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REDTIGER F7N Dash Cam 4K with WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.18″ Display Dashcam,170° Wide Angle Dashboard…


Last updated on May 29, 2023 11:57 am


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  • Dual Dashcams,Dual Reassurance on Road-F7N dashcam features front and rear DUAL cameras, with each capturing views at 170° and 140° ultra wide angle respectively. Recording all while driving on the road, no details will be missing in the playbackcamera that captures super clear view.Help you read most details from street signs, license plate etc.wide-angle dual camera capture all pedestrians and vehicles around the car, providing sufficient evidence for rear-end collisions or collisions etc.
  • 4K Front Camera, Super Pleasing View-With the ultra HD resolution up to 4K, the front camera is able to privide you a ultra clear image, making video review a big pleasure. The rear cam has the resolution at 1080P-Full HD, enjoy the clarity to the fullest
  • Superior Night Vision, Enhance Night Security-Night driving can be tricky. This F7N dashcam incorporates a f/1.5 larger aperture, advanced WDR&HDR tech and Starvis sensor, which make it easy to handle any difficult lighting conditions, especially when driving in dark night. See clear truly guarantees the fundamental security
  • With Wifi&GPS, Drive in The Know-These two features always keep you updated. After wifi connecting, just use your smartphone to do the trick: easily view, download or share videos. And with the GPS function, get your driving route, speed, location and other metrics very well in hand
  • 24H Parking Monitor, No Worry at All Times-Parking your car wherever under monitor. Loop recording provides constant surveillance while collision recording with a built-in G sensor can accuratly record some emergency and lock them up. Everything is clarified in the footages
  • Removable Dashcam, Quick Installation-Slip into the bracket to get your F7N ready to hit the road. Press the button to view all options clearly on it’s 3.18″ screen. The Redtiger supports a one year unconditional warranty and replacement, some 7/24 after-sale service is always there for help

Specification: REDTIGER F7N Dash Cam 4K with WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.18″ Display Dashcam,170° Wide Angle Dashboard…






Product dimensions

‎19.81 x 7.87 x 17.27 cm, 610 Grams

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Special Features

‎Loop Recording, G-Sensor, Night Vision, Built-In Display, Built-In GPS

Item Weight

‎610 g

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13 reviews for REDTIGER F7N Dash Cam 4K with WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.18″ Display Dashcam,170° Wide Angle Dashboard…

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  1. Kim L

    Very happy with it overall, have had it installed for a few months now.

    Sticker on the windshield didn’t love Qld summer parked outside in full sun everyday, but still lasted from Nov – March before falling off. Customer service sent me a new one express and it came 2 days later which was excessive in a nice way.

    Installing the rear camera was the only hard bit, but probably easier if you can install it inside rather than outside like I did.

    And the camera can’t read licence plates at night so make sure you have audio on so you can read the plate outloud and have it on record.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Executive summary: good cam; small with clear images; neat windshield install solution; top-drawer customer service; ok 3rd party free Android app. A keeper.

    If you want a 23-minute in-depth review, and I mean in depth, search on YouTube for Jabber Tech, “RedTiger WiFi GPS Dash Camera…” This video has long sequences of drive video — day, dusk, night. Jabber’s drive videos match my experience around clarity, automatic light compensation, and audio.

    RedTiger supplies 2 pieces of what they call electrostatic film that goes between your windshield and the 3M super-sticky adhesive on the GPS module. (You just slide the camera off the GPS module during installation.) The film has moderate but very effective adhesive on the windshield side. Repositioning the camera without the film would result in destruction of the 3M sticky. Repositioning with the film involved simply peeling the film off the windshield and re-sticking.

    I’m now on my 3rd reposition.

    Position 1 gave me a viewpoint that contained a whole lot of the rear view mirror mount on the left of the image. This cam is REALLY wide angle. Moved it an inch or so to the right, thanks to the film, and no more mirror mount close-ups.

    Then I discovered that the dotted top-of-windshield shading on my 2003 Toyota Avalon’s windshield seriously blocked acquisition of GPS satellites. My theory is that the dots are metallic frit burned onto the glass rather than plain old silkscreen ink, and the metal content is absorbing/blocking the GPS signals.

    Position 3 now puts the GPS module on clear glass about 1/32″ inch below the dotted shading. GPS signal acquisition is now as fast as it’s going to be (takes some time) and once locked in, it stays locked in for the duration of the trip.

    My experience is that, after car start, it’s about 3 minutes of driving or about 2 miles before the GPS location and ground speed kicks in.

    WIth a camera this small, there’s no real estate for tons of buttons. This means that every button has multiple functions that depend on what you’re doing at the moment. The manual, which is very good, is about as clear as you can get around this, but you should expect a bit of a learning curve.

    The only way out is through — spending time working out how to alter settings, take a snapshot, manually turn off the camera, find the configuration of the many options, and so on. Alternatively you can just go with the factory defaults: video begins recording when power reaches the camera, drive segment files are 1 minute long (there is no lag between each successive MP4 1-min. file), resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second.

    Customer service:
    Via email. It is top-drawer support whose access point in the US is in Colorado.

    I found RedTiger’s service VERY responsive and got replies in 12 hours. In my case, the manual was a tad ambiguous around repositioning, whether you pulled the GPS sticky off the film or the film off the windshield (it’s the latter). Rose immediately sent me new 3M stickies and electrostatic films free, so I’ll be able to reposition this cam till the cows come home.

    SD Card
    The manual recommends at least a Samsung 64 GB micro SD Class 10 U3 card. I’m finding that a (cheaper) Best Buy Samsung 128 GB Class 10 U1 card is working just fine. The manual cautions you not to turn to eBay or Amazon for the micro SD to avoid getting stuck with poor-performing fakes.

    The Android App
    To connect, I found I had to get away from any WiFi that I already had saved. In may case, this was a distant corner on an out-of-the-way strip mall parking lot. It’s cool to see what the camera’s seeing and to do rudimentary file diving.

    But transmission is too slow for downloading files from the F7N to the Android. For that, you’re going to want to pop the micro SD card out and use a card reader, either OTC for the phone or USB for computers. Don’t drop the card in your car because there are dozens of nooks and crannies for it to hide itself. It never falls in plain sight. As me how I know….

    I think it’s a really good camera at what has become a low-middle range of price. I spent a long time watching those YouTube car crash / idiot driver videos, looking at the time stamps at the bottom of the images, figuring out which brands had the best images. Then, because I’m cheap, I cross-ruffed against price — the high-end cams are about as good as this RedTiger F7N… for 2.5-3x the RedTiger price.

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  3. KB

    I’ve had this for about 2 weeks and overall it works great. The picture quality is terrific. Camera is pretty small compared to others I looked at, but does the job.

    Easy to install after you pick the location. Just peel and stick. Seems to hold very well so far. Just be sure the spot works for you. You only get one chance to stick it. Not sure what happens to the adhesive if I unstick and move it. Haven’t tried that yet.

    Problem was the wiring to the rear camera was just a bit too short. tried several options along the bottom of the car but could not get it to reach. Looking into a possible extension wire, as there is a connector that would lead itself to a possible addition. Haven’t researched that yet. Maybe another 4 feet?

    Another issue is the hard wire kit I bought after I got this Dashcam. It has two fuses integrated into the connectors. Unfortunately my vehicle used a much smaller fuse. No way to swap the fuse or any solution if/(when?) a fuse blows. Have since seen several hardwire kits that contain fuse options including replaceable fuses and multiple sizes. Might want to consider that instead of the dedicated one that pairs with this cam.
    So, since I have not yet remedied this issue, I cannot comment on the effectiveness of the 24hr parking monitoring function. Have not done any night driving lately either, so cannot comment on the night vision yet. Perhaps an update in a few weeks.

    Other comments – using it mainly in back and forth commuting to/from work so far. Commute is about 40 minutes each way. Card is generating approximately 12 GB of files per day. I got a 256GB card that seems to work well. No compatibility issues. This means I can go quite a while before old data is overwritten. I’ll have to see what kind of results I get when I do a weekend road trip.

    Settings are pretty straightforward for setup. Go through all the setup options before you mount the camera in the car. Much easier to get a feel of how the controls work if it’s not mounted.

    I’ve used the phone app and it is adequate, bit not overly impressive. It does what it needs to do, but is not flashy. Basic functionality to allow you to download and view videos from your phone. It takes a bit of time to download wirelessly, so I just pop the card out and load it directly to my home computer. Works well.

    There is a software program that is recommended to use and it works nicely. can also line up the video with an onscreen map to see where you want on the map. nice touch there.

    Note: I reached out to the vendor via email, and they responded in less that 3 hours on how I can remedy the short rear cam wire, and how to get the new and improved Hardwire kit. Very impressive response time. Five stars for effort. Will update once we work out the details.

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  4. T H

    This is the best Dash cam I’ve owned. The parking monitoring works great. You will need the Redtiger hardwire kit that is made for this specific model for 24 hour monitor parking to work. I had my camera professionally installed. Had a problem with my camera, but customer service was excellent. They replaced it free no charge for anything.I’ve been using Dash cams for the last 12 years, and I will stick to Redtiger brand cams for now on, the features for the price is really good, and images are clear. Would recommend

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  5. omar golden

    I’ve wanted a dashcam for my 2015 Chrysler Town & Country for the longest time. I did a ton of research before buying and delayed purchasing for quite some time. While I’m sure some of the competitor models are good, I finally decided on the REDTIGER 4K front/rear dashcam. I liked this one for the features and the great feedback I saw. REDTIGER dashcam shows very clear images, has Bluetooth and GPS capability, and a parking mode if hardwired (I didn’t do that part yet, but I’m about to). Installation is on the right side of the rear view mirror and that actually is good since you don’t want to be gawking at the camera and not at the road. I just connected it to my iPhone today using the UCAM app and it worked flawlessly. Great field of view, clarity, and smoothness. If I wanted to take a photo or save the video, it was just a press of a button on the phone. I was very impressed.

    Installation was ridiculously simple and that part startled me because I am not usually adept at this type of thing. Except for the 2-3 inches of wires by camera, the wiring is totally invisible. I do recommend going on YouTube and watching how to install the rear camera on a hatchback to get the wiring in the correct location.

    Customer service was exceptional!! I had purchased the dashcam for $149.99 along with a hardwire kit to use the cam in parking mode that was paired with the cam for another $18.99. The dash cam comes with a 32GB mini-card, but I upgraded to a 256GB mini-card. Well, the paired hardwiring kit had the wrong plug so it had to go back. While looking on Amazon, I saw a new deal for the exact same REDTIGER 4K dashcam for $118.99. I asked Amazon for a credit, but they said I had to return the unit and reorder. So I reordered the dashcam, but I decided to wait on the wiring. The new unit came in the next day, but it did not have the 32GB mini card. I received an email from Ms. Shelly, REDTIGER representative, who was concerned that I had a poor experience. I explained that wasn’t true; I simply couldn’t get a credit from Amazon. I told her the hardwiring kit wasn’t correct and the mini-card was missing on the new unit. Ms. Shelly from REDTIGER immediately apologized profusely and said the company would make it right. She was professional, patient, and knowledgeable – very customer service-friendly. I asked about an extention cable to the rear of the van and the cost because I wasn’t sure the supplied rear camera cable would be long enough (I hadn’t installed it yet). But REDTIGER company promptly sent me one free of charge! As it turns out, the original cable was just long enough, but if I decide to reconfigure the cable location, this extension will come in handy. Oh, and they also gave me a new hardwiring kit free, AND gave me a credit for the missing 32GB mini-card, even though I said it was ok because I had purchased the 256GB card. I offered to pay for the wires up front, but they wouldn’t hear of it. The point is that REDTIGER, through Ms. Shelly, provided OUTSTANDING and PROMPT customer service. They didn’t have to reach out, but they did. They didn’t have to be concerned, but they were. They didn’t have to provide the accessories for free, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They went out of their way to make it right, and they weren’t even the ones at fault!! And Shelly is simply the BEST!! She demonstrated the company really cares.

    I cannot speak to the folks who didn’t enjoy this dashcam, and here’s hoping it works for a long time (it’s not even close to hot outside yet). But I am absolutely thrilled with both the cam and the company. I highly recommend this brand and trust me, it usually takes a lot for this old Air Force retiree to recommend anything – this was my experience. Sure glad I bought this REDTIGER dash cam.

    ADDENDUM: After about 6 weeks, I did experience an issue with the camera not synching with my new phone. I contacted REDTIGER and Ms. Shelly was genuinely concerned and immediately sent me a new unit. This new dash cam works perfectly and I am grateful for the absolutely OUTSTANDING customer service AFTER the sale. This is the customer service one would expect from all sellers, but we all know that doesn’t always happen. I mean, how many times have you read where customers got stiffed because it was after the return window? I can testify that mine was after the return window, too – But REDTIGER stands by their product and made it right without any hassles. They just took care of the problem. My new unit arrived exactly 24 hours after the conversation with Shelly. I stand by my earlier comments that I am so glad I bought the REDTIGER dash cam. This one is working just fine.

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  6. Frank Thomson

    It was easy to install and inserting a SD card and it recorded by default. The wire was plenty long enough to position the rear camera at the back of my SUV. Picture quality is good. Power in is via a USB-C connection. Records sound. Has a GPS and records speed on the screen. The only negative is that there were reflections on the inside of the windows. I put some polarizing film over the lenses and that improved things. I would suggest mounting as close to the glass as possible so as to minimize the reflections. I wonder whether any dash cams have polarized lenses. Finally – Would I buy this again – The answer is yes I would. Picture quality excellent and easy installation.

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  7. Frank Thomson

    thank you Crystal for her aftersales support. the cam interface is easy to work with. however parking monitor doesn’t work without hardwiring it. not a disappointment because I was well aware of it before purchase. works well with SanDisk high endurance cards. probably a better build quality compared to counterparts similarly priced.

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  8. Emily

    Only had it installed for a week or so but it is working great so far and was a great price! Customer service is great and responsive – they provided the hardwiring kit free of change within a few days once I worked out my car was finicky with it’s power outlets.

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  9. Dave Gehman

    This camera has worked great for me. It was an easy install. Hiding the wires was simple. This was an upgrade purchase. My first dashcam was basic and cheaper, no wifi, no GPS. The day after install, I caught a hit an run on a vehicle parked in front of me. Realizing the benefit, I returned it and upgraded to this F7N and have not regretted it. Customer support has been great and quick to respond! I will point out that if you have a truck with a flat vertical back (as most do), the rear camera is not designed to work with that window. You need this camera instead which I believe is part of the F7NP kit. All said, excellent camera.

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  10. Great quality & cost effective product

    Great camera quality, playback is easy, installation instructions is easy (I’ll be getting mine hard wired soon), it’s great bang for your buck without compromising or wasting cash

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  11. peter Hanna

    I had it for 1 year now
    So far so good
    Usb c charge port
    I plug. It in cigarette socket
    I wish it had constant recording when car is parked
    But great camera otherwise
    Will try adding photos later

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  12. Chris O’Brien

    Great dash cam with all the features needed. I will use with hardwire kit (free via redtiger website) to get full features.
    Strangely the camera when plugged in via cigarette lighter, will not turn off after car is shut off, all the time. Sometimes stays on for 5 mins, sometimes doesn’t turn off. If I manually turn off after parking the car, it will automatically turn on when I start the car only 50% of the time – can’t work that out. Will hopefully mitigate that by using hardwire kit!

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  13. L P

    Decent dashcam. Got an app to download the videos, which is really good. Only thing that bothers me a little is the charger being on the top right side. I would have preferred it on the left side.

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    REDTIGER F7N Dash Cam 4K with WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.18″ Display Dashcam,170° Wide Angle Dashboard…
    REDTIGER F7N Dash Cam 4K with WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.18″ Display Dashcam,170° Wide Angle Dashboard…


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