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ESR MagSafe Car Charger, Fast Charging for HaloLock, Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, Air Vent Mount Compatible with Caseless iPhone 14/13/12 Series…


Last updated on May 29, 2023 11:50 am


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  • Fast charging enabled by intelligent heat management offers speeds nearly identical to official MagSafe chargers; 18W QC adapter required
  • Powerful magnetic lock secures your phone over even the roughest roads; official MagSafe case or ESR HaloLock case recommended
  • Quickly switch between portrait and landscape navigation with a full ring of magnets
  • Support arm stabilizes mount while rotatable clip ensure compatibility with most air vents
  • What’s Included: HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, air vent clamp, 3.3 ft (1 m) USB-A to USB-C cable, and manual; car charging adapter not included; ONLY compatible with iPhone 14/13/12 series phones
  • Complete Customer Support: detailed setup videos and FAQs, comprehensive 12-month warranty, lifetime support, and personalized help

Specification: ESR MagSafe Car Charger, Fast Charging for HaloLock, Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, Air Vent Mount Compatible with Caseless iPhone 14/13/12 Series…



‎Electronic Silk Road Corp



Part Number


Compatible Devices


Special Features

‎Wireless,Magnetic, Fast Charging

Number of items



‎7.5 watts

Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Speaker Diameter

‎8 centimetres

Number of Ports


Total USB ports


Connector Type


Material Type

‎Tempered Glass

Mounting type


Does it contain liquid


Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎8 x 8 x 3.2 cm, 155.92 Grams

Item Weight

‎156 g

Item Model Number


Date First Available

‎25 January 2021

13 reviews for ESR MagSafe Car Charger, Fast Charging for HaloLock, Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, Air Vent Mount Compatible with Caseless iPhone 14/13/12 Series…

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  1. James

    1. Excellent magnet. Phone does not fall off at any time.
    2. Has two support legs so the weight of the phone does not cause the phone to droop. Phone is very stable.
    3. I did have to buy a Magsafe compatible iPhone case which was totally worth it. My phone stays charged even on long trips.
    4. The vent clamp works well. It has not fallen since installing a few months ago.

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  2. Abclar

    I bought the ESR MagSafe HaloLock, Magnetic Wireless Car Charger to hopefully use with the Beerte phone holder I’ve been using in my BMW F30 for a while now to avoid plugging in/unplugging my phone all the time. Not only does the ESR charger platform screw straight onto the ball joint of the Beerte holder, it makes the whole set-up much stronger and way more cosmetically pleasing than the original small magnetic pad. I’ve also been able to run the USB charger cable invisibly to make it all look like it came with the car. The ESR Halolock system is fantastic with my iPhone 13 mini.

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  3. Nick Pan

    I saw some negative reviews, and ordered this product half-expecting to have to send it back. However, after some use I can confirm that it’s great!! The magnet is plenty strong enough to hold the phone in place (iPhone 12 pro) and the holder is sturdy enough to withstand the bumps even from a poor road surface. The only reason I’m not giving it a full 5 stars is because, for me, it sits a little too far away from the vent and therefore feels like it occupies quite a lot of room in the car interior. This isn’t a huge problem, and I would recommend that you buy this! It’s a bargain. Especially when you compare it to the Belkin holder which costs more and doesn’t even have an inbuilt charger!

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  4. Rose T


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  5. Danny Nguyen

    Purchased December 6 arrived next day. Also purchased HaloLock Wireless Charger.

    ESR Shock Armor Kickstand Case

    Also Posted under ESR Kickstand Case.

    I took one star off due to Vent Mount interfered with dashboard screen in Toyota Prius. Read for my solution below.

    The HaloLock Car Charger works fine the iPhone is held on very well and my iPhone does not slid off when I hit bumps in the road. I did not like using the vent mount in my Prius the iPhone would block the control screen when placed at the location I liked. Luckily I was able to swap the charging head onto my trusty iOttie one touch 4 dash mount as the ball mount work with the ESR head. This allows for a much better location for my iPhone on the dashboard. The fan in the ESR charger is surprisingly noisy but not noticeable if listening to anything over car sound system. I do not know how “fast” the charger is but I like not needing to plug the iPhone into charger using a lighting cable. It would be nice if the HaloLock came with a USB C Charger Adapter (I use the Ainope 30W charger) without issues.

    The case is as expected a perfect fit for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. My last case for iPhone X was an Apple Leather case. I decided on the ESR because I liked the idea of a clear case and the added benefit of the MagSafe compatibility. I thought the kickstand would help protect the camera lens well.

    The case is easy to hold in hand and does not feel slippery. The buttons are easy to press and work well. The kickstand is brilliant! I did not expect to like it so much. The hinge feels strong and holds its angle without issue. I have used it in horizontal and vertical positions without any problems. The case slides in and out of my pocket smoothly. I hope I never drop my phone but I will assume the “Military-Grade” protection will help prevent disaster.

    The MagSafe works well I use it with the Apple supplied charging disk and the ESR Wireless Car Charger and the hold is strong. I do not have any other MagSafe accessories that I can test this with. I do have a few Qi charging pads flat and angled and the Camera Ring Stand does make placement a bit temperamental. Once I learned how to place the iPhone in the angled stand horizontally with the Kickstand Ring to the left I was able to obtain a slow but steady charge. The lens protector will not let the iPhone charge when placed in angle stand vertically. The flat Qi chargers I have work fine with this case.

    The ESR case and wireless car chargers are well made and worth getting if the design is pleasing to you. I will keep track of new products coming from this this company.

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    Nice and secure mounted on car vents. Strong hold on my phone.

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  7. em

    Its a good product and works as described. If your air con is close to your steering wheel, your hands may touch it because of the size of it. Overall highly recommended.

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  8. Alf Lee

    I have two of these chargers. One started not charging my phone properly about 11 months after buying it. I contacted the Seller (Illusdesign AU_ESR Authorized) and they sorted me out with a replacement in no time at all. I was worried I might get pushback and questions but they were fantastic!
    I totally recommend this seller.
    The chargers are really good, too. The solidity of the vent mount totally depends on your car’s vents. For one car I ended up also having to buy an updated three-legged mount versus the clip type that came with this charger.

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  9. Abclar

    Easy to install, quick charging, great value for money!

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  10. J. Farrow

    Great product indeed

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  11. Wil

    Oh man, I completely forgot to review these, but it works out as it’s since been two years from initial purchase and they’ve certainly had their fair share of “field testing”. This review will pertain to the 2020-2021 model, as I’m not sure if they’ve updated the item since then. I’ll likely purchase one later on and update the review, but for now, this is for the 2020-2021.

    I started working as a courier for a service I won’t name a few years ago, meaning I needed to have some way of reliably charging and keeping a phone visible at all times. I ended up looking for MagSafe compatible phone mounts since the Scosche ones used magnets attached to the case which made them feel really aftermarket compared to a case with magnets hidden inside behind a flat color, or shown to be used with purpose.

    Of course, since this is a MagSafe mount, MagSafe cases are EXTREMELY necessary for optimal protection. While the mounts themselves work perfectly fine with a naked phone, a MagSafe compatible case will help when a large pothole or collision (yes, a crash has occurred) shakes the phone off the mount and onto concrete or inside the car’s cabin.

    I’ve tested the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max case with the applicable phone and it works wonders. Definitely try to get first party items, but if you know you’re going to be driving safely, or you have other phones with no first party alternative (tested Samsung S21, Samsung S22 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini, all with aftermarket or third party cases), those actually hang on pretty nicely too.

    Keep in mind that since this is a 2 year long time period for use, the product is bound to suffer some degradation and wear. The clasp is a metal clamp with rubber on the outside, which has deteriorated due to high heat, melting the clamp and causing it to become difficult to reattach to the car vent. So long as you use sun shades and keep the car parked in cool places, you shouldn’t have an issue.

    Let’s move on to the pros and cons to help condense the information.

    -The mount is extremely easy to install
    -The cable is included with an adapter
    -The box comes with instructions and a QR code for an installation video
    -Easy attach to phones that have a MagSafe ring included or a MagSafe case (dependent on if the case has good magnets)
    -The charger is USB Type C, so it’s compatible with more modern cables.
    -You can use other adapters and cables with the charger, I have an adapter that plugs 4 ports in at once, and it still works two years later with no issues.
    -Charger itself continues to charge after 2+ years

    -The included cable is too short if you want to put it near a driver or passenger door, unless your car has a 12 volt outlet near the doors and not in the center of the vehicle.
    -The adapter included doesn’t have any room for additional cables, meaning unless passengers or other devices need a usb for charging or dash cam purposes, you’ll have to unplug the adapter or plug the other cable somewhere else
    -The nut on the back of the charger itself becomes slightly difficult to tighten if you have the charger in a set position and want to ensure it doesn’t move during transit
    -The charger won’t be as fast as plugging into a dedicated Quick Charge 3.0 port with a cord alone, but provided that you plan on keeping your phone on the mount and not texting and driving, this will charge and sustain your phone.
    -If you live in an area with higher temperatures, the rubber around the metal clasp will melt and break the clamp, meaning it becomes slightly more difficult to reinstall if it falls off and will scrape your vent.
    -Isn’t meant for cars with weird custom vents, fits vents that are horizontally slatted.

    Overall, the cons definitely have no sway over whether or not the product is good or worth buying, as the majority of them are minor nitpicks I have since I have larger fingers and it’s harder to get around the back of the charger itself. I’d wholeheartedly recommend picking this up if you have MagSafe phones or a MagSafe case for something that is capable of wireless charging.

    Given that the product was on sale when I first picked it up, and it is currently on sale or has a slight promotion active now, I would recommend picking it up and installing it on your car for future use. I can’t say I’ve had a bad day with them, except for when the rubber broke as mentioned above.

    Whenever I pick up the new model, since a new vehicle may join the family fleet sometime soon, I’ll likely order it then and update this listing to include the updated review.

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  12. Jose

    Does exactly what it says it does. Good price point.

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  13. Jonny G

    This does not work properly with the new Apple maglock.
    My iPhone 12 pro max drops off on the slightest bump, the magnets are simply not strong enough to hold the phone, which resulted in damage to my brand new phone

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    ESR MagSafe Car Charger, Fast Charging for HaloLock, Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, Air Vent Mount Compatible with Caseless iPhone 14/13/12 Series…
    ESR MagSafe Car Charger, Fast Charging for HaloLock, Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, Air Vent Mount Compatible with Caseless iPhone 14/13/12 Series…


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