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Microsoft 365 Family | Office 365 apps | up to 6 users | 1 year subscription | Multiple PCs/Macs, Tablets and Phones | multilingual | Box | UK Version

Last updated on May 27, 2023 5:30 pm
SKU: B0853F63RQ

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  • Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 Family has everything you enjoy in Office 365 Home and much more. Every Office 365 user is automatically updated to Microsoft 365
  • 12 months subscription – up to 6 users – each user can install on 1 PC or Mac, 1 tablet or iPad and 1 mobile phone (Windows, iOS, Android). Install code in box (requires Internet)
  • Premium, always updated, Office 365 apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and others
  • Cloud Storage: 6 TB total OneDrive (1 TB per person) with Premium Security, to collaborate on documents with others online and to secure your sensitive files in OneDrive Personal Vault. Skype: 60 minutes of calling per month for each user. Premium support via chat or phone from Microsoft experts and much more
  • Office for Mac is supported in the last three versions of macOS. When a new macOS version is released, it becomes the current version. Also runs on Mac with ARM-based chips via built in emulation mode.Activation – Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new account (save your credentials). Enter your product key and follow the instructions.Renew your existing Office 365 Home of Personal subscription: simply purchase Microsoft 365 here and enter your login ID from your current Microsoft account

Specification: Microsoft 365 Family | Office 365 apps | up to 6 users | 1 year subscription | Multiple PCs/Macs, Tablets and Phones | multilingual | Box | UK Version

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14.6 x 11.2 x 2 cm, 40 Grams


Microsoft Software

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13 reviews for Microsoft 365 Family | Office 365 apps | up to 6 users | 1 year subscription | Multiple PCs/Macs, Tablets and Phones | multilingual | Box | UK Version

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  1. Ern

    Buyer beware – pay attention to the region of the key (my purchase was from EU, and I’m in Australia) – I could not apply this to my existing subscription. I had to return to Amazon.

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  2. Keanu

    Amazon has global distribution, Microsoft has region-locked software/licensing. Read the reviews. Don’t buy if you’re in Australia. This software/licence is limited to Europe and cannot be installed in Australia (without other means).

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  3. Jeff in Australia

    Despite being sold on it cannot be redeemed in Australia (unless you use dodgy work arounds apparently). Found this out the hard way!

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  4. Lee D

    I don’t like being forced into recurring subscriptions, so every couple of years I look around for a good deal. Buying these product keys for Microsoft 365 online saves money and they are really easy to install on your account page. Sign in to your Microsoft account add the product key and your licence is extended by another year. I often add two years together. You don’t need to wait until your current term expires before using them. Sure, you have to untick the automatically selected option to ‘turn on recurring billing’ every time you add a code, but that isn’t too difficult. It automatically updates the subscription period for all users next time they sign in.

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  5. Samuel Lindsay

    Would not active. Would not add to existing subscription.
    Microsoft being stupid about it.
    Sent back.

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  6. htspider

    I purchased this to renew my subscription from Office 365 Home to the Renamed Office 365 Family. This is the third renewal I have made using a purchased product code, and whilst the codes are genuine and eventually renew for the full year, my success rate in doing it first time has varied. The first time I did this 2 years ago, the code was accepted but the subscription did not renew. I had to contact Microsoft Uk, who blamed my browser for the glitch, saying I should have used Microsoft Edge to go through the renewal process. Eventually it worked OK. The second time I did this was last year, using Microsoft Edge and everything worked OK, the code was accepted and my renewal for the year was a success. This most recent renewal did not work first time, the product code being accepted and my account subscription renewing OK and showing the correct expiry date in 2021. However my apps, Excel and Word did not seem to know that I had renewed and kept warning me that they were about to expire. I discovered that by reluctantly turning on automatic renewal, this seemed to clear the problem and the warnings disappeared. I then had the problem of not being able to turn off automatic renewal so had to contact Microsoft yet AGAIN to resolve that issue. Summarising, the product is fine but Microsoft seem to like to make life difficult for people having the audacity not to buy the renewal on line from them.

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  7. Rhys

    I bought this like many others when it was at a discounted price, when I got it I attempted to renew only to be met with a notification that I cannot add it to my account due to not being in the region and that I should activate it in the region that I purchased it.

    To get around it you need to wait until you have gone outside of your subscription period and then use a VPN to the UK. It is a terrible solution as I suspect you will have the same issue at the end of the next period of time however it is the only one that will work without going through a refund process and needing to for a short period of time pay twice for the product.

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  8. Terry Rankine

    Bought this as a 12 month extension to my existing Microsoft subscription. Struggled to find the correct webpage to accept the product key to activate it. When I did eventually enter the product key it came up with an expiry date in Jan 2021 – just 2 1/2 months away!! What a wast of time and effort. Spoke to Microsoft who couldn’t help me as it was purchased from a 3rd party – Amazon. Spoke to Amazon and could only get a refund so I sent it back.
    Interestingly I asked about a replacement with new key valid for 12 months and was told they could not guarantee this!! DO NOT BUY

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  9. Keanu

    Sorry, we can’t redeem this product key to your account

    Was your product key purchased in a different country or region than where you’re currently located? You can only use this product key in the country or region where it was purchased.

    If you purchased your key in the same country or region where you’re located, you may need to enter it on a different site. Select your product below:

    Office 2011 or older
    Microsoft 365 Business Standard or other business products
    Other Microsoft products

    If you still can’t get your product, your account may not be eligible to redeem this product key.
    If you need more help, please contact support.

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  10. Frank from Wakefield

    I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of the Microsoft Office suite, but I expect there’s a fair number of people who might object to the idea of a subscription model. So let me balance this out: You’re actually getting a lot for your money. Not only do you get a full Office suite which is continually updated and can be used by up to six people at the same time, but you’re also getting 60 free Skype minutes a month and 1TB of OneDrive storage space. At the normal price, it’s a fairly good deal, but if you can bag this for less than £50 for a year, it’s a bit of a steal just for the storage space alone.

    To put it into some context for those who prefer the “one price forever” model, the same suite would cost you around £100 for one user, so to license for six users would cost £600. Even at the stock price of £79.99 a year, you can have the subscription for seven years and still be saving money and that’s before you factor in the cost of OneDrive or Skype minutes. And on top of that you’ll still have a new version of Office to use, instead of one that would have been superceded at least twice and is probably running on empty for support or updates.

    Granted, it doesn’t stack up quite so well for a single user license, but if you’ve got a few people in the family who use it, it’s well worth going for this over a one-off license.

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  11. James R

    I waited ‘til my subscription expired, VPNed to the UK and activated. Worth the 30% saving (22% if you include the bonus month for recurring sub)? For me, yes.

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  12. martin c

    It does the full microsoft thing, so that’s good, but what a pain to get into more than one device account! About 6 hours later I’ve actually given up jumping though the hoops needed to put this on my home laptop (as well as the wife’s) and I’ll drag my work laptop around every day instead. Probably great if you are an IT consultant (‘m not). I won’t be renewing it, I’ll tell you that, because life is too short to work out how to enable something so counter-intuitive. I don’t even care if that’s not a word, but I think it is. I’d run it through the spell-checker in MS word to check, if I could get it working…

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  13. MarkRaust

    Your Microsoft account must have a registered location in the UK in order to activate the licence.
    Amazon are still continuing to ship this product outside of the UK where it will not work.
    Worse still it was recently the subject of a targeted promotion to people outside of the UK.
    I have alerted Amazon but as yet they have not corrected this.

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    Microsoft 365 Family | Office 365 apps | up to 6 users | 1 year subscription | Multiple PCs/Macs, Tablets and Phones | multilingual | Box | UK Version
    Microsoft 365 Family | Office 365 apps | up to 6 users | 1 year subscription | Multiple PCs/Macs, Tablets and Phones | multilingual | Box | UK Version
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