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Mifo O5 Gen 2 True Wireless Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case Bluetooth 5.2 Sport Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling IPX7 Waterproof Wireless…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:41 pm
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  • 150 hours of playback – Free enjoyment is maximized up to 10 hours per full charge and 150 hours in total with strong charging heart,without annoyance caused by low power.Outside working,exercising,travelling all along.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 – O5 Gen 2 adopts new generation of Qualcomm QCC 3040 Bluetooth chip to perform the Bluetooth 5.2 features of lower power consuming,higher transmission rate,more stable signal reception.Compatible with SBC,AAC,apt-X,apt-X HD Audio.
  • Clear call – Benefited by 2 built-in microphones on both buds loaded with Qualcomm chips, O5 2nd Gen can do reduce ambient sound but enhance communication effect,keeping phone calls clear constantly.
  • Dynamic Bass – Full frequency range speaker units in Mifo O5 II,which features flat frequency response,against inaudible noise and distortion.Ultra light but strong analytical and high articulation.
  • IPX7 waterproof – Protect the internal components from water,rain and sweat,against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m for 30 minutes.Ideal for cycling,jogging,travelling,hiking,water sports,etc.

Specification: Mifo O5 Gen 2 True Wireless Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case Bluetooth 5.2 Sport Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling IPX7 Waterproof Wireless…




Part Number


Special Features

‎noise-cancellation, wireless

Mounting Hardware

‎Charging Case

Microphone format


Headphones form factor

‎In Ear


‎5 Volts

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Cable feature

‎Without Cable

Connector Type


Material Type

‎Plastic, Aluminium

Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎10.5 x 10.5 x 1.8 cm, 200 Grams

Item Weight

‎200 g



Manufacturer reference



‎2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

‎26 November 2021

13 reviews for Mifo O5 Gen 2 True Wireless Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case Bluetooth 5.2 Sport Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling IPX7 Waterproof Wireless…

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  1. Zdenka

    I didn’t really need a new pair of earphones but treated myself to MIFO O5 as a graduation present. Unfortunately, I wish I picked a different product. I find this pair of earphones very disappointing, especially considering the great reviews.

    Packaging 4/5
    Nice looking box, neatly packed content. The size of the box could easily be halved to save on resources and to reduce the space needed for storage.

    Design 5/5
    These look pretty neat in ear as the teardrop shape mimics the shape of the ear.

    Sound 3/5
    Mids and highs are very good but lack of truly deep bass spoils it. The deep thundering bass was promised but not delivered. My trusted old pair of Creative Outlier ONE I got for £20 is far superior and so is my wired pair of Sony MDR-XB50AP. In comparison the bass on MIFO O5 is flat and boring. Doesn’t pack a punch at all. I thought that maybe I was biased so connected the MIFO to the phone and Outlier to my tablet for comparison. MIFO sounded boring. So I swapped them out in case the device impacted the test. Same result. Changing ear tips didn’t help.
    Maybe if there was an equalizer app available with the earphones it could make it a bit better.
    Passive noise cancellation is good. You can barely hear anything around you.

    Staying in ear 5/5
    These feel like they’re practically glued in. They feel very secure in the ear. You can lift weights, run, jump, skip rope, they won’t budge.

    Comfort 1/5
    They are very light but get very uncomfortable after prolonged wearing. I used them for work Teams calls for a couple hours and my ears were on fire. The constant pressure on my Antitragus/ Antihelix (part of ear where the earphones secure against the earlobe and not the tip part you insert them in the ear) made the area red and sore for some time even after taking the earphones out. You can even see the redness in the photo taken after 60 minutes of use (indicated by blue arrows). You don’t really notice the pressure as it slowly builds up, but when you do notice, it’s too late. I think 60 minutes is the maximum length they can be worn for without pain.

    Controls 1/5
    As people mentioned before, the buttons are impossible to press whilst you’re wearing them without pushing them into your ear and rupturing your eardrum. If you actually want to press a button you have to take the earphone out. The earphones can be used separately but the button functionality is not there. You can only turn the volume up and skip to next song on one earphone and turn the volume down and go to previous song on the other.

    Syncing 2/5
    Bluetooth connectivity is good. There is a slight delay between taking the earphones out of the case and them connecting to a device but that’s not a big deal.
    My problem is I’ve spent hours trying to get them to sync together after only using one for a while. They were just taking turns connecting one at a time regardless of them being both out of the case and reset process being followed. I got very frustrated because I realised that they wouldn’t sync once I arrived at the gym so had to pull out my trusted Outlier pair to save the day. Eventually, I managed to get them to sync but the frustration lingers.
    There is no way to disconnect them from one paired device and connect to another without going to the device and turning the Bluetooth off or forgetting the earphones. So I found myself walking out of the house to loose my laptop connection and connect to my phone in order to avoid climbing up a flight of stairs, logging into the laptop and searching for the right setting to disable Bluetooth.

    Case 3/5
    The case is stylish and robust but it is very heavy. Not something you want to carry in your pocket all day when you don’t need a powerbank. Earphones magnetically click in for charging and stay secured inside the case properly. The case delivers a very long playtime and an opportunity to be used as a powerbank. If you want to use it as a powerbank you need to carry another small USB C to UCB adapter. It would have been useful for this to come with a small pouch which could hold the adapter and the charging cable. Think I’d lose the adapter on day 1 if I didn’t keep it in a box at home. There is no power indicator on the case either so no idea when it needs charging, especially if used as a power bank as well. Maybe there should be a version with a lighter case and shorter battery life to make it easier to carry around and more compact.

    Warranty 4/5
    1 year warranty is provided. Their website says that you need to register the warranty by filling in a form on the website when purchasing products from Registered retailers (Amazon). I tried to do that and was told by the customer support team that the warranty registration is automatic. So the lower rating is for the trouble I unnecessarily had to go through. Also some other brands offer 2 year warranty which is obviously better.

    Overall rating 2/5
    They are not completely terrible. If they didn’t hurt my ears and bass was better I would maybe even be willing to put up with all the other issues. I want to return them as they don’t deliver what I need from a pair of earphones.
    However, these would be great for people who need their earphones to stay in place for their daily runs and don’t care for truly deep bass. They are not very good for prolonged wear but they might work for you if you want to run a marathon as you’re probably already used to full body pain so adding earlobes to the list of sore body parts won’t make much difference.

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  2. Zdenka

    Well first off these wireless earbuds are working awesomely!! The sound out of them is very good! The noise cancelling is excellent too!! Really can’t fault these so far? Call sound out of them is excellent too? Once I get used to them and figure out which buttons do what then am sorted, but right now they are excellent, if anything changes will update, we’ll worth the money love them well recommended just buy them. You will be glad you did.

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    Yes, they come in a neat case. They look quite nice too, until you realise those two 1.5mm diameter spots on them are actually buttons – and unless there’s a magnifier handy there’s no chance of figuring out the symbols printed on them. It’s not as though their smallness makes them more attractive; they could easily be 2 or 3 times the size and still look fine. Plus, unless you’re a baby, your fingers will be too big to hook them out of the case easily – this is a prime example of style over function.

    Then there was the pairing. After the first attempt with my phone (Samsung A5), when they worked, they refused to do so again. Maybe better instructions would have helped – who knows? – but I don’t have unlimited time, nor the inclination, to try to guess what needs to be done. Customer Services didn’t have any more luck than me, so I think that tells its own story.

    Fortunately Amazon’s return process is brilliant, so back they go.

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  4. Sam Taylor

    The pairing took some getting used to, but this product is fantastic. At first I thought I was going to have to re-pair it with everything every time, I eventually worked out I was doing it wrong. You have to make sure both earbuds are in pair mode, and they pair fully with the item. Then you have to make sure they disengage with one item to work with the next. If they’re already working with your mobile, they can’t also simultaneously have full functionality with your laptop for example. That’s not the earbuds fault, they’re smart devices, they’re actually a step on from the laptop, or they are from mine anyway. If it doesn’t work, you did it wrong. Once I worked it out, it was pair once with each device then make sure I used them right and off I went, but the first week was a learning curve with little online help I’ll say that much. Apparently mifo customer service is good (I didnt think to use it), so if you’re stuck I suggest asking for help!

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  5. Ryk

    I received the Mifo O5 Gen 2 True Wireless Earbuds late 2022. Was easy to pair and set up and very impressed by the sound quality and the passive noise cancellation.

    I regularly run with them and do not have any issues with them shifting or falling out, even though they are a solid build (read here a quality metal feel and weight)

    I had an issue in March 2023 where the right earbud lost sound, I send the Mifo team a message and within 24 hours had a new pair dispatched with absolute minimal back and forth.

    I will definitely recommend the product and the company – Thank you Mifo!

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  6. Danni Taylor

    After much research I decided on these over AirPods. They were shipped very quickly, arrived safely and I am thrilled with them

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  7. Abdel M Ahmed

    I was happy with everything. Except the mic. Its a disaster. Nobody could hear me. I heard the mic and it sounded like the person speaking, was in a different room. So disappointing. Gave them to my son and bought a sony earbuds instead.

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  8. Bizza

    The MIFO headphones are right up there and better than the more well known brands. The charging and battery life are excellent. They stay securely in your ears and the sound quality and volume range is incredible.

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  9. Logan Hearn

    These headphones do not move, once I found the best size earpiece they go in and don’t come out, they also seem quite comfortable (longest time I’ve worn them is about an hour and a half). Sound quality is good, they aren’t amazing, but for their use (sports headphones) they are probably the best I’ve owned.

    Annoyances, they are minor; however, the touch control, whilst working as advertised, is really sensitive and the slightest you can activates it. My biggest personal annoyance is that the headphones don’t seem compatible with Garmin Fenix so it’s back to carrying my phone on a run.

    Value for money though is excellent and I’m not disappointed.

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  10. Mr. Richard T. H. David

    I’m currently in the process of returing these earbuds, and I am so sad to see them go.

    The look cool and sound great for the money, but sadly they have pairing issues that drove me nuts.

    In the beginning, the left and right ear bud pair up easily with each other a phone. Happy days.

    Next day left cannot pair with right and so a long session of troubleshooting ensues. Eventually they pair. Happy days.

    Next day same again. Oh deep joy!. What a pain. When all you need is to turn them on and go, you can’t. You have to fiddle about and troubleshoot for 5-10 minutes.

    Next day something new. The earbuds actually paired out of the box but oh no – the phone can’t see them!
    My work phone can’t see them either. So another 5-10 minutes of troubleshooting and voila! The phone can only see the right earbud! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Packed them away and left them in their box unused.

    Next day the phone can see them again hurray! Oh left can’t see right again. 5-10 minutes of fiddling and yes, we’re back in the game and listenning to sweetr music.

    Next day – oh FFS!

    Sorry MIFO, but your earbuds are MOFOs. I can’t take the stress anymore. Let’s just have the full refund and we’ll say no more.

    Please, please, please fix your god awful pairing issues. Thanks.

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  11. Anon

    At the price offered these are decent headphones worth the money you pay for.
    Long battery life and good connectivity.
    Not particularly comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
    Biggest complaint is lack noise cancelling which I think was meant to be included in these earbuds.
    Overall good but not great, would definitely spend a little more next time to get better quality.

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  12. Muthukumar Mohan

    After a thorough research on many brands and models, I decided to buy Mifo, and I do not regret it. Battery life is the best in the market, I does hold a little over 150 hours of battery life (Single charge+charging case together). The call connection and quality is mostly great, but listening to music is fantastic! I definitely recommend

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  13. Luca Labrie

    As expected, had the previous version, so I knew what to expect. Stay well in ear and good sound quality and noise cancellation.

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    Mifo O5 Gen 2 True Wireless Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case Bluetooth 5.2 Sport Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling IPX7 Waterproof Wireless…
    Mifo O5 Gen 2 True Wireless Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case Bluetooth 5.2 Sport Wireless Headphones Noise Cancelling IPX7 Waterproof Wireless…


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