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Ring Small Solar Panel (USB-C), 1.9W for Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro, Black


Last updated on May 31, 2023 9:39 pm


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  • Small but powerful—the compact design makes it easy to place or reposition. Panel dimensions are: 17.5 cm x 11.1 cm x 1.2 cm.
  • 2 metre cable length with USB-C connector
  • Compatible with new USB-C input Ring Security Cameras: Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro
  • Use the included adaptor for backwards compatibility with barrel-plug input Ring Security Cameras: Stick Up Cam Battery (2nd and 3rd generations), Spotlight Cam Battery (1st generation); not compatible with Stick Up Cam (1st Generation)
  • Mount horizontally, then use the adjustable arm with 180 degrees of tilt to get the perfect angle to maximise your solar power
  • Ring recommends at least 3-4 hours of direct sunlight per day for best performance
  • One-year limited warranty

10 reviews for Ring Small Solar Panel (USB-C), 1.9W for Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro, Black

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  1. Anthony

    I connected my camera to the solar panel as instructed and the app says it is not connected to the solar panel. I tried multiple times to get it to work. Searched the internet for solutions but alas failure to connect seems to be a very common issue. Very disappointed!!!

    Postscript: I managed to get it to work with the help of information on the solvoltaics web site. I have also received an offer of help from Amazon’s Ring representative – very impressive customer support!

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  2. Gavalar

    This small 1.9W panel charges on a sunny day by around 8% (single battery) winter (up to 50% summer), but on a cloudy day, the battery will still discharge by 5%.

    During winter, a single battery will last about 3 weeks, with 2 batteries lasting 5-6 weeks (if purely cloudy). A few sunny days in between will stop the batteries draining completely and charge them back up, it’s just weather dependent.

    Each battery is 33Wh, so 5% drain per day is 1.65W per day, meaning you would need direct sun (no clouds or rain) for just under 1 hour a day) to maintain the charge.
    In the cloudy UK (mainly winter), the panel is a little too small in my use case for winter.

    In summer, this will keep the battery or batteries topped up no problem at all. For the UK (over winter) I recommend the larger 4W (gen 2) USB C panel (if you never want to charge the batteries). It’s a hassle to change both of these batteries, every 4-6 weeks as that means getting the ladder out.

    My house receives direct sun where this camera and panel is installed from around 10am for the entire day, so this is about the best case scenario for the UK.

    Note that my camera has all settings on high. With snapshots every 5 minutes as well as pre roll, 120s recording and the lights being used fairly often (only using the motion sensor, not schedules) and a good 10+ motion events per day (sometimes as many as 25). Just something to bear in mind.

    If this is used on a south facing side, with a pair of batteries, in a sunny area, with a camera that doesn’t have lights, with less than 10 motion events per day, it should maintain the charge over winter i.e. the stick up cam.
    But for the spotlight cam, buy the regular 2.4W or 4W panel.

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  3. Karl B. Henderson

    Couldn’t get the battery above about 50%, and can’t keep it from dropping all the way to 9%. The description says that it needs several hours of direct sunlight. What’s not said (or not where it’s easily seen) is that it doesn’t work well in cold temperatures. Or, maybe it’s the battery that doesn’t work well in the cold. Since winter temperatures here are seldom above 40F, that makes it impractical for me. Also, there are only maybe two hours of direct sunlight, and if the morning is cloudy, zero. Sent it back (and the battery cam) for a plug-in cam. That should be fine, as an outdoor outlet is only about 15-20 feet away from where the camera needs to go.

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  4. Amritbir Singh Purba

    You Must get ring Solar panel if you buying spotlight battery camera or any battery operated ring camera.

    This thing keeps my cam battery full all day.only having 30-60 min of sunlight. Install as per instructions.

    I promise you wont regret after buying this.
    I bought small ring solar panel it does the job 200%
    Thanks for this beautiful accessory.

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  5. Karl B. Henderson

    I recently purchased a wireless Ring Stick Up Cam and did not want the hassle of having to remove and charge the battery. The panel was easy to install/position and the excess cable was secured around the cable management tabs on the back of the panel. The mounting arm can be adjusted to various angles and can swivel as well to whatever direction you need. In my case, the panel is pointing due south so it will be in direct sunlight throughout most of the day. Even on a cloudy day the battery is maintaining 100% state of charge.

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  6. Ken johnstone

    All good

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  7. swagimanjaro

    Great product comes with the adapter to use with older Ring Stickup Cams, easy to install and connect with stickup cam, charges the cameras quickly and never have to worry about charging the battery again.

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  8. Arizmendi

    Holy smokes! This thing actually works! I wrenched my back climbing up there to change out a battery so, since I was going to have to climb back up there again anyway, why not install a solar charger and see if that helps, right? Well, it absolutely does help! Not only does it keep the batteries charged/maintained during the day, even on a rainy day, it appears to actually function under the public security lighting even at night because, the batteries don’t seem to have lost any charge at all by the next morning. Wow!

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  9. Gurpreet Dadwal Kanica Kanica

    I was considering to get another battery for ring cameras but that would have meant swap them, get the ladder out every 3-4 weeks that’s how the batteries last.

    With the sun available in Australia having bought these made it easy work of battery charging. Getting them for other cameras too

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  10. Arizmendi

    So this was my first ever ring solar panel. Haven’t had it more than 7 days up with a brand new ring camera and it doesn’t charge both batteries. It actually drains the life of one battery all together.
    See pictures I have attached and posted!

    I have heard tons of negative remarks from my neighbors about there ring solar panels and thought I would give it a try before ruling it out. All my neighbors we’re totally right. They don’t charge and they suck!

    I have 8 other solar panels by Wasserstein and never not one time have had any issues with charging.

    When it comes to ring cameras, ring does a great job and making them. But when it comes to
    Solar panels they skipped a few important steps on making them work.

    Hopefully my battery isn’t messed up after being drained by the solar panel. I though solar panels are supposed to charge batteries not drain them! LoL..LoL..

    Sending it back and going with the Wasserstein solar instead.

    I can’t and will not recommend a ring solar panel to anyone, well maybe my worst enemy or a bad employee or an ex of mine!

    I do not recommend this item!

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    Ring Small Solar Panel (USB-C), 1.9W for Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro, Black
    Ring Small Solar Panel (USB-C), 1.9W for Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro, Black


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