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Dash Cam Front and Rear VIOFO 2K + 2K 5GHz Wi-Fi GPS Dual Dash Camera for Cars, 2.4” LCD, Buffered Parking Modes, Voice Notification, WDR Super…


Last updated on May 29, 2023 11:57 am


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  • 【2K@30fps Enhanced Rear Cam】A229 Duo dual dash cam innovatively features a Quad HD 2K high resolution rear cam, with up to 30fps recording to give you enhanced driving safety protection from not just front but also behind. With a 2K high-res rear camera, you can easily capture license plate numbers even if you’re caught in an accident that takes place behind you, or provide evidence if another car is harassing you on the road.
  • 【2K + 2K Front and Rear】Built in the same Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP sensors, A229 Duo dual channel dash cam for cars supports Quad HD 1440P30fps front + Quad HD 1440P30fps rear recording. F1.6 aperture lens and WDR technology are also of great assistance to shoot more detailed images both day and night.
  • 【Faster 5GHz Wi-Fi】A229 Duo dash cam front and rear dash camera is built with upgraded 5GHz Wi-Fi connection technology, providing transfer speeds up to 8MB/s, 4 times faster than traditional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This makes it quite convenient to control and check on videos on your smartphone end via VIOFO App, including setup menu, live view from front and rear, playback of recorded videos, and downloading/sharing of video files.
  • 【Built-in GPS Logger】The GPS logger is built in A229 Duo 2K dual dash cam to track the route data, speed and time to the video file, allowing compatible viewers to display on playback. It will also keep the dash camera’s clock synchronized with GPS time.
  • 【Intelligent Voice Notification】Configured with multiple language voice notification, A229 Duo 2K dash cam helps you confirm setting changes such as audio recording on/off and reminds you of events such as video protected and memory card errors. No worries about missing important videos as A229 Duo car dash camera will inform you in time if anything prevents recording.

Specification: Dash Cam Front and Rear VIOFO 2K + 2K 5GHz Wi-Fi GPS Dual Dash Camera for Cars, 2.4” LCD, Buffered Parking Modes, Voice Notification, WDR Super…


Video capture resolution

‎2560 x 1440P 30fps + 2560 x 1440P 30fps

Part Number


Compatible Devices


Special Features

‎▶2K 30fps +2K 30fps Front and Rear ▶STARVIS Sensors & WDR Super Nigh Sensitivity, ▶2.4" LCD, Super Slim Coaxial Cable, ▶5GHz &2.4 GHz Faster Dual Band Wi-Fi, Free App Control, ▶Built-in GPS, ▶Voice Notification, ▶24h Parking Modes(buffered) with Loop Recording, ▶ G-Sensor & Emergency Lock

Mounting Hardware

‎1* Front + Rear Cam, 1* GPS Module with sticker /1* Car Charger(4m) /, 1* Type-C USB Cable(1m)/1* Rear Cable(6m), 1* 3M Sticker /2* Static (Windshield) Stickers/1* Trim Removal Tool/1* Card Reader Adapter

Number of items


Standing screen display size

‎2.4 Inches

Display Type




Batteries Required


Batteries Included


Connector Type


Mounting type

‎3M Sticker & Static Windshield Stickers

Actual viewing angle

‎170 Degrees

Does it contain liquid


Product dimensions

‎3 x 7 x 8 cm, 739 Grams

Item Weight

‎739 g

Manufacturer reference


Date First Available

‎17 August 2022

6 reviews for Dash Cam Front and Rear VIOFO 2K + 2K 5GHz Wi-Fi GPS Dual Dash Camera for Cars, 2.4” LCD, Buffered Parking Modes, Voice Notification, WDR Super…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. LA6507

    I watched and read about a dozen reviews prior to purchasing this dashcam. The biggest determinant for me was the implementation of Parking Mode (which includes it’s myriad of features and settings) and I am VERY pleased with the features and settings that this camera system provides. Thumbs way up for the A229 Duo!

    It does many things really, really well and while I am still in the first week of actual use, I can already tell that this one is a keeper, from the excellent menu layout to the minimalistic design of both cameras and their cable connection locations. I just hope it is well-made and lasts a good, long time.
    I think the best feature of this camera is the super capacitor, in lieu of the lithium battery that we typically see in most other dashcams. This is a technological innovation and leads to a cooler running and longer life, in my opinion.
    I also love the small display screen and buttons on this camera because I don’t EVER have to use the app in order to review videos, make setting changes, etc.
    The single coaxial cable to the rear camera is super thin, stiff and tough and was just long enough to run from the head of the dashboard to the center of the rear hatch window of my Volvo XC60. Many reviewers and videos are out there so I will not repeat what many others have discussed but I think the plethora of menu options and the fact that I can use it without an app if I choose are two of its greatest strengths.
    The Parking Mode on this camera is the main reason why I chose VioFo over the other brands. Everything about this mode is what I was looking for – motion detection with three sensitivity settings or time lapse with several different frame rates (WOW!), then you can set the bit rate, too and the resolution. It is pretty crazy to have so much control over things that it could be a CON to some people (so I listed this as one, below)
    The hardwire kit (sold separately) makes the Parking Mode recording possible and this simple to install kit deserves recognition for affordability (other kits from other OEMs actually cost a lot more) and even has a physical voltage drop protection toggle switch to protect your car’s battery.

    The Menu/REC button does not always register my press to enter the menu. I’ve had to power it down, then restart it a few times over the last two weeks. Rebooting takes a few seconds so it has not been any trouble. I don’t see this as any sort of dealbreaker.
    I mentioned that there are lots of different options to configure and for me, it is pure love. I will be spending a week or two fine tuning the experience but there are probably many folks out there who will find the dozen or so settings and sub-menus a little daunting, especially if they are not tech-savvy. The manual is not the best so I would suggest looking on YouTube and the VioFo websites for instructions and help. Tech support will be key for you. I listed this as a CON not for me but for those whose eyes glaze over when we start talking about 2K resolution (is not really 2K on this device, it’s actually a little higher!) and don’t know how to calculate GMT from their local time zone.

    I only have one concern and it is with any dashcam with a parking mode – what effect will this have on the alternator over a long period of time (say, a year or more)? For the convenience this technology gives me, I’m ok to go along for the ride 😉

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  2. Thanh Nguyen

    Great product, I’m own 2 set of this A229, I’m been a long term used for VIOFO …. Long lasting, reliable products/brand…
    I wish VIOFO —— (3)cameras have the screen like A229….. I’m waiting for it,

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  3. Sarge

    As dash cams go this is right up there for value for money. A bit of patience and the hard wire kit and you can save yourself hundreds.

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  4. Arkansas Metal Art

    Take a look at my attached photos. I’m blown away by the picture quality. After watching YouTube videos and doing a lot of research you start to feel like they’re all the same and they all suck. My expectations were very low and I was honestly surprised at the picture quality. If you look up their app in the App Store, you’ll see it has some really bad reviews but I had absolutely zero issues with it. I downloaded the app, it connected via Wi-Fi to the camera and I could immediately download video clips to my phone. I took these still photos from those video clips.

    Im using a Samsung 512gb pro plus SDXC micro. Took about 35 seconds to download a 3 minute clip over wifi from camera to phone.

    Things I like:

    As long as you have a power outlet or usb that is only powered on when the key is on, you never have to touch the camera. Automatically turns on and off when you start car and shut it off.

    You can change the length of the clips it records. 1-2-3-5-10 minutes. Makes it easier to manage the downloads.

    Contrary to the app reviews, their app worked great for me. You can make all the camera setting adjustments from the app.

    Records date, speed, and gps coordinates on each saved video.

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  5. Arkansas Metal Art

    The media could not be loaded.

     Having a decent commute to work almost every day, a dashcam is a must. I’ve owned multiple dashcams throughout the years and have experienced road rage, law enforcement, and accidents. Each time, the dashcam has saved the day. This one is no exception.

    The install is relatively easy. Everything is included except for the SD Card. You can buy additional accessories for it such as a hardwired kit, lens filter, etc. But I just went with the camera for now. Once it was powered on, you can connect to it via an app for your phone/tablet and 5GHz wireless. There are many settings that can changed when connected to it such as WDR, bitrate, resolution, and many more. My favorite one though was when I installed the camera, I installed the rear camera upside down! Instead of having to readjust it, there is an option in the app that let me flip the image, thankfully!

    The video quality is amazing. License plates and events can be seen from afar. I’ve attached a video during the day. And images of the rear camera, and front camera during sunset. Though the camera isn’t 4K, you can still make out everything with fine detail. I definitely like the 5GHz wireless. With the 2GHz wireless, transfers were too slow, so I normally just pulled out the sd card and plugged it into a computer. With the 5GHz, that need is no more. The transfers are plenty fast.

    After owning many dashcams over the years, I can say this one is my favorite so far. From the awesome video quality to the many options in the app – you can’t go wrong with buying this camera. I would highly recommend it.

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  6. Tyler

    Solid feature set and very good quality. I believe this model hits the sweet spot as far as resolution goes. Although you’re not getting 4K, it more than makes up for it in low light performance. The 2K rear camera produces great quality video as well. The smaller connectors on the rear video cable were a plus as far as routing around pillars and through the headliner, but be very careful as the connector ends are very delicate. I ended up damaging one end when it got stuck behind the B pillar on my truck. I’d recommend wrapping the ends with some electrical tape before subjecting it to any rough handling. In case you’re in a bind and need a replacement cable quick, the Blackvue coax cable with MCX connectors will work for the Viofo rear camera (although the plugs don’t seat as far into the camera as the original) and you can get it from Amazon in 2 days. Getting Viofo customer support to send me a replacement cable was a slow process that was going to take a month with shipping and a Chinese holiday.

    The 5 Ghz wireless and the phone app work great once you figure it out. I had to put my Iphone into airplane mode before it would stay connected to the dash cam. Once it’s connected, it’s very easy to change settings and the 5 Ghz WIFI makes managing video clips quick and painless. Make sure you use a high endurance SD card as Viofo recommends (Samsung Pro Endurance, Sandisk High Endurance, or Viofo brands). Also, ensure you’re buying your card from a reputable seller such as Amazon so you don’t get stuck with a counterfeit SD card that will drive you nuts when troubleshooting camera issues.

    I’d also recommend getting the circular polarization filter for the front camera to get rid of glare on the dash and windshield. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.

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    Dash Cam Front and Rear VIOFO 2K + 2K 5GHz Wi-Fi GPS Dual Dash Camera for Cars, 2.4” LCD, Buffered Parking Modes, Voice Notification, WDR Super…
    Dash Cam Front and Rear VIOFO 2K + 2K 5GHz Wi-Fi GPS Dual Dash Camera for Cars, 2.4” LCD, Buffered Parking Modes, Voice Notification, WDR Super…


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