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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speaker with Alexa


Last updated on May 31, 2023 9:38 pm


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  • Echo Dot is our most popular voice-controlled speaker, now with improved sound and a new design.
  • Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, find recipes, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices and more.
  • Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn and others through the built-in speaker with a fuller sound. Services may require subscriptions or other fees.
  • Instantly drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room with an Echo. Make calls and send messages between supported Echo devices and the Alexa App.
  • Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new features and skills, like Fitbit for tracking your fitness, NextThere for planning your commute, Sleep and Relaxation sounds for better sleep, and fun games for the family.
  • With 4 far-field microphones, Alexa can hear you from across the room. And with compatible Echo devices in different rooms, you can fill your whole home with music.
  • You can also connect to your own speakers over Bluetooth or with a 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • Use your voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, control your TV and more, with compatible connected smart home devices.

8 reviews for Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speaker with Alexa

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  1. Christian E.

    I recently purchased the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation, excited to bring a smart assistant into my home. While it does have some impressive features and decent sound quality, I have encountered a frustrating issue with its voice recognition capabilities.

    First, let’s talk about the positives. The sound quality of the Echo Dot is surprisingly good for its compact size. The device produces clear and crisp audio, making it enjoyable for listening to music or even podcasts. The design is sleek and unobtrusive, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any room.

    However, when it comes to accurately picking up voice commands, the Echo Dot falls short. I’ve had numerous instances where it misinterprets my requests. For instance, when asking it to play “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” music, it often hears “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” instead. This inconsistency in voice recognition can be frustrating, especially when you’re expecting a specific result.

    Moreover, even when the Echo Dot does understand the command correctly, it occasionally fails to execute it accurately. There have been instances where it played the wrong song or artist entirely, leading to disappointment and confusion.

    To be fair, the Echo Dot does improve over time as it learns your voice and preferences. With regular use and updates, the voice recognition may become more accurate. However, it can be an inconvenience in the beginning stages, especially if you have specific requests or playlists in mind.

    Despite these voice recognition issues, the Echo Dot does offer a wide range of features that enhance your smart home experience. You can control compatible smart devices, set alarms, get weather updates, and even order items online using just your voice. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with popular music streaming services, allowing you to access a vast library of songs effortlessly.

    In conclusion, the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation has its pros and cons. While it provides excellent sound quality and a sleek design, its voice recognition capabilities can be frustratingly inconsistent. If you can overlook this drawback and are willing to invest time in training the device, it can still serve as a valuable addition to your smart home setup. However, if precise voice recognition is a priority for you, it might be worth considering other alternatives in the market.

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  2. Kindle Customer

    I use this every single day for something. Adding things to a shopping list that shows up on my phone, listening to music, finding out information, setting reminders or alarms. As time goes on I use it more and more. It is really good.

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  3. Jamoz23

    Great for a second unit in the home office.
    I didn’t plan on getting one but this was a deal offered to me.
    Handy to have one in the home office though so I can listen to audible books and ask questions rather than need to walk out to the kitchen.
    Even better to have them paired up into a group.

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  4. Ger

    Very handy device.
    A bit annoying when my kids keep talking to Alexa and she gets confused!

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  5. Bek

    Not sure if I like this or not, the kids had a blast with it, I find it does / says things when command is not given or ignores commands. The kids think it’s funny, me not so much.

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  6. Mark Messiha

    Echo Dot 3rd Generation works well! This is my 4th unit. Works perfectly, the sound is good and loud for a smart speaker, Bluetooth streaming works well, and I love how we can just talk to this smart speaker to get things done.

    It works as described if not better and I’d certainly buy more as I need them. Has great integration with other smart devices.

    I use the main things such as playing the radio, reminders, adding to shopping lists, checking the weather, looking up information, and even cooking recipes!

    It’s like having a Personal assistant everywhere you go! 🙂

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  7. Hari chandan

    Listening on echo everyday

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  8. JohnDoe

    What do I mean by the title? . . .
    I have a Google Nest. It annoyed the heck out of me by always loosing connection with my very good WiFi. I have a very strong WiFi network here. It can still be used 100m away easy YET poor old Google Nest kept loosing it. Also I have lights set up for it so when I lost connection requiring a reset, I also had to redo all the lights and that’s BS! It is now in a box in the shed ALONG with a Google Chromecast Ultra (that did the exact same thing) and I will be selling both! Google need to fix the WiFi modules. It lost any further Nest sales AND a AU$22 family music sub. When I asked it to turn my bed light off or on I had to wait for it to phone home then come back and do the task. The Echo thing looks pretty much the same but sounds better AND works in a flash. I say, Alexis turn light off and it says okay straight away and bang! light is off, as it should be.
    Nope, not affiliated with Amazon in any way shape or form and don’t have near as much dough as Bezos lol … if only! I really bought the Echo because of Google. I learned to like having this sort of resource nearby so when the Echo came up for $19, I though for that price, why not?
    I bought one then liked it so much I bought another a few days later. I might even buy another yet as I see they are still discounted. The older kids can have one each in their rooms.
    Yep, no regrets so far but one niggly problem and I hope someone important is reading this . . the power adapter is far too wide – longer is better than wider. Very hard to put another adapter or even some plugs next to it. Too big guys, please make it smaller. Also a nice option would be a magnetic base. I have done that with one of the Echos so it can stick to a filing cabinet. Bonus is it sounds more basey (is that a word?)
    Yep, go ahead and buy one. Same price as a half decent bottle of wine . . . can’t go wrong really.

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    Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speaker with Alexa
    Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speaker with Alexa


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