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JBL Endurance Run SWEATPROOF Wireless Sport in Ear Headphones Black


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:39 pm
JBL Endurance Run SWEATPROOF Wireless Sport in Ear Headphones Black
SKU: B07N7W8618


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  • Flexible two-way design allows you to wear the headphones either in-ear or behind-the-ear
  • Thanks to TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies, these headphones are lightweight and ergonomically built to ensure secure fit and stability no matter the workout
  • Designed to endure and outlast your high intensity outdoor or indoor workout sessions in any weather conditions
  • Magnetic earbuds that allow for easy cable management when not in use

Specification: JBL Endurance Run SWEATPROOF Wireless Sport in Ear Headphones Black






Model Name


Model year


Part Number


Compatible Devices


Special Features

‎Sports & Exercise

Mounting Hardware

‎1 x JBL Endurance Run SWEATPROOF Headphones

Number of items


Speaker amplification type


Headphones form factor

‎In Ear


‎3.7 Volts

Battery Average Life

‎6 Hours

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Capacity


Connector Type


Material Type


Form Factor

‎In Ear

Does it contain liquid


Includes Rechargeable Battery


Supports Bluetooth Technology


Product dimensions

‎3.6 x 9.5 x 16.1 cm, 19.7 Grams

Item Weight

‎19.7 g

CountryRegion of origin


Item Model Number



‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

‎25 February 2020

13 reviews for JBL Endurance Run SWEATPROOF Wireless Sport in Ear Headphones Black

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Clinton

    I already have a pair of JBL bluetooth in-ear phones and have found them to be very reliable and quick to connect so when I needed a set of wired in-ear phones, I thought I would go for these. I have a couple of old devices that are not bluetooth enabled and I particularly wanted to use these with a laptop without involving bluetooth.
    Since I only want to use these phones for material other than music, the sound quality is more than adequate for my purposes. However, you will find that music is reproduced fairly well with a good bass response and a top-end that is not too harsh or sibilant.
    The cable is one of the most microphonic I have ever encountered. This means that if you gently touch the cable while wearing the phones, you will hear that sound amplified; what really brought this to my attention was hearing the wind in my garden howl in my ears like the soundtrack of an old scary movie. If you’re using these phones for listening to music though, you’ll not notice this kind of noise.
    There is an extra pair of silicon covers for the phones for those with non-standard sized ears but I found the default fitted covers to be fine.
    The 3.5mm jack is a bit of an issue. It is solidly constructed and attached to the cable in a kind of bent banana shape and there is no crackling if you wiggle it when plugged into most devices, such as a phone. However, when plugged into an adapter, such as a 1/4″” stereo adapter, I found that it connects fairly poorly and you have to wiggle it to get the position just right in order to establish a full, in-phase stereo signal. This is not unique to these phones; the high-end cable for my audiophile AKG headphones does this too, although not to the same extent. Since the cable supplied with my Sony noise-reducing headphones connects to the same adapter perfectly every time, I think it is possible that some adapter sockets require 3.5mm plugs of fractionally higher gauge and that my connection issues show that although 3.5mm plugs are all the same length, they are not all exactly the same width. Anyway, this is my only gripe with these phones which are otherwise terrific value for money.

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  2. Sumit

    1. The sound quality is better than JBL 160BT 110BT & miles better than JBL 205BT.
    2. The bass and sound quality is really very good for its price. (Got it for ₹2700)
    3. It fits comfortably in the ear for atleast 2hrs at a strech for me. Does not move while running or working out.
    4. It has Voice Assistant (google & siri) by double tapping the play button. All the JBL earphones (refer pt 1) priced lower than this do not. Is great for calling and other handsfree tasks while riding/running.
    5. Voice calls are decent and no complaints from persons on the other end. They didn’t notice that i was speaking to them from the earphones.
    6. Considering the price the Battery Life, Packaging and overall experience is just Awesome.

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  3. Samantha O’Dwyer

    These are superb. The sound is fantastic. They fit perfectly and don’t fall out and very comfortable. Very happy with the purchase.

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  4. Snake eye David

    For the price excellent sound and great value. Also very sturdy with a solid feel

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  5. Jo Ca

    Just good old ear phones for a good price great sound quality

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  6. Robert steers

    Battery life is poor, it barely makes a few hours from full charge. Sound is ok but the fit is great and they rarely fall out when running. They are great value for money but don’t expect stellar performance.

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  7. KT

    Please be very clear on your usage before buying this product. It is not compatible with laptops. In today’s technologically advanced times we expect a earphone with 3.5 mm and a mic would work well with laptops.
    I ordered it for my work related use from laptop and to my utter surprise it did not work as expected as the laptop could not find a mic.

    No mention of this in the description. I wrote to the seller and tried to return this citing it wasn’t compatible and that they had no where written this in item description.

    Seller only returned $18.20 and said it was change of heart return.. even after acknowledging my email as affirmative on no proper mention of compatibility in item details. Plus I had to pay for return postage charges also. Lost money for nothing.

    Distrustful experience. Thank you

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  8. NoShark

    I’ve been running for years & I’ve tried all sorts of headphones, all of which claim to be both comfortable and to not fall out. I concluded I’ve odd ears because either it’s discomfort or constant fishing around for a lost earbud!
    I tested these thoroughly, including sprints and they stayed in. They are very comfortable, so I hope they stand the test of time.

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  9. Sumit

    Ok guys, first thing first- I’m no audiophile (or whatever those music aficionados are called!)

    So, this review is by a normal guy for normal users.

    I’ve added close up photos for reference.

    The packing: Excellent. Very neatly packed, and very classy. (I had to struggle while opening the inner packet. Couldn’t notice the cellotape which was holding it. Stupid me 🙄)

    The build quality- It’s exceptionally well built headset. Everything oozes quality. JBL have really put in their best in this product.

    Audio quality (that’s what matters finally !) : I’m just blown away by the quality of sound! As I said earlier, I’m no audiophile. So, things like highs, lows, mids , treble etc don’t make much sense to me. I already own Sony XB450 and Sennheiser 212HD. Both are “over-the-ear” wired types. So, they are supposed to be having bigger drivers etc and hence better sound quality. BUT. I actually feel this Endurance run gives them a run for money.. The bass was a little less, yes, but you can always increase bass with your music app settings. I’m typing this right now while listening to “Teri mitti” from Kesari. The song has a different level of effect with these earphones! And a major reason behind that is the noise cancellation. Coming on that now.

    Noise cancellation- I had bought JBL 600 BTNC with active noise cancellation last month. The Noise cancellation was so bad and sound quality so sub-standard that I was forced to return it… But, this set is a different beast! Of course, it has passive noise cancellation. However, even with medium volume, I can’t hear anything spoken by my wife (that’s of course not good for my health and well being in the long run! Haha). The noise blocking by this set is phenomenal to say the least. You can barely hear anything from outside unless it’s really loud.

    Comfort: have been listening to music for last 3 hours. No pain in ears at all (ear pain/discomfort is so common with most of earphones). The earplugs don’t come out at all. Exceptionally snug fit.

    Tried Google now. “Ok Google” Works like a charm.

    Very easy to pair, took me barely 5 seconds the first time! Range also seems pretty good, but to be frank, haven’t checked from much distance.

    Buttons on the band are easy to use, and I got used to them within no time. The central button (for play/pause or call) is slightly elevated than the volume buttons on both side of it, so you can touch and feel it. Can’t go wrong. Pressing the volume + button for 2 seconds plays the next track (and similar for volume-). Again, intuitive and easy to use.

    I can go on and on. However, I’m not getting paid for this review. So, need to end this now.😉

    Just one crib- there should be a way to switch off the blue status LED light, it irritates eyes in the dark (I know, that’s a very very minor hassle. However, if I’ve missed and there really IS some way, do let me know).

    Thanks for reading (if you had the patience to read till here!). By the way, it’s supposed to be splash resistant as well. No, I’m not going to check that.

    Go, buy it, wear it and go for a run. Regularly. Let’s get fitter ! 🙂

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  10. Amazon Customer

    The sound is really good, the batterie lasts long, and the noise cancelation system is good but I didn’t find them comfortable to use, i feel they are too big for my ears and the two things that hang from the wire hit my neck all the time, they are not well positioned

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  11. Happy with my purchase

    Worth the money

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  12. Niall

    I ordered the JBL Run Endurance BT earphones with high expectations. The main purpose for ordering them was because I needed new Bluetooth earphones for my runs. You would expect that a pair of earphones with ‘Run’ in their name would be better suited for running, but these were extremely disappointing. With big appendages on both sides, these are constantly hitting your neck and are very irritating during longer runs.

    For normal everyday use, the earphones are perfectly fine. The sound quality was decent and they were quite comfortable. However, if you are buying them for running, especially long runs, I would not recommend them.

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  13. Astridspeckles

    Works perfectly

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    JBL Endurance Run SWEATPROOF Wireless Sport in Ear Headphones Black
    JBL Endurance Run SWEATPROOF Wireless Sport in Ear Headphones Black


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