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ECOWITT WN31 Wireless Multi-Channel Thermometer and Hygrometer Sensor, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Gauge with LCD Display, Remote App…


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  • Wireless Multi-channel Thermometer Hygrometer Ecowitt WH31 Thermometer & Hygrometer measures temperature & humidity and can view the current temperature and humidity on the LCD display; The data can be streamed by Ecowitt GW1100 Wi-Fi Gateway, HP2551, WH2680 and WN1900( These devices are all sold separately ) and can be viewed on our WS View Plus/ Ecowitt APP after the Wi-Fi configuration done
  • Supports up to 8 channels Ecowitt WH31 thermo-hygrometer gauge allows you to track temperature and humidity at up to 8 locations (additional sensors are sold separately); They can be placed at your living room/bedrooms/bathroom/basement/garage/guitar room/baby room and etc; each channel number can be customized on your practical requirements by dialing the dip switches
  • Remote APP Monitoring & Email Alerts If you want to view the multi-channel sensors data on your mobile application, you need to pair this WH31 thermo-hygrometer sensor with Ecowitt GW1100 Wi-Fi Gateway, HP2551, WH2680, WN1900 console(These Devices are sold separately) after Wi-Fi configuration. Supports uploading the data to free Ecowitt Weather Server( to view all the data graph / download history records / set e-mail alerts for all the sensors on the website
  • Outdoor & Indoor Use The wireless transmission range is up to 100m/328ft in the open field, allowing you to use it in outdoor and indoor; If you want to install the sensor outside, its recommended to install it inside a solar radiation shield to obtain best accuracy and protection;The sensor data will be transmitted every 60 seconds

Specification: ECOWITT WN31 Wireless Multi-Channel Thermometer and Hygrometer Sensor, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Gauge with LCD Display, Remote App…


2 AA batteries required.

Is discontinued by manufacturer


Product dimensions

5 x 5 x 13 cm, 70 Grams

Date First Available

22 October 2018



Manufacturer reference


13 reviews for ECOWITT WN31 Wireless Multi-Channel Thermometer and Hygrometer Sensor, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Gauge with LCD Display, Remote App…

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  1. A. Price

    This was the identical replacement temperature, humidity, thermometer and hygrometer unit of the Ambient Weather WS-900-IP (Wireless) weather station. Works great. Note…I have no need to try the unit by itself with the App (it communicates directly with the weather station) so I can’t confirm any of the issues others say they have with the app.

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  2. stevenkw2t

    I bought 3 WH31 sensors to go with my existing HP2551 weather station, and they work very well.
    We have a damp problem in the house and have bought two dehumidifiers to improve the situation, but I wanted a way to measure the humidity in each room to figure out what was really going on. Firstly I researched the sensors available as part of ‘smart home’ systems. I’ve never bothered with Google Nest or Alexa or smart lighting but I thought my humidity problem might be a good reason to make a start. Not the case. Smart home systems use wifi or zigbee or sometimes bluetooth. These are great for transmitting a lot of data but they are power hungry and don’t travel well through obstructions. Reviews of smart home temp/humidity sensors commonly complained of short battery life and their inability to connect through internal walls. These sensors only transmit tiny amounts of data and only every minute or so. Wifi or bluetooth is just the wrong band.
    In January 2019 I had bought an Ecowitt HP2551 weather station and I have been happy with it. It came with a single WH32 internal sensor, as well as the external unit and a screen/gateway. I had been moving the WH32 around the house to understand our humidity problem. It had no problem transmitting though 3 internal brick walls and ran on 2 rechargeable AA cells for well over a year. After discounting smart home options I had a close look at the Ecowitt website to see if I could get some more internal sensors. I discovered that it is not possible to connect more WH32 sensors but that the WH31 model is ‘multi-channel’ and gateways like the GW1000 can connect to 8 of them – and so can my HP2551 weather station gateway. Just to be clear – the gateway uses wifi to connect to my home network and to the internet, but the sensors use the 433Mhz band to connect to the gateway. 433Mhz is also used by other low power / low bandwidth devices such as garage door openers.
    I can monitor the real-time temp/humidity on the weather station gateway screen but I have set up an account at which produces daily graphs showing my external weather data as well as the data from my 4 internal sensors. This has proven to be a very cost-effective way to monitor humidity in different rooms of the house.
    A few final points:
    – I needed to update the firmware on my HP2551 gateway to get all the features I wanted (instructions on the Ecowitt website)
    – you need to install a phone app to configure the multi-channel sensors and have them working on
    – the equivalent sensors for smart home systems were far more expensive (maybe smart home systems are sexier than weather systems).

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  3. Randolph Callais

    I use it with the main unit to track temperature inside isolated cat shelters. The signal must travel through the thick walls of the cat shelters, 20 ft through the air, and then through the wood wall of a trailer where the main unit is located. Not a problem. It has not lost connection in the three weeks I have used it. All of this goodness for just $12. Who could possibly ask for more? Thank you Ecowitt.

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  4. J-Dug

    This is cool, it tells me the temperature and humidity. It was easy to connect to my PanTech base station, then feed to and homeassistant and setup triggers for my home automation system.
    Yes, that’s right, even though it says its not compatible with other brands, in my experience it works fine with other weather stations that they make that use the Ecowitt firmware (eg my PanTech HP2553 requires me to download firmware updates from the Ecowitt web site!)
    Amazon has asked me about it’s warmth, sheerness and thickness. On warmth, I have found that it gets warm if placed in a moderate oven, but I’m too scared to put it in a furnace in case it melts. On sheerness, i can’t see through it and it’s thickness is what it says in the listing dimensions.

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  5. Dhj01776

    This temperature and humidity sensor works well. It communicates with the WIFI gateway and current reading can be viewed in the WSView App. It is one of the sensors in the Ecowitt Ecosystem of sensors, others are particle (PM2.5) , rain, wind, soil moisture.
    The sensor is very simple to setup and start using. The packaging and product itself seem a little cheap. I had the plastic cover separate from the sensor body when I tried to remove the protective film. So looks like there are some minor manufacturing quality issues,
    However, the real standout in this product family is the web portal. You register to get an account, and then one can see the history of all the Ecowitt connected sensors. The data is plotted as graphs and there is no additional charge. I was very impressed by how well this work. I have a network of Nest Thermostats and temperature sensors that run my HVACs. The “Nest knows best what you need” attitude is stifling to me. I prefer the Ecowitt approach where your data is available to you to look at, understand and learn from. And it’s about 10 times cheaper!

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  6. Matthias EcoAmbitionsAustralia

    I love this system, used it for 6 months without fail.
    The Ecowitt solution, which requires a central unit to receive the measurements from this sensor, enables me to monitor my house, fridges and aircons.
    I have 8 sensors connected to the central unit and it works perfectly.
    Even after changing my wifi passord (see my YouTube channel EcoAmbitionsAustralia) these came back online without issues.
    These need two AA batteries, I prefer rechargeable units, but I got rechargeable AA batteries for the purpose and they work fine. No battery change required after 6 months of use.

    – well designed
    – well priced

    – Require batteries, I would prefer rechargeable units

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  7. Tony

    Ordered to as additional sensor on a HP2551 weather station. Put a couple of batteries in the WH31 and I was up and running. Really straight forward and no fuss. Just make sure to set the dip switches inside it’s battery compartment if you want to change channels or switch between it reporting in degree C or F.
    I’m using it to track indoor temperature differences between rooms of the house during winter heating.

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  8. ntf

    Works like a charm. Especially the humidity gauge. Very much needed here in Louisiana

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  9. K. Longhurst

    Tried them side by side and was surprised how close the readings were. Easy to hook up to the 2551, and they just work as expected.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I recently added a “man cave” to one corner of our shed. Its at least 50m from the receiver inside the house. and I wanted to monitor the temperature in this room. So its going through the room wall , the metal shed wall , the double brick of the house and an internal wall. I was fully expecting it to not being able to connect but it did. I now have 7 sensors all up and all of them are working fine at varying distance, inside and out.

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  11. Matthias EcoAmbitionsAustralia

    Prompt delivery, good price and excellent capabilities when used with WS View app and EcoWitt’s own Home page where the devices detailed historical graphs are held. No luck getting Wunderground to recognize my device but no matter as since IBM took the Wunderground site over the reviews have been poor to say the least. I get what I need on my phone from anywhere in the world when monitoring my observatory. Very good for the price.

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  12. Sharon Way

    This product is amazing. I can’t wait to begin using it and learning more about the weather.

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  13. Ian Parr

    A little unclear how to set up but got through it. Seems to work well, I have it mounted outside under my eave about 15 feet away from the base unit and communication between the units is solid

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    ECOWITT WN31 Wireless Multi-Channel Thermometer and Hygrometer Sensor, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Gauge with LCD Display, Remote App…
    ECOWITT WN31 Wireless Multi-Channel Thermometer and Hygrometer Sensor, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Gauge with LCD Display, Remote App…


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