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    Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless 5.3 True TWS Earphones Touch Control IP7 Waterproof 40H Playback LED Power Display Over-Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Noise…
    Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless 5.3 True TWS Earphones Touch Control IP7 Waterproof 40H Playback LED Power Display Over-Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Noise…


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