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ECOWITT WS2910 Wi-Fi Weather Station Color Display with Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered 7-in-1 Weather Sensor ( Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge /…


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  • 【Multi-Functional Weather Station】: Ecowitt WS2910 Weather Station includes wireless 7-in-1 solar powered outdoor sensor body and color LCD display console. The integrated outdoor weather sensor collects accurate weather data and transmits them to the display console. You can directly view the live data in display console. Or you can view the live data on the Ecowitt / WS View Plus APP after Wi-Fi configuration.
  • 【7-in-1 Wireless Outdoor Sensor】WS2910 weather station equips with Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge / Wind Speed Sensor/ Wind Direction Sensor / Light and UV sensor / Solar panel. Comparing with WN1900/1910 weather station, WS2910 not only can be powered by 2 pcs AA batteries(NOT included), but also can be powered by solar energy. Easy to mount. Wireless transmission distance is up to 100m/33ft. Sensor reporting interval is 16 seconds.
  • 【Color LCD Display Console】WS2910 color LCD console can displays Time, Date, WiFi/RF icon, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Rain Fall, Wind Speed/Direction, UV Index, Solar Radiation(Light), Moon Phase, Weather Forecast, MAX/MIN Daily, Wind Chill, Heat Index, Dew Point. High/Mid/Off three backlight ways alternative. Powered by 3 pcs AAA batteries (not included) or DC power adaptor.
  • 【Support Uploading to Internet】When finished Wi-Fi configuration, WS2910 console is capable of sending your sensor data to select internet-based weather services, such as Ecowitt Weather, Weather Underground, Weather Cloud, Weather Observation Website (WOW) or Customized Website(Supports uploading to your customized website, if the website has the same protocol with Wunderground or Ecowitt).
  • 【Connecting the Weather Station Console to Wi-Fi】In order to send weather data to these services, you need to connect WS2910 console to the internet via Wi-Fi. The WS2910 user manual will guide you how to finish Wi-Fi configuration in detail.
  • 【Weather Alerts】Allows you to set high/low alarms for indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind, gust, rain rate/rain day, dew point and heat index; with batteries as back up power to record your data all the time.

Specification: ECOWITT WS2910 Wi-Fi Weather Station Color Display with Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered 7-in-1 Weather Sensor ( Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge /…

Package Dimensions

‎43.5 x 26.6 x 17.1 cm, 1.89 Kilograms

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‎1.89 kg



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Date First Available

‎14 September 2018

13 reviews for ECOWITT WS2910 Wi-Fi Weather Station Color Display with Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered 7-in-1 Weather Sensor ( Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge /…

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  1. John Brooks

    Product works great. Setup is a little difficult due to the instructions. Fast delivery.

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  2. Bill the Bushy

    It took a small bit of fiddling to set up how I preferred, about two hours in total as I am very fussy about accuracy, I had pre-installed a braced pole off a carport roof to ensure it was level and plumb with no reflective heat, which worked out well, so levelling the unit was easy when fitting the sensors after I had initiated Wi-Fi connection between the sensors and the console prior.

    I then used the Ecowitt app and my router and laptop to set up the Wi-Fi and permanent IP address for the weather station in my home network, then setup Weatherunderground which was straight forward as I replaced a disconnected La Crosse (faulty) weather station and I had an existing account, so all I needed was to register the Ecowitt weather station.

    I then connected to the Ecowitt website which I had pre-registered to save time. The only minor hassle was the MAC address was difficult to read ( S or 5? 6 or B?), on the weather station console, however was easy to read the MAC address using the Ecowitt app, the app worked very well straight away.

    I discovered using the Set and Temp or Pressure for adjusting the Relative Pressure did not function, however using the Temp and Max/Min allowed me to change the Relative Pressure to reflect my AHD real level for accuracy. Press Temp and Max/Min together to access changes, then use Wind or Pressure to change the reading up or down as required.

    All in all, I am happy with the purchase and trust this will remain the case for years to come.

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  3. Ninjagranny

    The station is easy to assemble and to set up. Connection to Wi-Fi was straight forward and the console is easy to read. I connected to the Ecowitt website easily enough but the Wunderground connection has what appears to be an insurmountable flaw in as much as transmission to the Wunderground network could not be achieved due to the workstation model not being listed in the setup instructions and the Easy weather app is not used by the Ecowitt software. Apart from that though I think the station is good value for the price paid.

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  4. Steve. James

    We bought this because a succession of outdoor sensors for weather stations kept failing, so we thought we’d invest in something more robust and more informative.

    We are really happy with it because it provides far more information than our previous weather stations and it syncs with a web based server giving us access on our phones/computers along with historical data for analysis. We intend to use the info to decide on whether or not solar panels and/or a small wind turbine would be beneficial.

    Installation and setup was a piece of cake. The instructions are very detailed, and every single step is fully explained in the setup procedure. Further, all of the functions are explained in sufficient detail for somebody who has never used one before to understand how it works. The strength of signal between the sensor unit and the base station is strong even though it is further away than our previous sensors which struggled to maintain contact over that distance and wall thickness.

    The base unit is good, but we could live without the display as it is easier to use an iPhone.

    The readings can be calibrated but we have not done this as the results it is giving are very similar to the readings of other weather stations in our area. So, we are confident it is close enough for what we need to know.

    If I was to recommend any changes to the design, it would be to put the bubble for levelling and direction indicator on the underside of the sensor unit so that it can be levelled and aimed from below when being sited high up. Otherwise you need to get it level on the pole with the pole set up plumb on the ground, then carry it up a ladder pre assembled.

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  5. Ori G.

    My mother is a weather enthusiastic so I’ve decided to buy her a weather station as a gift.

    Reading the reviews here, i was a bit worried that the setup process will be complicated, but was positively surprised that it was quite straight forward to setup and link with the different online platforms.

    Beyond being able to track the different weather stats, my mother loves the option to link it to the weather underground platform and track everything remotely and share her station with other weather enthusiasts.

    Great product.

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  6. Michael evans

    Have now had for a year in Hobart weather. The sensors after a bit of tuning have worked really well.I truthed them against the aus BOM data to make sure they were making sense. Having never had a weather station I now know that I was missing good local information for the various activities I do.

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  7. Ori G.

    Forget the Wifi. This is not plug & play. You will need to set up everything yourself. Job to see the screen. I think this is really meant for the American market . 70 page manual with this. Not recommend for the beginner . Still not able to get the Wifi , to to connect to my laptop.

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  8. Mate

    This Weather station was up and running in minutes. Easy to read and understand dashboard. Very happy with the product.

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  9. Andrew Cumberland

    Pros: dead easy to put together. Intuitive display. The app adds a bunch of extra features. Can’t talk highly enough about it.
    Cons: Almost none. The internet connection is actually dead simple. The problem I had was I initially chose the wrong product icon. I went for one that looked like mine. If you take your time initially and read the labels, the rest is a dream. I suspect most of the complaints are people who did the same.

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  10. kerry sawtell

    The weather station works as described. Delivery was fantastic.

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  11. Ray Spoor

    This just works, it does what it says it will do and I am happy with the results.

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  12. Edward

    I am very happy with my new Ecowitt HP2551 and can thoroughly recommend this Weather Station. The delivery and purchase process through amazon was prompt and efficient.

    Once I received it, it was easy to get up and running. The TFT display looks great has wide viewing angles and I feel it is worth the extra cost, when compared to the older LCD models The display has the ability to toggle between paperwhite and black backgrounds depending on your preference. The higher resolution of the TFT means is can display many more elements on the home page screen. No need to press a button to see the yearly rainfall. It is there to see all the time.

    Setting up connections for feeds to online weather services (WU/WC/WOW) can be accomplished on the unit itself without requiring pairing to a phone app. This simplified things, although entering the long login codes through screen keyboard is tedious. Fortunately, this only need doing once

    No problems with the base unit getting a signal through the iron roof of my house to the sensor on the roof. My HP2551 is concurrently sending observations to Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and UK Met office without fuss for the past 6 weeks.

    This Weather station records an onboard archive of observations, configurable down to 1 minute intervals. This can be reviewed at the press of a button. The ability to subsequently export this entire archive of weather records from the HP2551 to a micro SD card is quick and simple. Handy for the geeks amongst us and anyone you want to keep a separate archive, or to use the CSV file elsewhere.

    As can be seen in the pictures, the HP2551 has the sensor setup in a “I” configuration rather than the three arm “Y” seen on the HP2550 and other similar variants. The rain collector on my unit is fractionally larger in diameter, at 11.28cm instead of the 11cm that was seen on some older models. This means it has a collection area of precisely 100cm2. This is good for the geeks who may whish to calibrated and tweak the rain gauge gain.

    Ecowiit customer support have been excellent and have offered prompt customer support when required. They provided me a new firmware within hours of reporting an issue with the rain gauge. Updating the firmware is as simple as placing the file on a SD card and plugging it in!

    Definitely consider this model if you want a simple to use, inexpensive weather station with a nice clear display panel. You can be assured in the knowledge that you will get good support from Ecowitt.

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  13. C. Jones

    This was simple to setup and get operating and is weatherproof . My only issue was tha the lightning detector isnt compatable as per the sellers answer so I am returning it and buying a 3500 . Even so – for the basic functions ( rain wind temp hunidity etc) it is excellent and super simple – I would use the web interphase rather than the app . Took 10 minutes to setup and was then fully functional NB there is an arrow on the weather vane that needs to point west – looking at others near me 90% of people havn’t noticed this ( it uses it for windf direction so all local ones are showing wrong wind direction )

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    ECOWITT WS2910 Wi-Fi Weather Station Color Display with Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered 7-in-1 Weather Sensor ( Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge /…
    ECOWITT WS2910 Wi-Fi Weather Station Color Display with Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered 7-in-1 Weather Sensor ( Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge /…


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