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Ernie Ball Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings – 11-52 Gauge


Last updated on May 31, 2023 9:54 am


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  • Warm, rich tone with excellent projection and clarity.
  • Light gauge provides playability and comfortable fretting while maintaining rich, expressive tone.
  • Phosphor bronze wound on a hex-shaped, high-carbon steel core wire.
  • Crafted in the USA with the freshest and finest materials.
  • Element Shield packaging ensures your strings stay as fresh as they were the day they were made.

Specification: Ernie Ball Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings – 11-52 Gauge

Product dimensions

‎11.43 x 0.64 x 11.43 cm, 41.73 Grams

Item Model Number



‎Light (11-52)



String Gauge


String Material


Number of Strings




Colour Screen



‎240 Volts

Item Weight

‎41.7 g

13 reviews for Ernie Ball Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings – 11-52 Gauge

4.6 out of 5
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  1. AD

    i like the sound and feel these have on my dreadnought. very bright and resonant. its the first time i have tried this brand and wanted to try an alternative to elixirs. these are also cheaper to buy. next time i might get the lights instead of the medium/lights. the phosphor bronze coating is my favourite and seems to lasts longer and has a smother feel

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  2. KennyC

    Love the strings, especially the single wire G string – great for a little lead.

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  3. ⭐️Nez⭐️

    The media could not be loaded.

     The sound I’m getting from these strings is great. I’m only a beginner as you can tell but my friend has also played with them and he plays a lot. He was pleased with the sound as well.

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  4. jeremy aldridge

    Exactly what I would expect from a new pack of stings.

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  5. Rachel

    easy to fit and to keep in tune

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  6. Ewan

    I’ve been playing for more than 20 years and I haven’t seen a string break while tuning it for the first time. Terrible quality. Now I can’t play the guitar for a few days until I get another pair.

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  7. AaC

    Excellent strings!! Come in individual envelopes for easy string indentification and quick install. Also sound top notch. Will be buying again when I need them.

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  8. Albert Wilce

    I bought these strings to replace the factory strings on the acoustic guitar I am learning on as I found they were difficult to use and I was on the verge of giving up as I couldn’t seem to pull off barre chords. But after having the guitar re-strung with these strings I noticed a dramatic difference in the ease of fretting (especially with the dreaded F major barre chord). The strings also greatly improved the tone of my guitar and gave me a sound more suited to the rock style songs I was playing. Overall an excellent set of strings I would highly recommend to any guitar player from beginner up.

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  9. Ryan

    Good value strings that sound bright and have great tone.

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  10. Usman Naqshbandi

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     In 20 years of guitar playing, I’ve never surpassed the level of being a complete amateur. I picked up my guitar again recently only to suffer from extreme finger pain and cramp due to the strings being too heavy.

    I searched to find some lightweight ones and came across these ‘extra’ light strings. They were simple to fit. Just remove the old ones, trim these to be a couple of inches past the required tuning knob and then twist and tune.

    Upon tuning it was immediately obvious that these strings are much easier to play with than the previous ones. I can actually play ‘F’ now without it sounded muffled! I was a little worried that ‘extra light’ strings might sound naff compared to my previous heavy strings, but I needn’t have worried. These, if anything, have a richer sound than my previous strings. Take a look at the video on my review. (Bear in mind that I’d just fitted the strings at this point so they haven’t settled in just yet. They’ll only get better once stretched and bed in)

    Overall, I’m really happy with these strings. They’re super easy to fit, sound rich and are much easier to play with which means I’ll be picking up my guitar a lot more.

    Very happy and highly recommend these.

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  11. Ryan

    Great! Very light got the 12 set and broke the first string ( my fault ) managed to tie it on with what was left and kept going! Been playing since May! Now December and they are still fantastic no tarnishing play it every day they are a little mute and bassy now and was looking to get more for my Christmas trip!

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  12. Usman Naqshbandi

    Strung on my Brunswick BDS400.

    Having used the Earthwood series (80/20 Medium-Light) before I can say that this is comparable to other strings in that set in terms of quality and performance.

    String gauge (string thickness) on the Extra Light series is 10-50 and is more akin to what you would find on the average electric guitar (Ernie Ball regular slinky strings are 10-46) so if you are making a switch over from electric, or heading there in future, these aren’t a bad set to get, to get you used to that feel. Their 80/20 Medium-Light gauge (not this product) are thicker (12-54) and whilst still good, I wouldn’t say are as comparable to the average gauge on electric. If you are new to acoustic for any reason it may be more comfortable to start with these lighter options and work your way up.

    Tone wise, this is tricky to generalise for other buyers, because guitars will sound different with different strings: factors like sizes of the guitar and the woods that it is made from affect your tone, so my guitar with these may sound very different to your experience. My Brunswick is quite loud, and sits in the lower mid sort of area sonically (means it sounds a bit more bass-y/darker). I wanted these strings because the higher copper content and phosphor coating accentuates a sort of balanced midrange-y tone, that still retains brightness without being too bright. They are not as bright as the 80/20 sets are though, and generally speaking if you are looking for a brighter sound then I’d suggest perhaps getting them instead.

    Earthwood strings do last though. Vibrancy can also be another thing that’s hard to generalise as you might play more or less than me. I play that acoustic for about an hour a day most days, so for me, I find that the vibrancy of the sound noticeably drops away after about 3-4 weeks and I then want to change strings after about 6 weeks. HOWEVER that’s not the case for everyone, so if you just want to restring a guitar to play occasionally then these could last you a lot longer.

    Overall, for £7 or so, you should get a set at least once if you want a balanced midrangey tone.

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  13. ⭐️Nez⭐️

    Review précis: These strings are from one of the worlds best string manufacturer – stick them on and see what you think!

    The Full Review

    Today is the twelfth day that these stings have been on the guitar I restrung with them. They are on a solid spruce topped VGS Root 10 (from German manufacturer GEWA – a wonderful European built guitar).

    Kind of going off at a bit of a tangent here, but I thought I’d mention something I did differently this time. Usually I would apply a tiny amount of Lemon-oil onto a stringless fretboard and leave for a few hours before wiping off any excess that might still be there before re-stringing a guitar. This time though, a couple of days before I took the old strings off, I Lemon-oiled the fretboard with the old strings still in place – not with gallons of the stuff but with perhaps more than I would normally apply, but not worrying about it getting on the strings, since after all they were soon to be binned pretty soon in any case. The next day the excess was wiped off and even though the strings (and especially the wound strings) must have soaked up some of the oil, there seemed to be a discernable improvement in the sound from these much played strings and it wasn’t as if the fretboard was in a bad condition to start with – far from it. The old strings and Lemon-oiled fretboard was left another day and then the strings were replaced with the fretboard wiped thoroughly again, a dry toothbrush over the frets and nut etc and then I put the new strings on. So (possibly) the extra Lemon-oil over a few days might be the way I’ll go in future?

    First Week of the Strings:

    So – the Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze strings. The set settled in very quickly. I pinch and pull each string at the twelfth fret a dozen or so times plus some firm strumming of the open-stringed unfreted guitar, and repeat as necessary until the strings are settled – and these settled in very quickly after a few minutes.

    I like the sound of bright sounding strings and this set of phosphor bronze sounded very bright indeed. The guitar they are on has plenty of sustain and the sound of the strings with that sustain is, for me, superb. They’ve mostly been picked rather than strummed, but they’ve only been on three days so far.

    End of the First Week they were still sounding very bright and without too much loss of quality.

    They’ve been played every day for at least an hour or two and now on the twelfth day, they are still bright buy they are starting to be less so – though not yet near being dull or dead.

    This is what they’ve been like for me. For someone else and for someone else’s hands and playing style I’m sure they might sound different, but the bottom line is that these are still bright sounding strings nearly two weeks in.

    I don’t exclusively only like bright sounding strings and I’ve missed some of the bassier sounds that I’ve had from other strings and it has been especially noticeable when playing some Robert Johnson style blues – the songs didn’t sound wrong but definitely sounded different to what I normally hear myself playing.

    They do make every single note and sound clear and bright – and that included duff notes that I’ve played – but that is the only downside to them that I can think of and I will no doubt be buying them again at some stage.

    I’ve bought Ernie Ball strings many times over the last forty-odd years. I’ve bought sets of Phosphor Bronze before, but I haven’t bought a set of these particular (Ernie Ball) Phosphor Bronze strings before, but I’d definitely buy these again.

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    Ernie Ball Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings – 11-52 Gauge
    Ernie Ball Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings – 11-52 Gauge


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