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Jabra Elite 7 Pro In Ear Bluetooth Earbuds – Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless Buds in a compact design – 4 built-in Microphones…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:41 pm


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  • Outstanding sound experience: Thanks to the adjustable Active Noise Cancellation, the ultra compact earphones with rich and powerful sound lets you fully immerse yourself in your music
  • Clearer conversations anywhere: Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology combines four powerful microphones with an advanced Voice Pick Up (VPU) sensor in each bud, completely reinventing calls on the go
  • Maximum performance: Hear your surroundings whilst on a call with the HearThrough technology – use just one bud with Mono Mode – Each offers up to 8 hours battery and 30hrs with the case
  • More flexibility: Alexa Built-in and Android-compatible Google Assistant features – Stay connected to two devices at once and switch between them with Bluetooth Multipoint
  • In the box: 1x Jabra Elite 7 Pro In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Buds, Charging Case, EarGels in 3 sizes, USB-C Cable, Earbud weight: 5.4g, Colour: Titanium Black
  • Product comes with a 2-year warranty – registration required

Specification: Jabra Elite 7 Pro In Ear Bluetooth Earbuds – Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless Buds in a compact design – 4 built-in Microphones…

Product dimensions

‎6.96 x 4.03 x 2.53 cm, 6 Grams


‎3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item Model Number



‎Titanium Black


‎USB Type C

Material Type




Battery type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎6 g

13 reviews for Jabra Elite 7 Pro In Ear Bluetooth Earbuds – Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless Buds in a compact design – 4 built-in Microphones…

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer



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  2. Max

    I purchased these as an upgrade from the Jabra Elite 75t.

    After having used these headphones for a few weeks now I feel I can provide some feedback on this device.

    My primary reason for purchasing these was the ability to listen to either the right or left headphone independently and I must say I am extremely happy with this feature.

    Ability to listen to earbuds independently is very handy. The sound quality is extremely high and is a slight improvement over the 75t, I am also extremely happy with the call quality which is markedly improved and manages to filter out background noise much better than the 75t. Lastly the battery life is phenomenal and after listening for hours and hours I have yet to have drained the battery below 50%.

    My biggest complaints are the ANC and ‘hear-through’ feature which I believe is significantly worse in both cases than the 75t. The 75t (depending on your ear size) covers a larger area around your ear which while making them arguably less comfortable (although for me is actually a perfect fit) I believe helps significantly when it comes to the ANC functionality by blocking ambient sound out. The hear-through on this device is abysmal in my opinion and is a significant downgrade from the 75t which I am a little disappointed about.

    All in all I these are an excellent earbud set but given the price point I would have liked to have seen improvements around all the functionality rather than a downgrade in some.

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  3. Proshark

    Jabra is reputed brand but it seems this particular Elite line is not very well made. Build quality is fine, sound quality is also fine but the multipoint feature was not built in for some reason because ita has been there in previous models so its nothing new for jabra. Multipoint can be glitchy because its not built in so problems after updates are common in todays time. App doesnt show case and buds charge levels very well. Case may not charge sometime or it may not seem like it because of the LED indicator glitch. Buds may not charge sometimes even after opening and closing the case multiple times, solution for this is to plug in the case to a power source an dit starts working. Too many problema for me at this price so returned them bevause the replacement buds were glitchy too.

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  4. isaac

    I love these. The noise cancelling is so good, the sound quality is crisp, and they fit really well. I’ve never had them fall out, I use them every day. I don’t exercise wearing them, so I can’t talk to how they’ll cope with that. But for walking around, they work great. The battery life is also amazing.

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  5. L Campbell

    Easy to use sounds great

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  6. Max

    These are my first “expensive” set of earbuds having tried with some cheap ones previously.
    The noise cancelling on these are great, bus rides are uninterrupted, I have just had a couple of plane trips on prop planes where I was seated next to the wings and didn’t have an issue with them. They somehow still let the radio calls over the plane in.
    Battery life is very good, I struggle to use it up even on multi-day trips.
    Connecting to multiple devices is simple and it doestn seem to ever get confused between the two.
    The sound quality is good, not perfect but very good, hence the four stars. Thats being picky, these really are a good set of buds.

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  7. Stealthy Ninja

    Got these because they were on sale and I needed something while I waited for the new airpod pros to come out.

    These fit ok and the software is pretty powerful, I like the voice confirmations (which can be turned off or changed to beeps) and the physical buttons are cool. The sound quality is pretty good too.

    However, the Noise Reduction (NR) pretty much does nothing at all. The airpod pro 1 and especially the new airpod pros are miles ahead in noise reduction. So if noise reduction is important to you, then do not buy these.

    The “hear through” function is ok, but a bit artificial sounding (airpod pro 2 is much much better with this).

    The fit takes a bit of getting used to, but is good one you sort out the tip sizes.

    Call quality actually is very bad, people complained all the time about not hearing me properly and on zoom calls etc. it wasn’t any better, the volume level was extremely low on PC. I was shocked because Jabra have a reputation of being good in this area.

    Overall I could only give it 3 stars. If they made NR actually work and the sound quality in calls usable it would be a 4-5 star product.

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  8. Brisbane Brian

    I bought these to replace my trusty Jabra Active 65t that were losing voice clarity. However these, when they work, I find they have average sound quality (quiet and lack bass). When running or any wind blows, the wind seems amplified (ANC on or off), making them a poor choice for outside activity. They are problematic to pair. I have to re pair them often with my laptop and phone, and today felt the need to review as they have just stop pairing with anything.

    The up sides is that they are lighter and smaller than the 65t’s, but besides that they are worse in pretty much every way.

    I would not recommend these even at a quarter the price.

    Sound quality – sub standard
    Package/aesthetics/build – very good
    Usability – poor (connection, app etc)
    Battery life – good (but kind of irrelevant as I would rather not use them)

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  9. Chris

    Surprise! It won’t connect to Windows or Linux machines without further kit.

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  10. Sidhant

    I have been using 65t for more then 2 years without any complaints. Switching to Elite 7pro was no brainer for me, but first unit I received had issues as left ear bud didnot power on for which i asked for replacement which i receiced but the left earbud problem was still there as it didnot power up at all. Eventually i decided to return it again. But as the pickup had 2 days to be completed i planned on testing it for few hours. To my dislike the voice coming thru speaker is not as loud as the 65T and there is lot or noise loss during calls which is my priority as i use my earbuds through out the day to take and make calls. Really disappointed in the product overall with its loudness

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  11. Kevin A

    Very uncomfortable fit. Unstable Bluetooth connectivity – the right earbud kept disconnecting. The Jabra+ app is extremely glitchy and takes forever to load.

    The ANC is a very average, and not at par with any other headphones in this 18,000 price range.
    The buttons on the earbuds are very impractical – because you keep pushing the earbuds further inside your ear every time you press them! Imagine triple-press to repeat a song!!!!

    The mic is very noisy and muffled as well, and stops working in the middle of Zoom calls & WhatsApp calls.

    I thought my first pair was defective so I ordered a return, but the second pair had even more problems!
    So all in all – Worst purchase ever. Went ahead and bought AirPods Pro instead. Much superior quality and sound as well. Should’ve never believed the online reviews on YouTube.

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  12. Take

    The Danes have done it again, this buds though had a bad reviews in it’s early launch, much of its so called flaws have been fixed with subsequent updates and is now on the top and i may add better than airpods pro(non apple user).

    The shining armour is the microphone quality during calls weather in teams or zoom it’s flawless with adequate background noise cancellation.

    I have tested the 85t which are more say comfortable as it’s not deep in your ears but it sticks out a lot and gets loose easily so it’s not a good fit for moving around. On top it’s heavier which is not to my liking.
    The elite 7 pro is sleek, compact and powerful when combined with your custom EQ via the app(the default is flat out boring).

    The only con for me is the case which is a departure from the much loved design with single hand opening and sleek in pockets, don’t get me wrong the new case is also sleek but it’s not so convenient to open one handed but it does have more surface so better getting the wireless charging right.

    Overall, this is a good buy at this point for anyone looking for a all eco system device which does it all and is protected with good IP rating.

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  13. Adam

    I bought these to use with my phone, so the microphone aspect is really important. These ones claimed to have the best of Jabra’s setup for that. Either I’m using them incorrectly, or the technology simply isn’t up to it.
    Microphones: fine in a quiet space; terrible on the street.
    Speaker sound quality is generally fine – though I have found some much cheaper ones to be more convincing on that front. ANC is effective in removing the sound of wind when cycling or running.

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    Jabra Elite 7 Pro In Ear Bluetooth Earbuds – Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless Buds in a compact design – 4 built-in Microphones…
    Jabra Elite 7 Pro In Ear Bluetooth Earbuds – Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless Buds in a compact design – 4 built-in Microphones…


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