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Logitech MX Master 3S – Wireless Performance Mouse with Ultra-Fast Scrolling, Ergo, 8K DPI, Track on Glass, Quiet Clicks, USB-C, Bluetooth,…


Last updated on May 27, 2023 10:44 pm


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  • Any-surface tracking – now 8K DPI: Use MX Master 3S cordless computer mouse to work on any surface – even glass (1) – with the upgraded 8000 DPI sensor with customisable sensitivity
  • Introducing quiet clicks: MX Master 3S Bluetooth mouse features Quiet Clicks – offering the same satisfying feel but with 90% less click noise (2)
  • Magspeed scrolling: A computer mouse with remarkable speed, precision, and near silence – MagSpeed scrolling is 90% faster (3), 87% more precise (4), and ultra quiet
  • Ergonomic design: Work comfortably with a precision mouse featuring a silhouette crafted for more natural wrist posture and optimally placed thumb controls
  • Upgraded customisation software: Customise buttons and optimise your workflow with App specific profiles in the improved Logi Options+ (5)
  • FLOW cross-computer control: Work seamlessly on multiple computers or laptops, and transfer text, images, and files – between Windows & macOS (5)
  • Multi-device and multi-OS: Connect the comfort mouse with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth or the included Logi Bolt USB receiver (6) on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS or Linux

Specification: Logitech MX Master 3S – Wireless Performance Mouse with Ultra-Fast Scrolling, Ergo, 8K DPI, Track on Glass, Quiet Clicks, USB-C, Bluetooth,…


Item Model Number

‎MX Master 3S

Hardware Platform

‎No Operating System

Operating System

‎no OS

Product dimensions

‎12.5 x 8.4 x 5.1 cm, 141 Grams

Item Dimensions L x W x H

‎12.5 x 8.4 x 5.1 centimetres

Optical Drive Type

‎Not available

Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item Weight

‎141 g



Country of origin


Date First Available

‎22 July 2022

13 reviews for Logitech MX Master 3S – Wireless Performance Mouse with Ultra-Fast Scrolling, Ergo, 8K DPI, Track on Glass, Quiet Clicks, USB-C, Bluetooth,…

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Helber Marques Lacerda

    Es un mouse con todas las características que una persona exigente puede desear en un dispositivo de este tipo. Puedes configurarlo de mil maneras con el software Logi+ que gratuitamente descargas de la página de Logitech. Algo que me gustó mucho es que incluye el dongle Logibolt, el cual es una vía de conexión super rápida y segura al computador anfitrión (PC con Windows 10 en mi caso) al cual sumé mi teclado mini MX Keys que adquirí previamente en oferta aquí también en Amazon. Cabe aclarar que puedes conectar este mouse al PC por medio de bluetooth o a través del dongle Logibolt incluido. Ergonómicamente me ha resultado cómodo (soy de manos grandes, no estoy seguro si sería lo mismo en manos pequeñas). Su superficie está bellamente trabajada y es gradable al tacto, aunque debo decir que lo encontré ligeramente pesado, lo cual no me molesta pues suma estabilidad al dispositivo. La precisión del mouse es notable. Su batería incorporada dura mucho, pero si fuera el caso que una jornada de trabajo extenuante llegase a agotarla, bastaría conectar el mouse un minuto al cargador (si, un minuto, como lo oyes) para tener suficiente energía para concluir el trabajo pendiente. Estoy satisfecho con este producto (y con el teclado MX keys mini también), su calidad hace que me sienta contento con cada centavo que pagué por él ($1999.00 en oferta de dias Prime). Lo mejor de todo es que junto con el tecladito Logitech MX Keys Mini, este mouse me permitirá desarrollar mi trabajo de forma más eficiente y profesional, y seguramente hará que mis largas horas de trabajo frente al computador se tornen agradables e incluso hasta divertidas. Finalmente debo decir que tanto el vendedor como Amazon entregaron puntualmenten el produto en mi domicilio, lo cual es genial! 💯

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  2. Ebaad Ali

    I bought these when I started a new job a few months ago. I work extensively with spreadsheets and engineering drawings.

    The MX Master 3S is my first ergonomic mouse and it has been a pleasure to use. It is comfortable, quiet, and feels absolutely premium.

    The only drawback I have come across is that the side scrollwheel can become unpredictable when you have many tabs open and not function as it is required to. My fix has been to launch the Logi software or switch the mouse on and off again. This will likely be patched out with a firmware update.

    This mouse is quite pricey, but it does what all high quality products do: make you forget about the money you spent once you start using it.

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  3. Claude

    It has everything going for it except the polling rate which is 120hz at max, even lower on bluetooth. This makes the cursor movement feel very janky. Scrollwheel performs weird as well (on macos).
    Not recommended.

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  4. Dylan James

    Works well on nearly all surfaces

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  5. Andrew Puddefoot

    I purchased this to replace my original MX mouse, and will say this is weighs nothing compared to my old MX – Which I don’t like, as I tend to use too much force, and you need to be somewhat delicate with this one – but everything else, such as response time, click rate and all that BLAH BLAH BLAH is Amazing!
    So why not five stars ????
    Only reason I bought this (with exception that my current MX only works on cable) was the capability to connect to multiple platforms, such as iPhone, Android, PC or Mac . . . And guess what the place the selection button underneath the mouse so it becomes this pause, flip the mouse over and press a button three times 🙁
    Why such I big fuss . . . . I also own a Logitech PRECISION PRO Wireless Mouse, they have the same function, but the button on the SIDE, ease select with your thumb and off you go.
    Other than that great mouse and I suggest to turn on the power of the mouse / KB when you don’t use it and you can use them for weeks without charging 🙂

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  6. Ebaad Ali

    I recently purchased the Logitech mouse and I am absolutely in love with it! This product has truly exceeded my expectations in terms of both quality and performance.

    Firstly, the design of this mouse is sleek and modern, making it a great addition to any workspace. The buttons are easy to click and the scroll wheel is smooth and responsive. Additionally, the ergonomic shape of the mouse fits comfortably in my hand, allowing for extended use without any discomfort or strain.

    In terms of performance, the Logitech mouse is exceptional. It has a fast and accurate response time, making it perfect for both work and gaming. I have also noticed that the mouse tracks smoothly on a variety of surfaces, including my desk and a mousepad.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the Logitech mouse. It is a high-quality product that has significantly improved my computing experience. If you are in the market for a new mouse, I would highly recommend this one!

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  7. Bob

    It’s a very low price for a wonderful mouse until you realise how many of them you’re going to buy.

    So far I’ve bought three. One for home, one for work, one for my wife.

    I’m assuming I’m going to be buying two more at some point (Wife’s work. Daughter). Maybe three if I’m nice to my mother.

    So this isn’t a $124 mouse. It’s a ~$500-$800 collection of mice.

    I hate every mouse I come into contact with that’s not this.

    Especially after getting used to the scroll wheel.

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  8. Kindle Customer

    I am a video producer and after putting up with sticky, dragging, inaccurate mice for years I’ve found this mouse.. works great, perfectly functioning and in my line of work precision and accuracy is an extremely important timesaver.. thanks Logitech!

    Logitech MX Master 3S – Wireless Performance Mouse with Ultra-Fast Scrolling, Ergo, 8K DPI, Track on Glass, Quiet Clicks, USB-C, Bluetooth, Windows, Linux, Chrome

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  9. Robbie

    Overall, it’s a very good Mouse, But Is it for all?
    Answer is no.

    When you hold the mouse for the first time, it’s kind of very comfortable. But my hand is an average size. After 2 hours of usage, i felt little bit pain in the palm and kind of uncomfortable. When i switch back to my old mouse, it was kind of very comfortable. But when i switch back to old mouse after 2 hours of usage. it’s kind of felt missing something I enjoyed.
    This is for the peoples with big hands and people who holds the mouse using full palm and will not rest wrist on the table.

    Let’s come to the pros / advantage of this compared to general mouse.
    1. Scroll wheel was very smooth (electromagnet). you will fell the scrolling smoothness you enjoyed in the trackpad.
    2. Mouse clicks are silent (Not actually silent. But compared to general mouse click sound, its almost 80+% silent.
    3. Cursor movement is so smooth
    4. Vertical scrolling wheel. It will be very useful when browsing and navigating between tabs frequently.
    5. A lot of customization with the Logitech options + software (I guess the money we are paying for this hardware is not only for hardware, but also for the software).
    6. Type C charging
    7. Can be used with Bluetooth and provided bolt adapter
    8. Easy switching between devices using the device switch button underneath. It’s kind of immediate switch within seconds after press the switch button. I tried between my Mac and Windows. Works great.
    9. With the option flow in Logitech options, mouse can be easily navigated between devices that are paired (max up to 3). It will move between devices like another monitor on the same device. I tried between my Mac and Windows. It’s not seamless switching. Kind of little bit delay or laggy when moving to another device. But it works and kind of good for using between multiple devices at the same time with single keyboard and mouse.
    10. If you have Mx keys keyboard, you can pair keyboard and mouse. When switching between devices, keyboard will follow the mouse (Like when mouse moves from one device to another through flow option, Keyboard will automatically switch to the same device where mouse is actively connected (instead of using button to manually switch between devices)

    1. This mouse is not for everyone. Person with big hands enjoy the mouse.
    2. If you are planning to use the mouse, but not the software (Logitech options+), then this mouse is not value for money.
    3. Persons with small hands can try Mx anywhere 3. Its normal mouse with few customizable button and electromagnetic scrolling. But that is not a silent click like this. Compared to this mouse, it’s just a 2k less, with less functions and not so silent, but will work with Logitech options+. So, in my point of view, it’s not value for money, But no other choice as per my opinion.

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  10. Dhineshkumar

    Comprei após o meu Magic Mouse quebrar e não me arrependo. Em relação à ergonometria é excelente. Você sente o conforto ao usar o produto e consegue trabalhar por um longo tempo sem sentir desconforto no pulso. O mouse também é MUITO silencioso e passa a percepção de ser bem construído e feito com material de boa qualidade.


    Em 10/10/2022 ao fazer minha primeira avaliação, eu coloquei como ponto negativo a experiência com o mouse no macOS por causa do aplicativo Logi Options+. O mesmo se encontrava bem bagunçado, com comandos sem serem reconhecidos e outros sem funcionar direito – assim como a atribuição de atalhos aos botões. Consequentemente, na minha opinião, esses problemas não chegavam a atrapalhar a usabilidade do produto, mas diminuía a experiência e a produtividade que se poderia com um mouse dessa qualidade.

    Pois bem, no dia 25/11/22, a Logitech atualizou o Logi Options+ para macOS e corrigiu os problemas. Sendo assim, com os recursos disponíveis funcionando corretamente, agregado com a ergonometria e qualidade do material, o produto na minha opinião merece cinco estrelas.

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  11. Rob Englander

    Comfortable and accurate mouse.
    Don’t think it’s worth the price tag however.

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  12. Jatin

    Do you use Mac regularly, or are you habituated by the gesture controls of a magic mouse or trackpad. I would recommend you give this bad boy a try.

    The problem that bought me to this mouse was that I couldnt connect my mouse to my macbook and mac mini whenever I wanted. It would connect only to one, and then can be shared to the other, which is pretty bad experience. Its very laggy and it doesnt work sustainably. Its really bad.

    In comes this mouse, it can connect via a wifi dongle and bluetooth (both work with mac and windows). There is a nifty switch at the bottom from there you can switch between three devices. So I get the freedom to connect to whichever device I want. I am currently using this to connect to my macbook, mini and my windows laptop all three without any issues. The battery life is also amazing, if I go by the manufacturer, so far no issues.

    (For Mac users) So this mouse has a gesture button on the thumb rest, with which you can setup most of the gestures like moving between full screen apps, expose and mission control. there are 2 other side buttons and one at the top along with a mouse wheel that doubles as a button. The mouse wheel uses hall effect, so it should last a long time. Go watch a youtube review if you are really interested.

    All in all, this is the best mouse at the present day (Feb 2023) that I can recommend for any person that has a mac or has more than one computer that they use. I am planning to get the MX mini keyboard as well, so that I can switch both keyboard and mouse between my machines. I would like a good mechanical wireless keyboard, but havent settled on any so far (not many choices in India).

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  13. Rob Englander

    I love this mouse…. As a software developer I love how customisable this mouse is for different applications, it certainly helps speed things up. I was initially disappointing in the software, worked perfectly on Windows but I could not customise buttons for VS Code on macOS but thankfully Logitech released an update that seems to have fixed… woohooo 👌😊

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    Logitech MX Master 3S – Wireless Performance Mouse with Ultra-Fast Scrolling, Ergo, 8K DPI, Track on Glass, Quiet Clicks, USB-C, Bluetooth,…
    Logitech MX Master 3S – Wireless Performance Mouse with Ultra-Fast Scrolling, Ergo, 8K DPI, Track on Glass, Quiet Clicks, USB-C, Bluetooth,…


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