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Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones,Button Control/One-Step Pairing/200H Play Time/LED Display/IP7 Waterproof TWS Earphones in-Ear w/HD Mic Hi-Fi…


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  • 【Up to 200H Playback Time and Bluetooth 5.0 】It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the 2200 mAh case,and providing earbuds with up to 200 hours of looping playback time. And the earbuds provides up to 6-7 hours of single play time after 1H single charge.Use the latest 3rd Bluetooth 5.0 chip to provide faster and more stable signal connection and lossless sound transmission.
  • 【Comfortable Fit Design and Simple One-step Pairing 】These earbuds adopts comfortable wearing design, close to the contours of the ears, and use lightweight ABS material to help reduce pressure on ears. One-step pairing, remove the earbuds from the charging case,they will turn on automatically. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and search for “H66” to connect. After the first pairing,they will automatically connect to previously used device when you take them out next time.
  • 【HiFi Steoro Sound and Two Primary Earbuds Design】The wireless earbuds with built-in high-quality audio chip can keep the original sound of the music to the greatest extent, providing clear treble and strong bass stereo high-fidelity sound quality. Two main earbuds transmission design eliminates the concept of the main ear and the secondary ear, and transmits signals to the two earbuds separately, which means that you can use two earbuds at the same time, or you can use one earbud randomly, both of which brings continuous and convenient music enjoyment.
  • 【CVC8.0 Noise Reduction and LED Battery Display】The built-in microphone uses advanced CVC8.0 noise reduction technology, which helps reduce environmental noise and echo, thereby improving real-time voice sound during a call, while maintaining the sound quality of HiFi music.Battery percentage of case will be displayed on the front of the charging case,and separate icons will show the remaining charge of the left and right earbuds.
  • 【IP7 Waterproof and Wide Compatibility】Built-in nano-waterproof coating, class 7 waterproof design, can prevent the water from entering the earbuds after immersing in water, suitable for running even in rainy days, and suitable for sweating in the gym or various outdoor sports(such as walking,hiking, jogging, etc.).These earbuds are basically compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops and computers.
  • 【Immerse in superior sound quality】True Wireless Earbuds with immersive sound and clear call quality, you can enjoy your music and phone conversations with ease. Whether you’re at the gym, office, bus, or home, these earbuds provide a three-dimensional soundstage effect that will leave you feeling like you’re right in the middle of the action. Plus, each earbud has a built-in microphone for taking hands-free calls on the go.
  • 【Easy Controls】The in-ear wireless earphones feature sensitive button controls, tap the earphones for play/pause, volume, switch song, answer/end calls and voice assistant activation.
  • 【Compact Elegant Aesthetics】Carefully designed to provide an excellent listening experience. The use of premium frosted materials makes the headphones difficult to slip, while the compact body ensures they can be easily carried around in your pocket.
  • 【Ears Painless】The half-in-ear design is safer and more comfortable than traditional in-ear earbuds, and the included different sizes of earbuds ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Plus, at just 0.1 ounces per headphone, these headphones are practically weightless. Whether you’re on a plane or subway, you’ll appreciate being able to hear announcements and conversations around you without having to remove your headphones.
  • 【Package Contents】Earbuds *2, Charging case *1, Mini USB Type C cable *1, Earcaps *4(L S), User manual *1, and friendly customer service.

Specification: Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones,Button Control/One-Step Pairing/200H Play Time/LED Display/IP7 Waterproof TWS Earphones in-Ear w/HD Mic Hi-Fi…


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Model Name


Part Number


Compatible Devices


Special Features

‎Microphone Included

Mounting Hardware


Number of items





‎3.7 Volts

Headphones form factor

‎In Ear

Charging Time

‎2 Hours

Cable feature

‎Without Cable

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Material Type


Package Dimensions

‎11.5 x 10 x 3.4 cm, 150 Grams

Item Weight

‎150 g

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Date First Available

‎13 March 2023

7 reviews for Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones,Button Control/One-Step Pairing/200H Play Time/LED Display/IP7 Waterproof TWS Earphones in-Ear w/HD Mic Hi-Fi…

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  1. tebright1

    I have spent a few weeks using these headphones in different environments and I have to say, I’m super impressed!

    As a busy mom and the director of a nonprofit, I rarely have time to myself where I can use both headphones at one time. I typically pop one in and leave the other ear free to hear the hundreds of questions my kids have in a day. 😂

    The sound, even with just one in at a time is incredible! I love the “tap” feature on the side that gives me the ability to quickly pause whatever I’m listening to if I need to.

    The battery life is exceptional! Over the last two weeks, I’ve spent hours and hours painting my office. There have been a few times that I forgot to charge it during the night and haven’t had an issue with them dying.

    They fit perfectly in my ears. Compared to typical earbuds, these are 10 times more comfortable! The weight is held by the top of your ear instead of in the ear canal which keeps you from having sore ears. And they haven’t fallen off once!

    I’m the worst when it comes to losing headphones! I forget to put them back and then end up with just one and eventually lose that one too. The price point is perfect for me!

    A quality product at an affordable price!

    I definitely recommend and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing another set before long!

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  2. Greg

    These are great wireless ear buds for the price point that it sells at. I very much recommend getting these buds if you are looking for wireless ear buds that you can use while you are working out or taking part in other activities that require more movement. The ear bud is designed to hook around your ear which provides more security compared to other normal ear buds I have owned that often fall out very easily when running or etc. They are also very comfortable as the angle of the actual ear bud from the hook falls directly into your ear and fits really easily and comfortably. There are also 3 different sizes of ear tips that are provided in the box when you purchase for the best size to fit your individual ear.
    I honestly have to say I was quite surprised by the quality of the sound of these ear buds. It is very good for the price point I think, the bass is strong, which I like, and though they are not noise cancelling ear buds, the ear buds fit nicely into your ear that you hear the sound pretty good and clear as long as you are not really in a very loud environment.
    The Bluetooth connection is easy like any other wireless listening device and it connects automatically with your other devices like laptop and phone automatically when you take the ear buds out of the case. They automatically switch on and connect for ease of use.
    The design is slick and cool and the charging case is a nice size and designed really well too. The charging is also quite fast. I just plugged the charger into the case and it charges up in less than an hour. Every time you put your ear buds back into the case, they charge and the display also shows you how much charge is in each individual side of the ear bud. There is also a really small screen when you open up the case that shows you how much numerical percentage is still left in your case for the actual ear buds.
    In the box with the ear buds and charging case, they provide the ear tips, a USB to case (which is a USB-C port) charging wire (no head) – all very well wrapped in a small box that was delivered in great condition and really quickly.
    There are no buttons on the ear buds, instead the exterior of each bud has a touch screen that allows you to control what you are listening to without having to go to your phone or laptop or other devices. This is my favourite feature as it is so easy and very smartly designed. You can double tap on either side of the ear buds to answer or end a call you are on, a single tap is to pause and play music you are listening to, triple tap to skip to the next song. Volume is holding down either left or right earbud to increase or decrease the volume.
    I hope this helps, I would highly recommend for a simple pair of wireless ear buds that are not expensive at all and allow you to speak on the phone and listen to music very easily.

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  3. Adam

    First of all let state that the shipping was prompt. I received the headphones within a few days of placing my order. They were securely packaged and I had no worries about the earbuds becoming damaged during shipping.

    I expected that the earbuds would needs charging right out of the box. To my surprise, they arrived fully charged.

    Speaking of features, one of the best features is the LCD screen on the front of the charging case that let’s you know that the earbuds are charging and the percentage of the charge. There is also a red indicator on the earbuds that also let’s you know the earbuds are charging.

    These are the most comfortable earbuds that I have owned. They are lightweight and they have an extension that wraps around the back of your ear..

    These earbuds have a playing time of six to nine hours, which is more than enough for most situations.

    These earbuds also take approximately 2 hours to charge from the charging case. I just put them in the charging case when not in use, so they are charged and ready to go when I need them.

    In the case the battery does fully discharge, the case can be used to charge the earbuds without connecting to an electrical source. .

    This feature also let’s you charge the battery when the earbuds are not in use. This also extends the playing time.

    The LCD screen indicates that the earbuds are fully charged when the charge percentage number dims completely out.

    These earbuds are very simple to pair and I really like that they turn on and connect to your Bluetooth device automatically. They also power off automatically when placed in the charging case.

    I love the shortcuts for pausing your music, advancing to next track, going back to the previous track, answering and rejecting phone calls, increasing decreasing the volume

    I often use earbuds when working out or working in general. I have no problem with these earbuds falling off because of they actually wrap around the back of the ear and are very secure.

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  4. Greg

    Longtime customer of the JVC HAEB75B Sports Clip Headphone (Black) for running and CrossFit. Wanting to cut the cord, I was looking for Bluetooth earphones I could wear while running and doing HIIT cardio without having to worry about them falling out. While AirPods and most other Bluetooth earbuds fall out almost immediately, this pair of Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds held up to the most aggressive CrossFit workout with no problem . While running, they didn’t budge, and were extremely comfortable to wear. The sound quality and comfort for the price is unmatched. The new angled design allowed the earbuds to remain firmly positioned in my ear during the most dynamic movements. They come packed with features, I especially find it convenient to skip songs, adjust the volume, take calls, and talk to Siri from the push of a button while on my runs compared to my AirPods. It connected seamlessly to my phone and the instructions couldn’t be simpler. In addition, the charging case is fabulous!!

    The ear buds arrived with premium packaging and provided an excellent out of box experience. The unpacking and setup instructions were clear and concise. I like how the base acts as a portable battery and offers universal USB type C charging for the dock compatible with modern phone chargers. Out of the box, they come with a 50% charge for immediate grab and go use. Reaching full charge with both took no time at all. Advertised as having 7-8 hours of use, I found the average time to be closer to 3-5 hours while streaming Spotify and YouTube. The portable case with battery pack provides quick charge for another 3-4 hours of use. Both earpieces can be used independently if you need to share or extend battery life. Earbuds are easy to pair with both Android and iPhone. They feature a sleek modern design and are manufactured from durable yet comfortable material. Their earbuds hook around and sit firmly yet comfortably in the ear and remain secure during extreme physical activity. The earbuds have a strong connection when running with a phone in pocket with ranges that nearly extend across my house. I estimate a clean range to be around 40 feet before Bluetooth connection starts to fade. Volume levels are good, I can reach levels high enough for clear sound quality in noisy environments; Always provide excellent sound quality and appropriate volumes.

    In conclusion, my experience with this product has been excellent and I would recommend it for both quality and value.

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  5. Rafael Campos

    Ok, it has a reasonable audio quality for the price, but the connection is just terrible. It presents many problems. Sometimes, they are not connected but they act as if they were and vice versa. When you put the plugs back in the case for charging, they don’t automatically turn off, and it should be like that (as pretty much any other earphone I had so far). It might stay connected to a device bothering you. Another issue is the battery. The earbuds’ battery is terrible too. The case has a good battery, but, so what? You have to recharge many times for keeping using. I would rather have a bad battery for the case and a good one for the earbuds. This was a waste of money.

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  6. Adam

    I recently purchased the headset for when I go to the gym. I typically don’t wear anything because ear buds are not comfortable or stay in, especially during a jog. This set is quite the opposite. The various sizes in ear plugs are great. They come with 3 different sizes. I settled on the smallest size and they fit my ears really well. Another notable point about these are the quality of sound for the price. The music is clear and crisp. Base is great and they block most surrounding sounds around you. The charge case that comes with the product is a really nice feature. Very unexpected. I typically carry it with me and charge the ear pieces when I’m traveling. This showed them to be charged week in advance of use. The charge notification on the case is a nice touch. I also like that the USB cable needed to charge these is a USB C. A wonderful piece of equipment to have for these. The pairing and connecting to the ear pieces is really easy. Out of the box I was able to get them connected to my phone with very little trouble. What is nice is they turn on when pulling the rest pieces out of the case. And turn off when put back another feature I really liked. Getting used to the touch functions on the product was a little tricky. Eventually I figured it out. The manual is surprisingly very good and explains these functions well.

    Overall, this product is excellent for the price. Sound, user experiencing and quality is above average and worth the money.

    Would recommend! 5 stars.

    Update: after some more use, really big fan that these don’t have to rest inside your ear canal. I have other ear buds that tire out my ears being inside them for long periods. The curved ear piece is clutch.

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  7. JhoMarie

    Great stuff and love it..Thanks Seller ❣️

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    Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones,Button Control/One-Step Pairing/200H Play Time/LED Display/IP7 Waterproof TWS Earphones in-Ear w/HD Mic Hi-Fi…
    Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones,Button Control/One-Step Pairing/200H Play Time/LED Display/IP7 Waterproof TWS Earphones in-Ear w/HD Mic Hi-Fi…


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