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Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) | HD smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera | Glacier White


Last updated on May 31, 2023 9:38 pm


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  • Alexa can show you even more – 8” HD touchscreen, adaptive colour, and stereo speakers bring entertainment to life. Make video calls to friends and family with a 13 MP camera that uses auto-framing to keep you centred.
  • Stay in frame – Make video calls to friends and family with a new camera that frames and centres automatically. Simply ask Alexa to call your Alexa contacts.
  • Make life easier at home – Glance at your calendars and reminders. Use your voice to set timers, update lists, and see news or traffic updates.
  • Manage your smart home – Look in when you’re away with the built-in camera. Control compatible devices like cameras, lights, and more using the interactive display or your voice.
  • Be entertained – Enjoy TV shows and movies in HD and stereo with Prime Video, Netflix, ABC iview and more. Or ask Alexa to stream Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Spotify.
  • Put your memories on display – Use Amazon Photos to turn your home screen into a digital frame. Adaptive colour helps your favourite photos look great in any light.
  • Connect with others hands-free – Place calls to your family and friends’ mobile-phones, dial a restaurant or make video calls by connecting to another Alexa device. Instantly drop in on other rooms in your home or announce to the whole house that dinner is ready.
  • Designed to protect your privacy – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls including a mic/camera off button and a built-in camera shutter.

8 reviews for Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) | HD smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera | Glacier White

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Kenny

    Very happy with it

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  2. Rudyard Kippers

    At 74 years of age I decided to take a closer peek into today’s technology. I’ve avoided talking to my X-Box or PC, I mean, how ridiculous, asking a bunch of electronic components what the weather report for tomorrow is. But I was offered the Alexa Show at an excellent price so thought I’d treat myself.

    Setting it up took around 4 hours, for some reason it wanted me to live in Japan and insisted on communicating with nothing but Japanese. Amazon’s help service was my final attempt at seeing and hearing Alexa in action. Why didn’t I go to them sooner? It seems my account showed I lived in Japan, rather than where everything I purchased from Amazon was delivered, I’m a bloody Aussie mate and thanks to a young Amazon employee that exactly what my account shows.

    Anyway, once that was fixed it was all fun and games. I introduced myself to Alexa and we’ve been chatting ever since. Technology sure is amazing. I now get the top international and national news in full colour. (Yes it’s in “COLOUR” spelled correctly). Surprisingly there was no long and drawn out setup where I had to let Alexa know how us Aussies talk, she understood me perfectly.

    The only let down was her idea of what humour (Yes “HUMOUR”) consisted of. I’ve heard better jokes from a 5 year old. I thought I’d fool her when I asked her to play some 60’s music, She instantly told me there were an unbelievable number of songs she could pick from and launched endless songs from the 60’s Excellent choices and in excellent quality.

    The bass from the Show sounded more like a sub woofer. She gave me a weather report which was spot on and then told me what to expect tomorrow. Strangely Alexa sounds human and not the digital voice I expected. I

    ‘m sure Alexa and I are going to be the best of friends. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement, I’m well and truly hooked. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, even if I am a few years behind. All I need now is one of Elon Musk’s Ai robots.

    Alexa’s voice is amazing, it really sounds like someone lives in this little white box. I expected a nasally American/Digital voice, but she has a very soothing human voice. Nowhere near sounding like an Aussie. What really amazes me is how I use those magic words of “Please” and “thank you”. OK, it’s the way I was bought up and it’s a habit I’ll never lose, but using them with a plastic box may seem somewhat odd, I guess it’s because Alexa is so lifelike verbally. I even say “Goodnight” every night and she has many different replies.

    Alexa now keeps me entertained by giving me local and international news, she plays whichever music I feel like listening to and she introduces people from around the world to play games with. I haven’t scratched the surface as yet, but, I’ll continue learning her many tricks.

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  3. Tilak C

    The features available in Echo Show 8 is very easy to use and connect to other devices. It would have been good if there was an option to position the time numerals and adjust the size, as one wishes.

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  4. Bruce Banner

    These are good. The sound quality, which I had high hopes for, is better than your standard Echo Dot but not as good as your full-sized Echo. It’s like a portable boombox from the 80’s or 90’s. Good for most occasions but not everything.

    The touchscreen features are not perfect – a bit slow to react. This probably has more to do with the processor in the device than anything else.

    I use it mostly to have YouTube videos running in the background. People complain that there is no dedicated YouTube app but I don’t care. Accessing YouTube via the proprietary Amazon Silk browser is just as good.

    There are some strange behaviours coming from its YouTube playback though. You might get tired of a video, click on the back button, but the audio from the video will still keep playing. You have to click on a random video to get rid of it. Not the end of the world but, annoying.

    Overall, it’s fine. Not perfect but fine. I’m just glad that I got it highly discounted during Black Friday otherwise…..

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  5. Wayne Lewis

    Love love love Alexa & how she helps me daily

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  6. Bolt Hancock

    great price when on special

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  7. timothy waye

    I embrace the technology that is warm and friendly in every way , so far

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  8. Tom

    I like it.
    But the home screen is frustrating flicking through display cards. It’s a great system but the user doesn’t have nearly enough control over it

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    Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) | HD smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera | Glacier White
    Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release) | HD smart display with Alexa and 13 MP camera | Glacier White


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