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MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones 3D Bluetooth 5.2 Headband Wireless Sleep Mask, Sleeping Headphones Music Eye Mask Earbuds for Side Sleepers, Air Travel,…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:39 pm


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  • 【♪ Bluetooth Sleep Headphones with HD Stereo Sound】 MUSICOZY 3D Sleep Headphones use Bluetooth technology to bring high-fidelity stereo with excellent sound quality. The extraordinary clarity provides you with a feast of excellent and comfortable sound. They can block ambient noise without the use of painful and falling sleep earplugs. You can listen to soft music without wearing additional headphones, so that you fall asleep faster without the risk of enlacing with the neck.
  • 【👍 Unique 3D Contour Design, NO Pressure on Your Eyes】 Designed based on ergonomics, Bluetooth sleep headphones have wider and deeper eye space than traditional eye masks, which will not cause your eyeballs and face are under pressure and will not rub the eyelids. Moreover, premium soft memory foam and smooth ice silk lining can relieve facial pressure and help you fall asleep quickly.
  • 【👀 Perfectly Block the Light, Feels Like at Night】 The unique nose baffle design can block all light and fit your nose in a better way, making you completely in the dark and making you feel sleepy. Ideal for men, women and children. Used for napping, insomnia, travel, shift work, yoga, relaxation, AMSR, audiobooks, meditation, etc., suitable for home, office, car rest or blocking the light of electronic devices . Comes with a carrying case for easy carrying and storage.
  • 【🎧 2 Hours Quick Charge, 10 Hours Continuous Playing】 Built-in upgraded and powerful battery and microphone. MUSICOZY Bluetooth Sleeping Mask only needs to be charged for 2~2.5 hours, and the talk time/music playback time can reach 10~12 hours, which is enough to support the whole night. If you fall asleep with it on and the battery runs out, then this Bluetooth sleep mask will not beep to wake you up. You will have a very good sleep.
  • 【🎁 2023 Great Gift Choice】 Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones are the coolest choice for people as cool tech gadgets, unique gifts for men, women, teenagers, boys, girls, boyfriend, best friend, wife, husband, teachers, travelers, as a birthday and Christmas gifts. The package includes a Bluetooth Sleep Mask, USB Charging Cable, Instructions, and Carry Pouch.

Specification: MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones 3D Bluetooth 5.2 Headband Wireless Sleep Mask, Sleeping Headphones Music Eye Mask Earbuds for Side Sleepers, Air Travel,…






Part Number


Special Features


Mounting Hardware

‎1 * Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Headphones form factor

‎On Ear

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Connector Type


Maximum Operating Distance

‎25 Meters

Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎20 x 10 x 1 cm, 105 Grams

Item Weight

‎105 g

CountryRegion of origin


Item Model Number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

‎30 May 2021

13 reviews for MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones 3D Bluetooth 5.2 Headband Wireless Sleep Mask, Sleeping Headphones Music Eye Mask Earbuds for Side Sleepers, Air Travel,…

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  1. Kitten

    After using the cheapest basic band style for years I decided to see what spending a bit more provides. I have been using these for nearly 6 months after using the band type for about 3 years
    My most favourite Pro is the battery life!!! all night baby!! instead of those others that last about an hour or a bit more if the volume is low, I have had a day time sleep then worn them all night and still not run them out of charge.
    They are much more comfortable in general.
    The speakers are smaller so when you sleep on your side you dont get so much of a sore ear if you fall asleep in the wrong position, I have had a feeling like my ear being cut into if i accidently sleep on the edge of a speaker.
    The material feels much more softer.
    They are also more comfortable FITTING on your face, the edges of the mask dont have a tendency to slip into the wrong place like your eye a bit tightly and putting pressure on your eyeball.
    They cover your eyes much better so virtually no light can get in
    I do find they can make me feel a bit suffocatey if its wrong over my nose thats no big deal just move it.
    I also have woken up a few times with a sweaty face and forehead and I have yet to wear them in summer so I think they may be hot
    The velcro gets stuck in my hair
    They dont seem to have the same sound quality it could be just extra padding there feels like in these …they are enough for sleep though

    Overall they are definately good for noise and light cancelling if I put pouring rain on i cant hear or see anything just imagine im in the rain..>ZZZZZZ

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  2. Teleah Hort

    Pretty good but not ideal for side sleepers

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  3. SometimesIBuyThings

    Okay so I was looking for a mask with headphones for nightly use. The reviews seemed great so I thought I would try them.

    Here’s the deal, and the results weeks after I bought them.

    Sound quality is good, I was amazed by it.
    The mask itself is soft.
    Buttons are easy to use.
    Ability to move speakers to where you need them inside the mask.

    After night two I felt like my head was bruised where the front panel is.

    Painful where that part is as well and often has the imprint of it on my head as well.

    Too big! Even with the adjustable straps, not for small women.

    After a few nights, began to get earache. And it was clear that the fabric covering the speakers was weakening as now I feel the speakers constantly.

    I won’t use again. The control panel at the front needs to be closer to the front so there is more padding against you.

    It’s a shame as I was sleeping better with it but the bruise on my head, constantly having to find a way to ensure it was small enough isn’t worth it.

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  4. Matthew

    Work well but get a bit heavy and pretty warm.

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  5. The Wains

    I bought this for my wife to help with my hit and miss snoring if I have a cold etc.

    The headset isn’t noise cancelling at all.
    It doesn’t adjust for different size heads, there is a strap you can tighten but then the speakers aren’t on her ears, so she is having to try and adjust it so the speakers are on her ears but also is tight enough.

    We are going to give it a couple more nights and we might be sending it back for a refund because it doesn’t do what it says.

    Other than that it’s a really nice product, it’s super soft. Easy to set up and connect to the phone and it the sound quality is pretty decent too.

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  6. Torin Wolfskers

    As a nightshift worker staying in a shared backpackers, this made all the difference. To have white noise and no light I was able to sleep through almost anything.
    Only issue is the speakers can shift but that’s also good to get them in a comfortable position.
    Additionally the voice assistant tells you when there’s an incoming call and states the number.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    So it’s obvious that some of these reviews aren’t honest, but you can get a pretty decent gauge by reading 5 star and 1 star.

    It’s pretty bulky. You have some light leak, but in a bright room you can adjust for minimal leak. The sound quality is good. The speakers are thin so it’s not terrible for a side sleeper. I have a very firm pillow but I suspect it would be more comfortable if I had a fluffy pillow. There is zero noise cancelling, none. Zip. Zilch. Nada. If you’re listening to music, it’s fine. If you’re listening to guided meditation or an audio book and your deaf AF husband has the TV on 500, you can hear Hank Hill in all his Texan glory.

    So, it’s not horrible. It’s not great but it’s better than trying to fall asleep with earbuds in when you’re a side sleeper.

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  8. ReviewLovers

    I had this product, but after a 8months the earphones only stayed charged for a couple of hours. Amazon were great refunded and i bought this pair as a replacement. The difference between this pair and my last was this pair has no cut out for my eyes it rests directly on my eyes the other pair didn’t. The other feature is the ear speakers in the new ones are fixed, the others floated more, these I struggle with as tye are a bit too far apart they are not over my ears. I will keep up to date on how long the speaker lasts on this set. One last feature the charger on this is on a better place no wire hanging down like the last pair.

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  9. David

    Is a good product for the price. Expect the charging cable or the cable you plug the charging cable to fail within max 3 months. By that stage, I usually find the elastic and material has stretched to the point where it is just easier to replace.

    One issue I wish they would fix, is as shipped out of the box, wearing this overnight leaves a purple dye around where it contacts your face. I hope this dye is non-toxic, have not had any major allergic skin reactions yet.

    Overall, is good for masking minor environmental noise at hotels or at home. But you need a very loud white noise sounds for this when some peapole can only handle silence to sleep.

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  10. Badinfluence_04

    This is something that I was looking for to sleep and listen to relaxing music for a better sleep and just the product.

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  11. Satrinab

    I like these. The speakers are surprisingly good quality for the size and price. Because of the speakers needing to be directly over the ears, the strap has to sit low at the back. It rarely comes off. They are quite comfortable around the eyes and nose but I think this could be improved. The padding around the edge means it doesn’t press the eyes which is good but the padding is really hot and can make my face sweaty during the night. The strap worn low is great for the speakers but makes it hard to adjust over the nose at times. Also, to ensure even sound in both ears you’ll need to sleep on your back until the music turns off. After that sleeping in the side is comfortable as the speakers are very flat and kind of fit within the outer ear if placed correctly. I would recommend this product overall but there is room to create cooler padding and maybe a second strap that can be worn higher (like swim goggles) to keep the face part in a comfortable place.

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  12. The Wains

    Great softness.Band way too large for an average woman’s head ( as it gets loose after a week or so, and is not adjustable).Thats my fourth of the type and they all have either an issue with the plug ( inside the headband, as it gets deformed and cannot be recharged) or the battery just die.

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  13. Badinfluence_04

    I purchased this after a shoulder operation to listen to relaxing music before bed while I was on Endone

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    MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones 3D Bluetooth 5.2 Headband Wireless Sleep Mask, Sleeping Headphones Music Eye Mask Earbuds for Side Sleepers, Air Travel,…
    MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones 3D Bluetooth 5.2 Headband Wireless Sleep Mask, Sleeping Headphones Music Eye Mask Earbuds for Side Sleepers, Air Travel,…


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