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HTU Car Phone Holder Mount [Patent & Safety Certs] [Military Steel Clip & Super Suction Cup] Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard…


Last updated on May 29, 2023 11:50 am


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  • 🎁【Super Suction Cup, Rough Road Friendly】The phone mount for car adopt 2-level locking mechanism, which is 3 times stronger than ordinary suction! The suction cup is made of 3 layers of nano sticky gel, which can prevents air gaps from forming and can withstand the temperature from -40°F to 203°F. The enhanced suction power is up to 80LBS, it holds heavy phones effortlessly. Just rinse with water to restore the stickiness.
  • 🎁【Unobstructed View】HTU upgraded car phone holder has the 360-degree ball joint and the adjustable telescopic arm, so that mobile phone within easy reach, convenient navigation, answering calls. Doesn’t block your view while driving. You can focus on driving, and the HTU mobile phone holder will do the rest for you.
  • 🎁【Cord Organizer】The HTU dashboard phone holder is also equipped with a cable holder. The holder holds your smartphone’s charging cable, helping to ensure the cable stays connected and entangled-free.
  • 🎁【One-Hand Operation】The cell phone holder for car also has a One-button release system that allows you to lock and release the phone quickly and smoothly with just one hand.
  • 🎁【4-In-1 Universal Cell Phone Car Mount】The multi-function car cell phone holder is equipped with the suction cups and air vent clips, which can be mounted on the dashboard windshield or air vent firmly. A small car mount or car vent mount to meet your different use needs. Suitable for most cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, taxis, touring cars; A good assistant to Uber, Lyft drivers.
  • 🎁【Widely Compatibility and Big Phones & Thick Case Friendly 】Adjustable foot, wider and deeper clamp arm ensure this phone holder in car is suitable for big phones and thick case. The phone car holder is compatible with iPhone14/iPhone14 Plus/iPhone14 pro/iPhone 14 pro max/ iPhone 13 pro max/ 13 pro/ 13/ 13 mini/ 12 pro max/ 12 pro/ 12/ 12 mini/ 11 pro max/ 11/ SE/XS/XR/XS Max/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6 Plus Samsung Galaxy S22/ S22 Ultra/ S22+ /S21 Ultra/S21/ S21+/ S20/ S20 +/ S20 Ultra 5G
  • 🎁►ATTENTION: ① If your dash is LEATHER, TEXTURED or CURVED, which NOT suitable for ALL suction cups. Please use the mount on the windshield or air vent instead. ② Before installing the suction cup, be sure to clean the dashboard to ensure it is clean and tidy. ③ If the Weather Is Getting too Hot, or car Tempertature gets over 100℉: the suction cup adhesion will be reduced, please use the air vent clip instead. ④ Rinsing & air-drying the bottom of the suction cup can restore stickiness.
  • 🎁【Worry-free after-sales service】Choosing an HTU car phone holder, you will enjoy 30 days unconditional return & exchange service, 60 months warranty. Any issue will be solved within 24 hours at your will, just leave your message to HTU customer service.

Specification: HTU Car Phone Holder Mount [Patent & Safety Certs] [Military Steel Clip & Super Suction Cup] Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard…

Package Dimensions

‎12.9 x 11.2 x 9.2 cm, 299.37 Grams

Item Model Number

‎Version 2.0 Enhanced Car Phone Holder

Special features

‎✅ Heavy Phones & Thick Case Friendly, Your Phone Case Back Should Be Flat When Using, ✅ Fit for 99% Cars & 99% Phones Except for Galaxy Z Fold Series, ✅ 4 IN 1 Car Phone Holder Mount with 100X Stable Air Vent Clip & A Cable Clip to Manage Cables, ✅ Retractable Long Arm Car Phone Holder, ✅ With Cord Organizer, ✅ Washable & Reusable Suction Cup, ✅ Military Grade Sturdiness, Upgrade Strong Suction Cup, Loads up to 80LBS, ✅ 203°F High-Temperature Resistance, ✅ All Road Conditions Friendly



Whats in the box

‎✅ 1x Suction Cup Phone Holder【Upgraded for Dashboard, Windshield】, ✅ 1x Phone Cradle【Good for Large Phone Thick Case】, ✅ 1x Cord Organizer【Keep Yours Car Tidy & Neat】, ✅ 1x Wipe【Cleaning Dashboard, Windscreen Surface】, ✅ 1x User Manual, ✅ 1x Car Vent Clip【99% Vertical, Horizontal Vent】

Item Weight

‎299 g



Date First Available

‎21 December 2022

9 reviews for HTU Car Phone Holder Mount [Patent & Safety Certs] [Military Steel Clip & Super Suction Cup] Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard…

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  1. Peter

    The phone holder is sturdy and holds the phone well. The only problem I have is that the grips are very close to the power button and it’s not possible to press the button. The bottom slides up and down but not enough remedy the problem. This is as much the design of my phone as it is of the holder.

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  2. SH

    Good quality stuff, I use this product on two of my cars where I’m not always driving on a paved road, but has never failed me yet by falling off, and the joints are still nice and stiff still so it doesn’t droop at all. And even if the joints did become loose over time, the system has a mechanism where you can hand twist a giant nut to make the joint tighter and stiffer again.

    Because it was unseasonably cold, cloudy, and rainy, and I didn’t have a heated garage, I didn’t use it immediately after installation but waited all day and night until the next night when I drove my car out. I was impressed with the way the HTU upgraded holder adhered to the windshield.

    The suction cup definitely has a tight seal and the locking mechanism definitely holds the phone tight, the easily accessible suction cup was easy to turn the locking ring into the locking position. The suction cup locking mechanism is clearly marked and the instruction book was excellent. The adjustable arm that retracts in and out is a nice feature for having depending on where you place the mount of the windshield. It holds very tightly to the windshield.

    And when you put your phone in and press the grippers in, it ratchets into a secure grip effortlessly. And it is so satisfying when you press the button and it automatically glides to release the phone as smooth as butter.

    And you have a lot of installation options. There is a little clip, which worked for me, to clip onto your air vent.

    I also found a cable storage gadget that I didn’t know how it worked at first until I opened the product details page again. It holds your charging cable so that it doesn’t get overly tangled and is a useful little thing that I like.

    This is a great car mount if you want to either use the windshield or the dash in your car. It has a black suction cup that supposedly won’t melt or leave a residue, You can attach it to your dashboard or windshield. It tested to see if it fit an iPhone 13 Pro Max which is a fairly large phone so this will fit most any phone you might have.

    The extension on the suction base extends quite a bit and the hinge for the arm has notches so it will keep its angle. I have tried other extending mounts and sometimes the phone is too heavy to extend. I only wanted to use this mount in my air vent. The phone mount piece can swivel so you could adhere this to your window if you wanted. There is an opening in the middle below the phone so you can have your phone plugged into the charger while mounted.

    After installing it I experimented and found that not only would it hold the phone it would very securely hold my iPod Touch and my charging brick. Comes in great if you want to charge up 3 devices at one time. I mounted the holder higher than most would because I am 6’4′. My wife is 5’3″ so all she has to do is loosen the nut for securing the head, loosen the knob that allows phoning to move closer or farther away, and adjust them to her preference. I am very impressed with the design, functionality, and quality of this HTU upgraded unit. I will continue to use this product and, if something comes up after more driving time, I’ll update the review.

    A few tips on installation. First, follow the included instructions to the letter. Whether you mount it on the windshield or the dashboard, you must first clean the area where you want to mount it and make sure it’s flat enough. You can use the wet wipes included in the package for cleaning. If your dash is LEATHER, TEXTURED or CURVED, which NOT suitable for ALL suction cups. Please use the mount on the windshield or air vent instead.

    The suction cup can also be dipped in plain clean water and reused if necessary.

    Give this phone holder a try. You will be pleased and I know the company stands 100% behind their product.

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  3. HK

    The packaging was very elegant and very well packaged.
    The 3 options provided (dash, windshield, vent) were super easy to try out for visual and touch access.
    The adhesive and the suction both are just fine when I use them on a flat surface or on the inside of the windshield. I noticed right away that the suction power of this mount was tremendous! The product is also built very well and seems nice and sturdy. I installed it in mere seconds, and I didn’t have any issues with wobble or loss of suction. The mount is very configurable as well.
    It holds my phone perfectly, and there is no vibration when on a bumpy road. It’s easily adjustable, and it does not block my view.
    The reason I wanted a long arm holder, like this one, was to minimize the distraction from the road ahead of me. This position allows me to keep my eyes on the road while I am switching an audiobook or a podcast on my cellphone when driving.
    Also, It’s so easy to untighten, pull it up, and transfer it to my other car when I need to. Because it’s so adjustable, it fits perfectly in both of my cars, and it does not leave any marks or tears on my dash. I love it.
    So far, HTU is the best among all the other phone mounts.
    Overall it is a great phone holder mount that I’ll be using as long as it lasts.

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  4. Kerry

    Secured well. Lots of angles. Adjustable size. Looks nice.

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  5. Bill K

    Ordered this unit and it arrived two days later. Holder is well made and suction is good. It also come with a lifetime warranty.

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  6. Qian

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have to drive 25 km of road to work every day, including 5 km of bumpy roads. During an hour
    of driving, the car phone mount is an essential thing for GPS and podcasts.

    I have bought and tried in my car over the years, however, none fully met my needs. Tumbling to
    the floor right in the middle of giving me GPS directions, It will even break my phone, giving me a
    safety hazard, clamps can’t hold my heavy iPhone 13 with an otterbox up……there is always
    something that makes them a deal breaker. I kept putting up with my last phone holder, every
    time after tightening the “nuts and bolts”, they stay tight for maybe a day before they start
    loosening up. So I have to retighten them pretty often. Anyway, I’ve decided not to waste
    another penny on the cell phone holder.

    Many thanks to my old friend Kevin, with whom I went on a road trip about six months ago,
    starting from New Mexico. His SUV also has a cell phone holder, It looks well-engineered and
    sturdy. What impresses me most is the silicone layer on the main body, which looks soft and can
    protect the phone well.

    We drove 1,700 miles over 1 week and the phone holder has been a very good performance,
    regardless of bumpy roads… Moreover, You can rotate the phone 360 degrees inside the mount,
    and adjust its rotational angle to get a better view, also the extended arm doesn’t really ‘bounce’
    at all. Rock steady! I asked Kevin, where did he get this, and how does it perform so well! Kevin
    gave me the link to the HTU store and said that their family is a loyal customer of HTU.

    I ordered the car phone mount on Amazon as soon as I got back from my trip, and it was
    delivered 2 days later. The packaging is very beautiful, each part is individually packaged, and the
    product feels very textured. I was excited to assemble it, it was easy to install and the
    instructions were written in a very clear and easy-to-understand manner. I quickly finished
    assembling it and installed it in my car.

    Amazing! The suction was great and handled the weight of my phone, especially when I needed
    to adjust and rotate my cellphone on a DAILY basis depending on my needs, whether I am
    watching my Google Maps screen or listening to my YT Music player. Also, I found that the
    bottom tray is very cleverly designed and solid, the previous drop-down bottom trays are very
    fragile, and easily get stuck or cracked. There is a wide gap at the bottom so I can easily touch the
    home button & unlock the screen & plug in the charging cable. It has two release buttons on
    either side of the stand, but you only need to press one of them to release the phone easily, the
    design is probably to make it easy to touch with both your left and right hand. Marvelous!!

    I’ve been using it for more than one months until now and it’s been doing so well in my car. It has
    worked just as described until just recently.

    However, just recently, during a car repair, it was knocked off and when I tried to install it again, I
    found that the suction cups were not as sticky as they were before. So I was disappointed that I
    would need to buy a replacement, especially since the price did increase since I last purchased it.
    However, before purchasing a replacement I noticed the product had a 60-month warranty. So I
    emailed the products customer service department with my order number and a picture of the
    damaged product and got a response back the next day. Two days later I received my
    replacement product free of charge!

    What’s more surprising: after I received the replacement, customer service contacted me again
    and told me I could try to wash the old suction cup with water and air dry it, then install it again and the suction would be back as it was. I did, and amazingly it really has the same suction power as the new one, very solid.

    So I have two intact car phone mounts and I decided to mount one of them on my pickup so I
    don’t have to take it off as often! I was so very pleased with the customer service. Highly

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  7. SH

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have a lousy sense of direction. A car phone holder is a must have for me. My pursuit of quality made me spend a lot of money on it. When I was about to lose hope, I met HTU!! I have been using this phone holder for a week, I don’t know how I managed without it.

    Not only does the holder have the suction and vent types of installation but also adjusts the length of the telescoping arm, the angle, and the direction of the mount. It’s definitely worth over $100 if separately calculated! Oh right! The product comes with cable management, it is a great accessory in the car where one end of the cable is permanently connected. How thoughtful!! It’s just that I wanted more from it than it was designed for.

    The terrific design and super easy operation attracted me so much! The release button is on the side of the mount. A slight press can release the phone easily. There is a designated charging port so you can always have your phone charged without the hassle of adjusting cables while navigating. The bottom cradle perfectly matches the phone so that it won’t affect the charging port. Got to say, their designers designed a particularly user-friendly product!

    A decent size, not too big to obstruct the view or not too small for my Samsung galaxy S20. My phone cover is pretty heavy and the holder keeps it intact without moving, as the holder has strong flexible arms to adjust as per your requirements. The car holder can freely rotate at 360 which makes it more convenient to rotate to portrait or landscape. It fits well in both horizontal and vertical vents and is very stable and sturdy.

    The product’s carbon fiber part and the telescopic arm’s feeling is sooo awesome! I don’t need to worry about scratching my phone any more. The phone also won’t slide out. Instantly I fell in love with it!! The jaws grip the phone well and are cushioned with a nonslip material that holds the phone safely and securely. They also taper in on the front edge which means that you don’t have to squash your phone in there too tightly to ensure the phone doesn’t slip forward.

    I wanted to install the suction cup in another car, but a sad thing happened, I didn’t hold it well and it fell to the ground. So sad… How helpless I was… I didn’t know what to do and contact HTU service team through Amazon (sold-by-ask a question). I got the response soon. They told me that the suction cup is reusable and showed me the way to clean and reinstall it. Ask them about any problems you have. They will provide a suitable solution for you. I feel that they have a special attentive service team!

    If anyone encounters the same issue as mine, try this: clean the suction cup with water – after natural air dry to restore the stickiness – reinstall it. Make sure to clean the installation surface first.

    I gave my brother an HTU car phone mount as a gift. He loves this product! He said that it looks awesome and the suction cup is strong. Just what he wants! Thanks to HTU, my brother loves me more!

    Overall, this purchase is sooo surprising and satisfying! Not only beyond the quality of the product itself, but it is also more invisible to save a lot of money for me! Highly recommended!!!

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  8. Bryce

    The phone holder works really well. Installation was quite easy. The quick release for the phone is also very handy. Good quality item. I also requested an invoice and liaised with Emma, she was very helpful and delt with my request quickly.

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  9. HK

    Full disclosure: I live in a major city and don’t own a car. However, one year I was traveling to Europe and had plans to rent a car for one day. I needed something that was temporary, sturdy and travel-friendly that wouldn’t take up much room in my luggage. Online searches pointed to A/C vent clip phone holders as the best option. It ended up being a major fail given the air vent fins on European cars were longer than those on American cars, rendering the clip was useless. As a result, I had to hold my phone in my hand while I drove (a manual transmission at that), and I had to keep glancing down to look at the directions. At one point I dropped my phone and had to stop the car in order to look for it. Definitely not safe.

    One year later I had plans to return to Europe, this time with a rental car for one week. It was imperative that I have a TRULY dependable cell phone holder as I would be driving more than four hours. Most importantly, it HAD to be temporary and not leave any residue or damage when I returned the car. Before I left for my trip, I rode with a car share driver who had this model cell phone mount. When I asked for his honest review, he gave it the highest praise and told me how to find it on Amazon.

    After landing in Europe for my trip, I went straight to the rental car counter and picked up my car. Before I left the parking lot, I followed the instructions for the car mount exactly as written. First I wiped down the dashboard with an alcohol wipe, waited for it to dry, attached the suction cup to my desired location, held it down for five seconds, then sat in the car for 25 minutes (5 minutes more than recommended) to ensure it had adequate time to stick. The instructions didn’t specify this, but I decided to remove the arm prior to this process just in case the added weight affected how well it initially stuck. When my 25 minutes were up, I attached the arm, then fitted my cell phone before hitting the road.

    This truly is a great product. I loved that I could keep my phone upright or turn it on its side for a horizontal view, which was how I used it the first time. I was worried it would pop off the dashboard, but it held as solid as a barnacle on a rock in rough water. There were moments when my phone and the holder shook vigorously, but still it didn’t move an inch. When I needed to charge my phone, it was easy to plug in my cable through the opening in the bracket. I had to leave my rental car parked in the hot sun for three days and opted to leave the cell phone holder right where it was on the dashboard. I was prepared to return to the car to find it had dislodged due to the heat, but it was still very much attached, despite the heat. In no way was its efficacy affected, and it performed quite dependably for the remainder of my rental period. When it was time to return the car, I worried about how easy it would be to remove. Upon drop-off, it took less than two seconds to easily pull it off the dashboard. Most importantly, there was no damage or leftover residue. Outside of the dust ring, the dashboard looked just like it did when I picked up the car.

    All-in-all, I might have used it for only one week, but I walked away thinking this was an incredible product. Installation was easy, it was tremendously sturdy, and most importantly, it removed easily with no damage. I doubt most people do this, but every time I exited the car I opted to remove the arm, leaving only the base.

    My only real complaint about this product is that it only works if the dashboard is flat. Fortunately my weekly rental had one that fit the bill, which is why the holder’s performance was so high. However, I traveled to a different region during that same trip and had to rent a different car for the day. That car had a dashboard that was curved, which meant I couldn’t use this product. If you’re traveling and need a cell phone mount, this could be a great option – if your dashboard is flat. Which is fine if you’ve done your research and are confident you’ll receive the actual car you reserved. It’s a bit of a gamble and you’re kind of screwed if it turns out you can’t use it. So while I love this cell phone mount and would recommend it to travelers with plans to rent a car, it’s only ideal for flat dashboards.

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    HTU Car Phone Holder Mount [Patent & Safety Certs] [Military Steel Clip & Super Suction Cup] Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard…
    HTU Car Phone Holder Mount [Patent & Safety Certs] [Military Steel Clip & Super Suction Cup] Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard…


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