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Sennheiser CX True Wireless Headphones, Black


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:40 pm


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  • Superior sound, No compromise, powered by Sennheiser’s German-made 7mm TrueResponse transducers; Personalize audio with the built-in equalizer; Then get pumped with Bass Boost
  • Up to 27 hours play time; The 9-hour battery life can be extended on-the-go up to an additional 18 hours with the charging case
  • Passive Noise Cancellation via the ergonomic design and 4 ear adapter sizes for optimal comfort and secure fit to keep out all outside noise
  • Customizable touch controls for easy control of music, calls and voice assistant on your terms
  • Enjoy an outstanding audio experience no matter where you are with the IPX4 splash resistant design

Specification: Sennheiser CX True Wireless Headphones, Black


Batteries Included



‎CX TW Black

Model Name

‎CX TW Black

Model year


Part Number

‎CX TW Black

Compatible Devices

‎Smartphone, Tablet

Special Features

‎Noise Cancellation, Lightweight

Mounting Hardware

‎USB-C Charging cable, Charging case, Silicone ear adapter (XS/S/M/L)

Number of items


Microphone format


Headphones form factor

‎In Ear



Cable feature

‎Without Cable

Batteries Required


Connector Type


Material Type


Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎17 x 13 x 4.7 cm, 49 Grams

Item Weight

‎49 g


‎English, English, English, English, English

CountryRegion of origin


Item Model Number

‎CX TW Black


‎3 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎29 June 2021

13 reviews for Sennheiser CX True Wireless Headphones, Black

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Fadil Mohammad

    received goods in good condition and fairly promptly. sound quality is good and fit well for me

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  2. Satya

    Very good sound and easy to use

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  3. neillm

    Firstly I’m a fan of Sennheiser, I love the way they sound, it’s a clean natural sound which is why they continually win awards, these should be 5 star buds. However when I got them I quickly realised that to alter the sound quality (change bass or treble or use the bass boost) you need to down load the app ( I’m ok with that) , but also complete an in app monthly recurring fee. Ok it’s only a couple of pounds, but if I buy a piece of equipment I do not expect to pay a monthly fee to alter the basic features (update- the smart control app will let you change sound parameters without subscription, now that I have discovered this I have increased my review to 5*).
    They have a very decent sound, easy to set up and use, the build quality is excellent and last for ages on a single charge. I love the way they connect effortlessly when you open the case (mirrored by most buds on the market). Having used them now for about a month, I am very happy with my purchase

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  4. Quentin

    one of the headphones did not work, but still rating this 5 stars as I’m getting another one due to its amazing quality and its quite comfortable fit to my ears.

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  5. Neb G

    Sound is good
    No noise cancelation but otherwise ok
    Size is a bit big and not as comfortable over long usage is only thing i dont like
    Battery lasts longer than i ever need before i have to charge it

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  6. KavyaN

    As I’m too much into music, my first priority when buying tws was excellent sound quality. The other options in my list were Sony CF, Pixel Buds and Galaxy Buds 2. Reason that I chose Sennheiser CX TW was that these 2 :Pixel buds and Galaxy Buds were made with focus on Comfort, convenience and features. As a result, Sony and Sennheiser were the only options with good quality sound but I read in some of the product reviews that the Sony CF were too big to be comfortable

    Comfort (4.9/5)
    At the time of buying these, I thought these were too big for me as I have medium-small sized ears but surprisingly these fit snuggly into the ears and lets the PNC do its job.
    you can wear these while brushing teeth, walking, very casual gym but more than that, you might feel like they are coming out of your ear. they won’t but you would still feel like that only while Running, Hardcore gym, etc.
    for Home use, they are excellent, they do not come out of your ear if you are doing the daily and ordinary tasks
    I had them in my ear for about 5 hours continuously and sometimes after, I forgot that they were even there which is great.

    Passive Noise Cancellation (4/5)
    If you want the ANC version then go for CX Plus but in my opinion, these CX’s Passive Noise Cancellation gets the job done for you. I have some construction work going on beside my home and when I wore these I could still hear very less but present noise from outside (drilling,etc.) but if it were for little noises (eg. from kitchen) you wouldn’t hear it
    When I played a song even at 10% volume, I couldn’t hear a thing other than the song which was a great experience
    Now coming to those who want to listen while riding a bike, I strongly recommend you listen to these while using only 1 earpiece.

    Convenience/Features (4.5/5)
    Honestly I had no expectations regarding features but these had all the necessary features that you think should be in a tws which costs about 6K.
    (1) The LED indicator on Charging case almost tells everything about the battery percentage of the Charging case, TWS earpiece, any kind of Charging error (if there are any) and plugged in, etc
    There are also led indicators in each of the earpiece on the inner side as well
    (2) A point to be noted that these do not connect to 2 devices at a time. If you have connected to any 2 devices simultaneously then they might appear in the Smart Control Connection list and there is an option to connect to any device in that list, this feature worked for me sometimes and sometimes didn’t but If you switch off Bluetooth and connect to the other device manually then it works, for the 1st time connecting to a device, it was a bit of a task but after that, the manual method worked seamlessly for me
    (3) The in-ear detection feature is not there so the audio playback won’t pause if you take them out of your ears.
    (4) due to the shape of these, I have experience no accidental touches and the touch response works 49/50 times.

    Design (3.9/5) and Build Quality (4.9/5) :
    I was a bit skeptical about design but everything looks good after spending money xD. I think the design looks okayish, the earbuds do not look like a big thing coming out of your ear, it blends in and it looks good on ears
    the matt finish on the earbuds and the case looks appealing and premium.
    Now coming to the Build Quality, there are some reviews that the Case looks filmsy but to me, then build quality is good, haven’t performed a drop test 🙂 but the case gives a satisfying snap on opening and closing which gives a good idea of the build quality
    Don’t think twice because of the build.

    Connectivity (5/5)
    if your phone has its bluetooth on, these will connect to your smartphones seamlessly as soon as you take them out of the case (only after pairing for the first time). these do have the feature of connecting to a new device which is only in 1m radius so it reduces the hassel when connecting to a new device.
    I tested the connectivity, the connection lasts upto 45 feet without barriers and with walls- the connection is there beyond 2-3 walls so the conclusion is they have a very good connectivity.

    Sound Quality (5/5)
    Here comes the part for which I bought these tws and for you if you are buying these.
    Out of the box, these sounded pretty above average then I downloaded Smart Control app then there was a firmware update, it took 25-30 minutes and after that, I tweaked the equalizer (the App has the Sound Check feature for choosing and creating an EQ mode which is very helpful for beginners), All this took 40-50 mins and after that, the sound was phenomenal. I have used quite amount of Earbuds and headphones and I have experienced almost every price range from the cheaper boat 999 Airdopes to the Apple Airpods and I would say these sound phenomenal for their price 6K (I have got these in the Repubic day Sale for 4.8K)
    the Sound stage is wider so you can hear every instrument in the audio and the left & right separation is good as well. Due to these being not that heavy on the Bass, the Vocals and mids and lows sounded crystal clear like honey to the ears. These have just the right amount of bass. If you prefer Bass over clearity then I would suggest buy a JBL in-ear tws.
    these sound close to reality and sometimes even better. I listen to songs of almost every genre and these made every song sound better.

    Mic Quality (4/5)
    I have talked to a bunch of people while using these and they asked about which tws I was using because my voice through the mic was clear and loud enough. The sidetone feature works really good for the minimum setting, the maximum sidetone setting sounds unnatural (Sidetone is a feature where you will listen to your mic input while on a call which gives a Natural effect)
    The mic does pick on some noises from far away but it does not interfere that much on the call.
    I think the CX plus would have significantly better Mic quality but if you are buying these, rest assured as you won’t be complaining about the mic quality after using these.

    I took me a pretty good time in writing this review but I did it anyways because when I was searching for earbuds, the other reviews felt inadequate in deciding which one to buy so here goes a One-for-All review in which I have answered to almost all questions that may arise.

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  7. KavyaN

    Great sound (have tried buds at twice the price which sound nowhere near as good as these) and surprisingly good passive noice cancelling.
    They do not fall out when jogging but they do feel like I’ve stuffed a couple of lego bricks in my ears.
    I really want to love and keep these for the sound but can’t keep them in my ears for more than 30 minutes

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  8. Alex

    Spending over a hundred pounds on Bluetooth earbuds has always been a difficult decision for me, as the room for sound quality is limited on the specific product category and most modern tech features can be found even at cheap earbuds in our days. Yet, I decided to give a go on the CX’s and boy I was impressed.

    Sennheiser have chosen a plastic material of good quality, with a smooth matte finish for this product and I like it for the most part. Both the case and the buds feel nice on the touch and do not pick fingerprints at all. However, they are very easy to slip from your hands, especially if you handle them when in a hurry.

    The buds are quite big and cube shaped, which makes it a tough suggestion for small ears. They initially feel intrusive when entering the ear canal and need some getting used to, but I have not experienced any discomfort with them, even after hours of use. The square shape keeps them in place and you don’t have to constantly readjust the fit, which is welcome.

    The sound quality is the single and foremost selling point of the CX’s. Beautiful sound on any level, crystal clear trebles and mids, punchy bass with presence, but no booming. Depending on the song and the mix, there where times I could feel the bass moving the air, even though I would not consider them bassy earbuds. As expected from Sennheiser, the sound profile is on the flat side and works particularly well with genres like electro beats, post punk and modern pop. There is a very handy EQ in the app for those who would like to try something else and like to cycle between various saved presets depending on the genre/mood.

    In general, listening to them is a very pleasant and relaxing experience, as you can feel the space between frequencies and pick up details on the mix. They of course support aptX and AAC codecs for Android and iOS respectively. I would say they sound far better than any other wireless earbuds I have tried, including some that cost double the price.

    As for other features, the touch gestures work very well but you’ll get those accidental hits too. A non-intrusive beeping sound acts as a confirmation of a touch input, which I find very useful. Battery life is great, connection is instantaneous and constant and you can use them separately if that is your thing. One thing that exceeded my expectations was the mic sound quality. Even in windy, noisy environments the other person on the line can always hear me clearly and it is the first time I’m not taking off my earbuds when there is a call. They have done a good job at balancing between muting environment sounds and muffling the voice.

    I really can’t think of any negatives yet, other than the slippery nature of the material. Maybe the case is still not thin enough to be comfortably kept in a pocket and the lid is obstructing when you try to take the earbuds from the case. Nothing to break the deal so far.

    All in all, this is a solid offer from Sennheiser for people looking for good sound quality and portability. Five stars from me.

    *Durability update: I accidentally dropped my right earbud in a street puddle during a heavy rain and was unable to locate it. I came back to the spot a couple of hours later and found it sitting there, not knowing if it would be functional anymore. After clearing up the connectors from mud and the protective sponge in front of the speaker from all kinds of gunk, it is working as if nothing ever happened to it. Not bad at all for a only splash proof approved piece of technology.

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  9. Snake eye David

    No noise cancellation but great quality sound. When adjusting the earbuds i am always touching the Controls which is annoying. But all said for the price a great buy

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    had them for over a month now, overall awesome earbuds, awesome fit and battery life. TBH ive got sabbat e12 ultras and the trebs & mids are clearer, bass is heavier and its only 80 bux, like ive tried to alter the EQ on the CX and really tried to get the best it can be to suit my music genre (rnb, hardstyle, hardcore, disco house) but yeah cant seem to get it to the level of the e12 ultras, maybe it needs 2 be firmware updated or the volume limiter on my samsung note 10+(compared to apple phones that go much louder) is affecting the full potential id give it a 7/10 and id give e12 ultra 8/10

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  11. Max

    I bought these as my first set of true wireless earbuds for general use such as walks, work, motorcycling (mainly for hearing protection that plays music). I relied on my trust of the Sennheiser brand and the great products I’ve had in the past from them.

    The audio quality really was great, the drivers must be high quality as I went through a bunch of old tracks which just sounded different in a great way. This is it, the only positive.

    I could not get on with these earbuds at all and really tried to like them but the return period was close to ending and I still wasn’t satisfied.

    They’re made from a scratchy, horrid, plastic that if you so much as touch them with your nails whilst in your ear you go deaf and your teeth hurt as it sounds like scratching a blackboard. They are square with a sharp edge meaning everything scrapes against it causing this horrid sound.

    They have touch controls, which work fine, but you can’t turn them off. Any time you adjust them, they pause or change track. It’s so frustrating. When putting a motorcycle helmet on, they’d do this non stop; sometimes it’d hold down the right earbud control meaning it goes full volume and I can’t pause them.

    Last big disappointment was I owned a pair of these before and Sennheiser did everything they could to refuse repair or return of my first pair after the right earbud broke after I simply took it out of my ear. I imagine the vacuum created blew out the coil. I did not take it out any harder than normal. It’s usually the cheap Chinese products that do this, not a German brand with a huge history.

    I returned these ones from Amazon and bought Technics true wireless instead. Every problem was immediately fixed. They’re metal, no scratching, you can turn off the controls, and the battery life is easily almost double… And they’re smaller

    Sennheiser has really rushed this it feels and put no thought into the ergonomics of these earbuds. I do not recommend purchase of these earbuds.

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  12. Lablove

    I can’t wear these. I am used to airpod type ear pieces which seem to fit perfectly but for me these don’t.

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  13. rt3157

    I have been a fan of Sennheiser since my teenage years and this is another addition to my listening pleasure.
    Good value for money,easy to set up and get the sennheiser app for an even better sound set up.

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    Sennheiser CX True Wireless Headphones, Black
    Sennheiser CX True Wireless Headphones, Black


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