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ESR USB Type-C to 3.5 mm Female Headphone Jack Adapter, USB-C to Aux Audio Dongle Cable Compatible with Galaxy S22/S21/S20/Note10/A52, iPad Air…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:40 pm
SKU: B08913998G


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  • Hi-Fi Audio Adapter: delivers crystal-clear digital and analog sound at up to 96kHz/24bit; works with almost any 3.5 mm jack or USB-C port
  • Multifunctional: listen to music, take phone calls, or adjust the volume with this versatile adapter
  • Hi-Res DAC Chip: high-fidelity DAC chip provides enhanced noise reduction and ensures stable lossless audio transmission
  • Broad Compatibility: compatible with Google Pixel 5/4/3/2/XL; Samsung S22/S22+/S22 Ultra/S21/S21+/S21 Ultra/S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/S20 FE/Z Flip/Note20/Note20 Ultra/Note10/10+/A8/A80; HTC U11/U11 Plus/U Ultra/10; Huawei P30/P30 Pro/P20/P20 Pro/Mate 20/Mate 10; OnePlus 9/9 Pro/8/8T/8 Pro/7/7 Pro; iPad Air 5/mini 6 and iPad Pro 12.9ʺ/11ʺ (2022/2021/2020); and more
  • Built To Last: corrosion-resistant aluminum casing protects the chip, while the braided nylon shielding can withstand up to 10,000 bends with a tensile strength of 20 kg

Specification: ESR USB Type-C to 3.5 mm Female Headphone Jack Adapter, USB-C to Aux Audio Dongle Cable Compatible with Galaxy S22/S21/S20/Note10/A52, iPad Air…






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‎12.5 x 1.15 x 0.85 cm, 7 Grams

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‎7 g

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‎1 June 2020

13 reviews for ESR USB Type-C to 3.5 mm Female Headphone Jack Adapter, USB-C to Aux Audio Dongle Cable Compatible with Galaxy S22/S21/S20/Note10/A52, iPad Air…

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  1. Mr. D. Mills

    So with phones moving to the “no headphone jack” option if not wanting to use wireless earphones then unless using USB-C earphones then you need an adapter to connect to a 3.5mm pair of earphones.

    Now they work well, no real issue with poor sound quality and they seem sturdy and hard wearing.

    I generally wear wireless earphones in the daytime but I use earphones at night when in bed to listen to music to fall asleep or meditate to.

    I’ve owned this adapter for about 3 months now and they’ve worked well to begin with, after replacing a cheaper poor quality adapter before it.

    3 months later and if I suddenly move in bed or nudge the adapter ever so slightly then it instantly disconnects and stops. The wire has obviously come loose due to prolonged use which makes them unfit for use.

    I can’t comment on how well they would work if I used them, for example just an hour a day. But based on my own personal use they worked well but soon died. However then again I’ve probably used them a considerable amount more than the regular consumer.

    If you need an adapter then I’d highly recommend it, however if like me you need one for 40+ hours usage a week then I’d look elsewhere, or just accept the fact that adapters for earphones will never be perfect as cough up the £12/15 every few months!

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  2. Upul Digampitiya

    It is a really good product and easy to use and pretty impressed.

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  3. Slava

    I used it with my galaxy S21 to connect external mic and record videos.
    Works great.

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  4. Viet Nguyen

    Was worried the cable was going to have bad sound quality but it works great. Using it for my s22 ultra. My headphones and earphones both work. Using bluetooth drains battery, so using a cable helps a lot.

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  5. Yasser Ali

    fast delivery. item as described. happy

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  6. McLeod


    2 have now broken in much the same way as one another, becoming extremely temperamental and disconnecting from the lightest movement. No option to contact seller after it breaks and the item only has a 31 day return period. Annoying that they’re a disposable item.

    Original Review:

    There isn’t a lot to say about such a functional item, however it works flawlessly with my Samsung S20+ and all of my wired headphones (Soundmagic E10C, JBL E65B5NC in wired mode, AKG K550 MK1 and Philips Fidelio X2HR). I only listen to variable bit rate FLAC encoded from CD or purchased FLACs which do come in 24bit. There is no added amplification only a solid external DAC decoding output from the USB C socket and outputting analog audio to the headphones. They also work well for my E10C and JBL E65 wired for telephone calls.

    I am currently juggling two dongles between all 4 of my headphones as one wasn’t enough. To be honest I’ll probably grab a third soon they’re just so reliable and the best thing I can sum up with is that I forget it is there. Built very solidly as well. Great product. 10/10.

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  7. Sam L

    We’ve bought these before and they’ve been working without any issues for about a year as my partner and I both have P30 Pros-we’re camera geeks. We’ve brought extras of these ESR headphone jack converters so we can save ourselves the misery of not being able to find the one pair of headphones we each own with the ESR USB converter on when we need it. This always seemed to come at the very worst moments for me such as being in loads of pain in the middle of the night and wanting to listen to something soothing to help me sleep, losing my headphones in the dark clambering to find another pair in my drawer without waking my partner and being successful (yay!) only to find I can’t use it (noooooooo). That experience is now a thing of the past as all our headphones now have them on. I recommend it.

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  8. Shinobu gardiner

    great value!

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  9. alexey

    Works great with Bose headset and USBC port on the phone

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  10. Loungesloth

    They also work with the mic on my sennheiser headphones

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  11. McLeod

    I purchased this to connect my gaming headset to my Samsung S20+ phone in order to utilize the noise cancelling microphone for calls / Skype etc. The Samsung utilizes a USB C connection for headphones / peripherals, my headset (Razer Kraken X) is a 3.5mm audio jack connection, so I needed this to connect it.

    The 3.5mm audio jack connects in to this extension cable with a satisfying click and maintains a solid connection, so no chance of it coming loose or accidentally popping out. The USB C side connects to my phone just as I would expect any other USB C to connect, again clicks in and stays there.

    The sound playback is perfectly fine and the microphone also works perfectly fine when I use this device to connect my headset to my phone. The cable is braided and feels very robust / firm. I have been using this a fair bit placing it in and removing it from my pockets, sitting it on surfaces and sofas etc. It seems to have withstood all manner of twisting and pinching of the cable with no visible signs of wear and no reduction in playback from my connected headset.

    – Good price point
    – Good feel / the build quality seems good
    – Does what I needed it to do
    – Has a good enough length (approx. 4 inches) for connecting
    – Black colour matches the screen of my phone and the cable from my connected device
    – Slim

    – I was asked to give a star rating on “volume control”, however there are no inline volume controls with this cable. It does allow me to use my inline volume and mute control when my headset is connected via the headset controls, but I would expect that from this sort of device anyway. Not really a bad thing, but I couldn’t give it a 5 star for volume control as I don’t see it as being a valid category for the cable.

    I hope this review has been useful for you.

    Happy listening!

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  12. Harry Gee

    1. Lieferung und Versand alles über Amazon abgewickelt. Schnell und pünktlich war das Teil da.

    2. Der Adapter:
    Immer mehr Hersteller fangen an die 3,5mm Klinke nicht mehr in Smartphones/Tablets etc zu verbauen. Ein Ärgernis ohne Sinn und Verstand – Hauptsache überteuerte Dongles und Adapter verkaufen. Danke Apple für diesen absoluten Bullshit. So Frust ist raus, nun zum Adapter selbst ein paar Anmerkungen:

    Als ich auf die iPad Pro Modelle umgestiegen bin, musste ich mir den Apple Adapter holen, der überteuert, qualitativ leider Müll und viel zu fragil war für den alltäglichen Einsatz. Nach nichteinmal 2 Monaten hat sich das Gehäuse von alleine verabschiedet (es war nicht gut verklebt) und das Kabel wurde immer poröser. Kein Wunder bei diesem Hauch von Kabel, welches einfach nicht gemacht ist für längeren Einsatz. Vergleichbar ist das Teil mit einer Hauchdünnen Strumpfhose – Paar Mal getragen und danach im A**** – Der hier angebotene Adapter ist da viel robuster.

    Zudem kommt jetzt noch, dass die Adapter alle nicht einmal irgendeine Art der Normung haben: Manche funktionieren gut andere weniger und manche garnicht mit unterschiedlichen Geräten. Sehr schade!

    Hier ein Beispiel: Das Apple Teil läuft auf allen Apple Geräten, völlig klar. Steckt man es in ein Samsung oder Huawei Gerät ohne Klinke, dann kommt garkein oder sehr leiser Sound an den Kopfhörern an. Das liegt anscheinend am DAC Wandler, welcher in manchen dieser Adapter eingebaut ist, dieser selbst wohl manchmal gut und manchmal einfach nur Schrott ist. Womöglich liegt es auch an den Spezifikationen des Wandlers, aber dazu werden leider nirgends Informationen mitgegeben. Man kauft also mehr oder weniger blind.

    Ich habe mit diesem Adapter von ESR hier bei allen Geräten die ich besitze keine Probleme – super Sound wie vorher unter Klinke – ohne Einbußen und endlich meine Ruhe.
    Das Kabel ist perfekt verarbeitet, sieht und fühlt sich wertig an und es gibt nichts zu meckern. Preislich ist alles bestens für knapp 10 Euro – Die waren mal billiger aber der ganze Hype mit USB C und “wir lassen mal die Klinke weg” sorgt leider für Verteuerung. Alles in allem ist das Teil seine 10 Euro wert – das Apple Dongle keine 10 Cent!

    3. Fazit:
    Das Teil hier kaufen und Ruhe haben 🙂 Klare Kaufempfehlung von mir – Kompatibel mit Apple, Samsung und Huawei Geräten. Kein leiser Sound mehr, kein (schneller) Kabelbruch und gut siehts zudem auch noch aus.

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  13. silverli

    Worked on my Ipad Air 4 but not one my Note10+

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    ESR USB Type-C to 3.5 mm Female Headphone Jack Adapter, USB-C to Aux Audio Dongle Cable Compatible with Galaxy S22/S21/S20/Note10/A52, iPad Air…
    ESR USB Type-C to 3.5 mm Female Headphone Jack Adapter, USB-C to Aux Audio Dongle Cable Compatible with Galaxy S22/S21/S20/Note10/A52, iPad Air…


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