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Elixir 16052 Elixir 16052 Nanoweb Coating Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar 6-Strings, Light .012-.053 Gauges


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  • Acoustic guitar strings constructed with phosphor bronze wrap wire
  • Played for a dynamic balance of rich, full-bodied tone and sparkling high-end clarity
  • Ultra-thin Nanoweb Coating provides a traditionally textured, “uncoated” feel
  • Our patented coating technology protects against common corrosion, extending tone life longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings (Elixir Strings player survey)

Specification: Elixir 16052 Elixir 16052 Nanoweb Coating Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar 6-Strings, Light .012-.053 Gauges

Product dimensions

‎1.52 x 10.41 x 11.94 cm, 22.68 Grams

Item Model Number






String Gauge


String Material


Number of Strings



‎Light (.012-.053)


‎240 Volts

Item Weight

‎22.7 g

13 reviews for Elixir 16052 Elixir 16052 Nanoweb Coating Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar 6-Strings, Light .012-.053 Gauges

3.9 out of 5
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  1. JM

    I love the strings as usually I buy a different brand but these strings are pretty good!

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  2. Djonno

    The strings that I thought I ordered were an Elixir medium gauge 12 string set. A friend had told me they were available through amazon. What arrived were 3 six string sets. I guess I just read “Medium gauge” and thought 12 string.
    Anyway, I’ve known for years these are excellent strings. I discovered a set in excellent condition on a 12 string I’d retired about 3 years ago. They held their tune, they were still bright and had that Elixir piano chime that I like on a 12 string.
    Well, I used strings from an Elixir light 12 string set to make up the medium set I wanted. It’s everything I was looking for. It’s just a pity that Elixir does not produce them any more.
    I am also using one of these sets on a 6 string and again they have a deep chime that really suits my finger picking style. I like to tune the guitar down to D as I do with the 12 string .
    I also notice a more comfortable action with these. Some bronze strings I use can be quite hard to finger.
    All up, these are great strings and I compliment Amazon for a very rapid December delivery in what can be a very bad time for mail and courier services.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    It’s the best

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  4. Brian May

    I have used many different manufacturers’ strings on a few different acoustics. I started with Elixirs, went away and have come back again.

    The Medium strings sound absolutely wonderful on my 2008 Martin D-28, they are a delight to play, they install well, maintain tuning, last for ages and sound sublime. Personally I prefer Nanowebs over Polywebs.

    They ARE expensive, but when you consider how long they last and how WELL they last, you quickly realise what great value they are. Previous installations have lasted up to a year on my dreadnought so compared with uncoated strings thus are excellent value.

    I have heard them criticised for being too ‘slippery’, an opinion I don’t subscribe to as they feel appropriate and normal to me, it also reduces squeaking. I suppose it’s a similar concept to people who don’t like varifocal glasses – for me, they’re great and for others, they heartily disagree.

    I shall be replacing the set I strung last night with another set – I like having a set available but must say that I’ve never had an Elixir string break or fail as I string my Martin 000-28 with Light gauge. When I had my Martin D12-28 I used the Ultra Lights on that – never a break. I’ve used them for well over 10 years.

    All in all, you get what you pay for. If you have an open mind and want quality sound with longevity, you could do FAR worse than give Elixirs a shot . . .

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  5. Lance

    It makes great sound compared to my previous cheap strings.
    one problem i had is that E string (thick one) was easily cut while i was fitting it onto my acoustic guitar. I didn’t think i reeled the string that hard. maybe i wasn’t careful enough.

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  6. Hurst Boi

    Decided to try a different brand of guitar strings aside from the ones that I usually get and it was good. Delivery was also fast and easy!

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  7. Ppptodd

    めちゃくちゃElixir PHOSPHOR BRONZE 良い音で気に入ってます。がamazonでも偽物がありショックでした、弦を張る時色が薄いなと思いましたが、音を出して「なんじゃこりゃ!!!」ペラペラ。レビューをみると中国産に気をつけましょうと!右が中国産弦の色もブロンズより薄く箱の裏には色々な明細が記されていません、弦の入っている順番も中国産はローゲージから本物はハイゲージから順番に入っています。

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  8. Ppptodd

    Saiten klingen crisp. Am Anfang hat man vorallem mit Plektrum einen metallischn Hall, dass kommt aber von der Beschichtung. Halten tun die guten Saiten bei regelmäßigem Spielen 2-3h am Tag etwa 3-6Monate je nachdem wie man sie spielt und ob man sie ab und an reinigt und pflegt. Für Hobby Gitarristen halten sie auch sicher 1Jahr.

    Irgwann verlieren sie ihren typischen Elixir Klang, aber sind dann noch lang weiter bespielbar. Gerissen sind sie mir bis jz nur 3mal in 4Jahren.

    BEIM AUFZIEHEN auf jeden Fall bei der G Saiten aufpassen falls man ein Toll benutzt. Wird die Saite auch nur nen Ton höher gestimmt aus versehn reisst sie im Vergleich zu andern Herstellern schneller!

    Ansonsten alles top!

    Falls das Kommentar für dich hilfreich war, lasse gern ein “Nützlich” da 🙂

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  9. T.J.

    I was very excited to try these strings based off of the fact that a huge number of Taylor players recommended them for my guitar. I placed my order on Amazon Prime expecting a nice hassle free playing and shopping experience.

    I actually ordered the strings before a weekend and was waiting to receive them on the tuesday, but a friend happened to have an extra pair and gifted them to me. Lucky! I strung up my guitar and it sounded amazing. Twice the guitar player that I had previously sounded.

    When I received my elixirs from amazon I immediately thought something was off… The colour where “phosphor bronze” was printed was darker than I had remembered. As well, the individual paper packages had some discolouration bleeding through from the individual rings. I took them out of the package and I swore that they weren’t coated, but would save my judgement for when I got home and could compare them against the genuine thing.

    The attached pictures show the real strings on my guitar, and the strings that I received still coiled, displaying them as clearly FAKE.

    1) There is no coating on the ones from Amazon (you can see how the coated strings on my guitar look like they have a clear plastic coating – the nanoweb coating)

    2) The colour of the metal of the new strings is darker and more gold-ish than the genuine ones

    Further confirming their fakeness were misspellings on the individual paper packagings for the strings.

    If you expect Amazon to stand behind the product though you will be disappointed. All they did was refund me and declined to send me a genuine pair of strings.

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  10. DB

    Great and long lasting. Always good investment, I did not buy any other brand of strings for ages, so don’t know if any other brand is good as or even better, but like favourite jeans, when it fits and feels comfortable, why change it!

    This strings sound great, bright and with excellent excellent durability make great investment!

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  11. Terry McCarten

    Play well

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  12. Double Helix

    Okay, I think it’s time for some honesty about Elixir Nanowebs. If you play for a couple of hours every day (which is hardly too much to ask for a professional – and aren’t these meant to be for professionals?) then these are no better in terms of durability than your average £5 strings. I play without a plectrum and always aim for gentle strumming, yet within ten days you start to see that HORRIBLE white hair appearing from the strings, and then it’s all downhill: the sound quality deteriorates and the tuning starts to slip. I’m really fed up with this nonsense. I’m going to try the Polywebs and if they’re no better then I’ll go back to bog-standard strings. If you play guitar once a week then these will be fine for you. But if you’re planning on taking your music more seriously then I would advise on trying another product. I’m sick of paying good money for old rope.

    UPDATE 31 March 2019: I tried the Polywebs and this time it wasn’t that I got ten days, I got three days! Three days of regular but gentle playing until the coating started to flake and the white Gore Tex started to come through. Absolutely disgusted with the quality of Elixirs these days, and I struggle so see how they maintain such a high status on the market.

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  13. MG

    Excellent strings that last and sound bright for longer. I have tried mediums, lights and custom lights across 3 different acoustics and I prefer lights – mediums give a slightly more distinct ‘sound per string’ on one of my guitars, but lights are more comfortable to play and still sound great too. Custom lights are very easy to play but sound a bit blurry to me on larger body acoustics.

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    Elixir 16052 Elixir 16052 Nanoweb Coating Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar 6-Strings, Light .012-.053 Gauges
    Elixir 16052 Elixir 16052 Nanoweb Coating Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar 6-Strings, Light .012-.053 Gauges


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