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ECOWITT HP2553 Wi-Fi Weather Station with TFT Large Color Display, WS80 Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor, WH40 Self-Emptying Rain Gauge Sensor and…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 3:20 pm


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  • ❥❥Personal Weather Station: provides accurate weather information with newly designed interface on a 7″ large TFT (high resolution) colored display console; allows you to monitor your home and backyard wirelessly and have fun
  • ❥❥Wi-FI Capable: Supports uploads to Weather Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW via Wi-Fi connection; View weather conditions in your backyard with free iOS and Android apps from weatherunderground
  • ❥❥Separated Weather Sensors for Best Locations: Solar Powered Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor Package – measures wind direction, wind speed, wind gust, UV & light, temp & humidity data; Self-emptying Rain Collector – The wireless funnel-shaped rain collector is self-emptying and easy to install
  • ❥❥Large TFT Color Screen: User friendly & well-desingned interface with 2 background (dark/light) selectable; Displays wind speed and direction, dewpoint, rainfall, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase, solar radiation and UV; with weather forecast & Alarm function for all sensors; View max/min / historical records / graph directly on the console
  • ❥❥Supports upload to our free weather server: and user customized website(needs to having the same protocol with wunderground or ; Supports MAX 8 WH51 soil moisture sensor + MAX 4 WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensor + MAX 8 WN31(WH31) multi channel temperaure and humidity sensor;Sensor ID management function and calibration functions for all the sensors

Specification: ECOWITT HP2553 Wi-Fi Weather Station with TFT Large Color Display, WS80 Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor, WH40 Self-Emptying Rain Gauge Sensor and…

Package Dimensions

31.5 x 25.5 x 18.8 cm, 2.39 Kilograms

Date First Available

24 December 2019



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7 reviews for ECOWITT HP2553 Wi-Fi Weather Station with TFT Large Color Display, WS80 Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor, WH40 Self-Emptying Rain Gauge Sensor and…

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  1. Allan

    Very happy

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  2. Eric Gene Noack

    Wi-Fi Weather Station with TFT Large Color Display, WS80 Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor, WH40 Self-Emptying Rain Gauge Sensor and WN32CP Indoor 3-in-1 Sensor, E-Mail Alert, 433 MHz

    I have used outdoor weather sensors for years, but this is my first venture into a complete suite of features.

    Before I move on, for all intent and purposes this is the same as the Ambient WS5000 which is available mainly in the USA because you can’t buy this brand in the USA.
    The main difference is the price.
    Instead of shelling out $800-$1,000 AU for an Ambient you can pick this up for around $360.00AU.

    Now about the modules, in particular the WH57 sensor which gives you data on lightning within a 40KM radius.
    You can purchase this with the shield and the securing arm from the Ecowitt site for around $100.00.
    I tell you this because I don’t want you to pay the $270.00 that some retailers want to charge you.
    You can buy just the sensor, so be careful and check what you are getting.

    Ok, to start with you need batteries, for the rain gauge and the main unit .
    Even though the main unit runs on solar you still need batteries.
    The main consul is just a straight plug in using a 5V adapter.
    No need to pair anything, once the batteries are in the unit finds it’s mates and starts displaying readings.
    I fitted my main unit about 6 metres off the ground on a satellite dish pole, I removed the satellite dish and repurposed the pole.
    I fitted the rain gauge about 1.5M to 2M off the ground, which is recommended.

    The thing you must do here, is get a compass. If you have an App on your smartphone than that’s good enough.
    I found the most accurate app was one by Digital Compass Axiomatic Inc.
    You need this to point your main unit north, there is an arrow on the unit to show you the direction.
    The next thing I did was connect it to my router. Once done take a note of your MAC address, you will need this later.
    I set up a couple of apps.
    One was the Ecowitt app and the other was the Wunderground app.

    In the settings page it shows the individual apps for online monitoring that you can connect to.
    These are setup via the settings page on the unit.
    I did find it a little confusing navigating, the page and the setting but I finally got it connected.

    Then the app for Wunderground shows on your console next to the wireless strength to your router and the wireless connection to your sensors (read components) .
    Once all hooked up, I checked that the apps were working, my ground station identified, and that I could use it online to view data, all good at this point.
    It turns out there were a few stations in my area but none in my suburb.

    I then confirmed on the screen that everything was showing up and all was good.
    These can be further modified in the setting menu, but I just accepted the default.

    I have to say really, compared to a lot of other things it was all pretty painless and you do get an English manual which seemed to be translated by someone with a knowledge of English.

    I give this a 5 out of five at this point, it represents value for money considering it is the top of the tree. It is
    accurate, and basic connection was a breeze.
    Highly recommended.

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  3. Suellen

    Installed my weather station 1st July 2022 in south east corer of Australia (Macedon Ranges) and working really well since including many sub-zero temperature events.
    Connected to WU and Ecowitt weather servers online and been a fantastic way to check the station’s stats on your phone when you’re not home. There are two apps you need to install on your phone – the first is WSView Plus app which is like the weather station’s admin app that allows you to manage your station online. This app then “talks” to WU and Ecowitt servers and also feeds the “Read Only” Ecowitt app (Use this read only app for friends and family to read your WS data).

    It was a little tricky to get my two additional sensors to register at first, (Additional sensors are a temp and humidity and the other a water temp sensor), but timely online assistance was available via email support request to Ecowitt app author which solved it perfectly.

    On the very odd occasion (once per month perhaps) there’s a momentary disconnect between sensors and the display unit, which seems to resolve itself after a few minutes and re-connects. The sensors are approx. 45m from the display unit and go through several brick walls.

    I installed a MicroSD card into the memory slot of the base display unit and this acts as the back-up should the power go off so no loss of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly data after power outage or you need to move the display unit.

    Overall this WS is fairly impressive and pretty accurate with a nice colour display and would recommend it for those comparing similar models.

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  4. Scott J

    The key issue for me is that barometric pressure is not expressed in metric given that all other data is in metric.
    How can this unit be upgraded to millibars?

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  5. Scott J

    Base unit is installed within 8m of main sensor but looses hours of historical data for no apparent reason and with no warning. There is no battery backup, so in a storm-caused blackout nothing would be recorded until the power was restored unless you used a UPS!.
    Fixing hardware is not stainless steel so totally unsuited to a coastal environment.
    Otherwise easy to install after changing fittings to stainless steel and packing out the 25mm mounting pipe to 35mm (with alkathene pipe.)
    Does not store cumulative solar radiation so no use for estimating daily output from PV panels unless you transfer files to a spreadsheet and set up the calcs yourself. Solar radiation measurement is considerably reduced by morning dew/condensation on the solar receiver.

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  6. Eric Gene Noack

    Wonderful not to have the spinning things for birds to ride on. Appears to be working fine and also has very strong 433MHz connections. Integrates easily to the display. Auto-connects as you power-up the sensors.
    Will also integrate with the GW1100 but the indoor sensor only talks to the display. Not really a problem as the gateway has a sensor on it. Good for an indoor display and pressure.

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  7. Lloyd Bayley

    This weather station is excellent, easy to set up and install.

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    ECOWITT HP2553 Wi-Fi Weather Station with TFT Large Color Display, WS80 Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor, WH40 Self-Emptying Rain Gauge Sensor and…
    ECOWITT HP2553 Wi-Fi Weather Station with TFT Large Color Display, WS80 Ultrasonic Anemometer Sensor, WH40 Self-Emptying Rain Gauge Sensor and…


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