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Heimish All Clean Balm 120 Ml, 120 ml


Last updated on May 31, 2023 10:43 pm


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  • Quickly dissolves into oil when in contact with skin and removes – Make-up (especially waterproof), dirt, sunscreen
  • Washes off easily with water without leaving any residue
  • Convenient mini spoon included to help scoop clean and adequate usage
  • Gently cleanses the face without removing any skin layers and Clears up any blackheads and clogged pores
  • Contains a mild herbal fragrance that does not linger on the skin

Specification: Heimish All Clean Balm 120 Ml, 120 ml

Item weight

‎118 Grams


‎120 Millilitres

Skin type



‎Citrus, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Jasmine, Coconut, Tea Tree, Grapefruit, Rose, Bergamot, Orange, Lily

Batteries required


13 reviews for Heimish All Clean Balm 120 Ml, 120 ml

4.4 out of 5
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  1. HD

    I had the elf version before but that is around $20 so I thought I would try this cheaper option and I think it’s just as good.

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  2. ttpham

    I moved onto this Heimish balm (from usong oil cleansers) due to the portability of the tub when travelling/ on holiday (taking an oil cleanser can potentially be messy). The balm melts into the skin and acts just like the oil cleanser to lift the make up off – really good. Considering the price, 1 tub goes a long way and takes a few months to finish (even if used everyday).

    If I wear makeup for the day, I double cleanse at night. First cleanse is this balm, to pick up the foundation/BB cream and eye makeup. Second cleanse was a gentle pH balanced cleansing foam or gel for good measure.

    Have not changed cleanser for a year now. Been great!

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  3. Opheliaknowsbest

    I am currently in the emergency unit at the hospital after this product got in my eye. After rinsing for hours I completely lost vision in one eye. This is a horrible product. I now have Chemical Conjunctivitis because of it.

    UPDATE: This product caused me chemical conjunctivitis in both my eyes causing me to almost completely loose my vision for two weeks. Otherwise described as a chemical burn. I spent two days in the emergency unit at the hospital being treated. I had to use special numbing eye drops and can’t wear eye makeup for a month. This stuff can truly harm you. Be careful what you buy.

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  4. e.dug

    – Cruelty free
    – Comes with a spatula for easy and hygienic dispensing
    – Doesn’t always fully blend from balm to oil/milk, leaving pieces of unmixed product on your face or falling into the sink
    – I find it highly irritating when used to remove eye makeup
    – Floral fragrance
    – Leaves a plastic coating-like feel to your skin after cleansing

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  5. Beris Carbone

    I decided to buy this product after watching a brief review on YouTube, the price is good, removes my all my makeup, I don’t feel tight or dry afterwards, the smell is okay not to strong, washes away without leaving a slimy oil slick feeling, I do tend to double cleanse with another product, I have very over the top sensitive skin and this product doesn’t give me any problems…I would suggest finding more info on Youtube ….thank you.

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  6. Kristy

    Product works as described. I use it on layers and layers of stage makeup and it removes it effortlessly! Will definitely buy again and share with all my theatre friends

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  7. Heidi

    I have combination skin.
    Smells amazing, almost like sherbet. Large container, and you only need a pea-sized amount to clean your face. I have previously been using The Ordinary Squalane cleanser but will now be switching to this for the first step of my double cleanse. Leaves the face nice and hydrated, no residue.
    Such a good price compared to other online stores as well!

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  8. Komal

    I used to use cleansing balm from Body shop and Zero. This product is the best i used. Melts waterptoof mascara in seconds

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  9. Legally Red ♡

    Había leído muchas recomendaciones y comentarios asombrosos sobre el producto que me quise animar a comprarlo. Para empezar huele muchísimo, todavía no identifico el olor, pero es entre limón, mentol y lavanda, lo que hace que cuando te lo apliques directo a la cara llegue la ola de olor molestando un poco mientras te desmaquillas. Se supone que está recomendado para pieles sensibles (tengo rosácea) pero para nada ayuda que esté perfumado porque pues al final el perfume reseca la piel. Hace un buen trabajo retirando el maquillaje ligero, pero siento que para trabajo pesado como máscara waterproof o pegamento de pestañas debes de estarle dando y dando masaje y gastando más del bálsamo. No creo que “derrita” todo como dicen. Si se te mete el producto en el ojo, no arde pero se siente una sensación oleosa que no se quita ni lavándote ni con gotas de manzanilla hasta después de unos minutos. Viene con una espátula y una tapa para que no se contamine el producto, de diseño está muy bonito y cuando emulsiona (cuando le aplicas agua) se convierte en una leche muy ligerita, pero la verdad por el precio, siento que hay otros desmaquillantes más baratos que no irritan tanto al olfato y ojos. Seguiré probándolo por si cambio de opinión.

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  10. LauraBB

    Quiero resaltar que acabo de comprar un segundo tarro, quise esperarme a probar el producto un buen rato antes de escribir la reseña. El primer tarro lo compré a mediados de febrero, lo uso sólo por las noches y me duró poco más de 4 meses.
    El olor a mi me encanta, un poco a cítricos aunque admito que algo fuerte.
    Cumple muy bien su función, yo uso rimel a prueba de agua y este bálsamo sin problema lo quita.
    No tuve ninguna reacción alérgica, problema en los ojos, etc. nada con este producto.
    Yo estoy muy contenta con el producto hasta ahora.

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  11. Legally Red ♡

    The media could not be loaded.

     This Heimish All Clean Balm comes in a generous-sized jar with a little scoop to help with applying the product on your skin. Straightaway, this balm has a hard texture (think of hardened Coconut oil 〰 but it applies better) and so you scoop a small amount of this product and massage it onto your dry face.

    Once you have spread the balm all over the area that you want to clean, you need to add a splash of water on top of it (I use my ”Fanerfun Continuous Mister Spray Bottle” that I bought on Amazon). While you continue massaging the product onto your skin, it will turn a milky color. And as you massage it, the product will start breaking down your makeup, which is what I call the melting effect. After you are satisfied that your makeup has been properly dissolved, all you need to do is to wipe the balm (which is now a mixture of melted makeup) away. My skin is left feeling not only clean & soft, but moisturized.

    I have to say that I was surprised at how well this worked with my most tenacious makeup. This is, so far, the only product that manages to easily remove my ”Immovable by Mia Adora” eyeliner (that I bought on Amazon). It also works incredibly well on my lip stains and long wear lipsticks. GREAT purchase. Would recommend.

    If my review was helpful let me know by clicking on the ”Helpful” button 🙂 👍🏻

    Here are the instructions that are on the box (in case you throw it away 〰 instructions are not on the jar) :
    Heimish ALL CLEAN BALM
    Daily cleanser for removing heavy makeup easily
    〰 Spa cleanser with natural aroma oil
    〰 Natural Vegetable ingredients included for deep cleansing
    〰 3-Step transformer texture (Balm, Oil, Milk)
    How to use : Use spatula to scoop a small amount and massage balm over dry skin and add a splash of tepid water to turn this cleanser into a milky fluid and then continue massaging and rinse it with water.

    If my review was helpful let me know by clicking on the ”Helpful” button 🙂 👍🏻

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  12. Cliente de Amazon7

    I was so against cleansing balms cause I am a very heavy handed person, and I thought that me over rubbing my face would just cause more wrinkles. And putting it on dry skin freaked me out. But I gave in. I was getting blackheads on my cheeks and couldn’t figure out why. I thought that trying a ‘double cleanse’ wouldn’t hurt. Wow. I felt stupid after I started rubbing the balm on my face. I never counted on the slip. What a glorious way to remove the grime of your day. Sooooo relaxing! It’s truly like a mini massage. I can’t believe it took me this long to use a cleansing balm.
    *Shout out to Cassandra Bankson on YOUTUBE for the recommendation!!💋🙏🏼

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  13. Carol

    Normally I’m a devotee of Alpha H cleansing balm but it’s quite expensive so I tried this in a recommendation. Works great and I’m really happy as a lower price point.

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    Heimish All Clean Balm 120 Ml, 120 ml
    Heimish All Clean Balm 120 Ml, 120 ml


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