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RØDE PSA1 Professional Studio Arm


Last updated on May 31, 2023 9:54 am


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  • Product Type: Microphone
  • Model Number: PSA-1
  • Package Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Country of Origin: China

Specification: RØDE PSA1 Professional Studio Arm

Product dimensions

‎53.34 x 20.32 x 10.16 cm, 1.74 Kilograms

Item Model Number

‎PSA 1




‎Desk Clamp

Country produced in


Proficiency Level


Item Weight

‎1.74 kg

13 reviews for RØDE PSA1 Professional Studio Arm

4.0 out of 5
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  1. Daniel S.

    Not much to say, its a boom arm. Just be aware of cable taughtness when extending to full stretch.

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  2. Daniel Davinci

    I made the mistake of buying a much cheaper mic arm the first time round (about £20). It was flimsy and barely carried the weight of my mic – a Yeti Blue. It needed tightening all the time and just wasn’t up to the job. However this mic boom is in an entirely different league. This is a substantial piece of kit that has no problem holding the weight of the mic. All parts are of high quality and there are two options to attach to the desk, a temp one with a clamp and a permanent one by drilling a hole. It is spring loaded and moves well around the desk. Also, a key benefit for me, is that is has full 360 movement in the stand, that means I can fold it up against the wall to the right of my monitors (see pic). The old one wouldn’t be able to sit flush against the wall. So well done – very happy customer. Just annoyed that I wasted the money and time on the cheaper product before finding this one.

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  3. Alin Buda

    The title of this review should say it all.
    I had to choose in between a £12.95 no name same size arm and this one. I should have gone for the cheaper version – I don’t know why I keep buying RØDE products. I have a camera mic from RØDE (the VideoMic GO) which I am also unhappy with… I really should do more research before buying this kind of crap I guess. So why is a bad choice? Because all looks good in images and the finish of the product is acceptable until you mount this on your desk. I did not want to drill a hole, just in case, I don’t like it so I used the clamp. This works just fine. But when you put the arm into the table mount you find out that is just a hole that lets the arm wobble like an unfinished product. Feels like something is missing from it so unless it does, this is a huge design fail. When I don’t use the mic and have to push it away, feels like I am about to break this thing. a metallic friction sound comes from this and I can’t see why should cost 3 times more than another arm. So the quality vs price is the reason I consider this product underwhelming. I deleted from my basket a product which costs a third of this. Make yourself a favour and don’t spend your money on this product, buy a proper arm or a cheap one – to be fair I don’t know what a proper arm looks like, but avoid this one. RØDE is failing me again and I guess is the last product I buy from this guys.

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  4. Amanda S

    I have two made gamers in the house who prefer to use their microphones on this stand and then wireless headsets. Both boys have had this Mike stand for over six months now & hang their headphones on it when they leave them to charge. They grip well onto the edge of their current desks and in their new studies (we are building right now) they will be mounted to the top of the desks.

    They are sturdy and a quality build. Both of my kids LOVE them. So glad I went for the better quality of this brand.

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  5. Alin Buda

    MUCH better quality and bigger than my clanky (albeit £15) Neewer arm. The Neewer held up my SM7B but it just felt completely brittle. The arm was clearly cheap though functional. I was concerned about the Rode arm at first because I couldn’t find any pictures of the actual clamp. I just assumed that the cone shaped thing was screwed into the desk and so I didn’t consider this arm because of that. I took the gamble and sure enough that clamp is there and the desk option is a quality metal thing to insert into a drilled desk.

    The joins of this arm are very sturdy and they hold my heavy SM7B in place. I’ve heard only a few squeaks out of it. I’ve heard that it’s a bad idea to oil, since might no longer take the weight of a heavy mic due to lack of friction. It swings in the clamp stand (the cone) freely and can rotate quite fast. I swung the mic into play to do some quick vocals and it nearly swung and hit my screen. My fault however. The quality of the straights on this arm are clearly thicker than my previous arm (which bent) and the arm is heavy overall.

    Whilst fitting the SM7B mic, I was concerned that there wasn’t enough clearance to plug the XLR into the SM7B holder due to the chrome tighteners. I managed to get it in, but it’s at a slight angle and putting lateral pressure on it. The arm has an option to put the actual wire inside the frame, but I’ve no idea how to do this unless I were to be electrically savvy and good with a soldering iron to take apart an XLR cable!

    Overall,really pleased. My ‘studio’ is maturing as I age. I’m proud of my mic and this arm is the icing on the cake.

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  6. Gary Leigh

    I’m using this mount for my Blue Yeti X with a shock mount.

    I’ve actually used it with and without and I’ve got it attached to the back of a laptop stand. (It does come with an adapter for the Blue Yeti mics.)

    It’s stable and does the job quite nicely.

    Biggest issue I had, when I set it up, was that the stand did not stay in place. After searching the net, I discovered that the solution to this is to tighten the screw on that is just above where the mic is.

    This is counterintuitive, so you would not automatically think of doing this, nor does it indicate this anywhere in the instructions. However, it does work and once you adjust it to your preference, this mount does the job without any issues. (At least, it is for me.)

    Construction is sturdy and it looks good. It also has Velcro tabs for cable management, which is a nice touch.

    Also pretty flexible in positioning the mic.

    All in all, quite satisfied with it and it keeps my mic out of the way when I’m not using it.

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  7. Sierra

    *edit* after using it for a few months and eventually adding a shock mount the mic arm is now perfectly balanced. Still highly recommend, works beautifully, very sturdy.

    Really loving this mic arm. Using it with my Blue Yeti there were absolutely no problems connecting it, I just used the thread adaptor that comes with the arm.

    I don’t have a shock mount for it yet and the spring is quite strong, so when I move it it does sometimes wants to spring up higher than I want it too. This is getting better with use though, and I think the added weight of the shock mount would pretty much balance it perfectly. If you have a really light weight mic though this might not be the boom arm for you.

    It stays where you put it, feels solid, high quality build. I think this would serve you better than the cheaper, weaker boom arms out there, especially if you have a heavy mic.

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  8. Jacky

    This microphone arm is fantastic quality. Great range however slightly pricey and there may be better budget friendly options.

    Do becareful when you initially unbox the product as the elasticity may spring out.

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  9. Dan Soussi

    I mounted a 500g digital microscope to the arm. For such a device, you want to keep it steady, especially at magnification. Perhaps this is an unintended use for the arm, but it does a reasonable job. It kept the microscope parallel to the benchtop and subject extremely well and the arm moved smoothly. The arm could not keep the microscope from wobbling. It’s important to ensure that the desk does not easily move, either as desk movement translates to arm movement, too.
    Once any arm movement has settled, the arm does provide a usable microscope set-up, even for SMD work.

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  10. Eric Claridades

    I use it a lot, no problems

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  11. Ralf

    The media could not be loaded.

     Ich habe mir das Rode PSA 1 gekauft um mein Procaster zu halten. Leider gibt es ein schleifendes Geräusch von sich, wenn ich es bewege und mit dem Gewicht des Mikrofons knarzt es auch noch. Was ich aber gut finde ist, dass der aufbau doch sehr einfach war und wenn ich nicht die genannten Probleme hätte, würde ich gerne 5 Sterne geben. So leider nicht.

    Ich habe mir einen neuen Arm zukommen lassen, der genau das selbe schleifende Geräusch von sich gibt. Für den Preis ein absolutes No go. Ich gebe nur noch einen Stern, anstatt 2. Schade!

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  12. Eric

    The media could not be loaded.

     Bestellt, da ich meinen “billigen” Arm ersetzen wollte.
    Ausgepackt und direkt ein auditives Erlebnis der besonderen Art (siehe Video).
    Ich werde den Rode kontaktieren und fragen wie sie damit umgehen wollen.
    Bisher sehr enttäuschend.

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  13. neville

    Easily fits to desk.. versatile positions.

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    RØDE PSA1 Professional Studio Arm
    RØDE PSA1 Professional Studio Arm


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