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Sony WH-CH720N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Ambient Sound, Sound Processor V1, Clear Voice Calls, 35 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge,…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:40 pm


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  • Bluetooth and Digital Noise Cancelling
  • High quality sound reproduction with Integrated Processor V1
  • Multipoint connectivity and clear voice calls
  • Adaptive Sound Control can automatically adjust to activity or location
  • Up to 35 hours battery life with Noise Cancelling

Specification: Sony WH-CH720N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Ambient Sound, Sound Processor V1, Clear Voice Calls, 35 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge,…


Batteries Required




Model Name


Model year


Part Number


Special Features

‎Microphone Included

Mounting Hardware

‎Cable, USB Cable

Number of items


Microphone technology


Headphones form factor

‎Over Ear

Batteries Included




Cable feature


Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Connector Type


Material Type


Maximum Operating Distance

‎10 Meters

Does it contain liquid


Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎20.72 x 5.5 x 23.72 cm, 100 Grams

Item Weight

‎100 g

CountryRegion of origin


Item Model Number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

‎23 February 2023

6 reviews for Sony WH-CH720N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Ambient Sound, Sound Processor V1, Clear Voice Calls, 35 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge,…

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  1. jenjaine

    Update 3/9……so first I’m going to say that I bought these with my own money before any reviews were out. Didn’t realize they were a vine product. After a few weeks of use the padding has relaxed enough so that I can feel the drivers poking my ears. I wear my headphones around 4 hours a day on weekdays and 8-10 hours on each weekend day. As stated earlier I have a smaller than average head, and my ears do not stick out. I can usually adjust the cups to be lower, but I don’t like them riding my jawbone.

    I would’ve have overlooked that because they do sound good, however they are now randomly disconnecting. I use them for YouTube and I’m literally 18 inches away and they disconnect. I check through the app and it shows a connection failure. If I pause a video, again, they show connected, but the sound comes out of my iPad. When I check the app it tells me there is a connection failure and to restart. While the sound is good I don’t think I care to restart my headphones every 10 minutes.

    Maybe they don’t like Apple devices? I’m not sure….

    I originally bought the xm5’s. I finally got them last week only to find they were quite oversized for my smaller than average head. The weight of them made matters worse as every time I looked down they flopped forward. I had to return them.

    I am not one of those fancy audio people but I know what I like. My previous headphone were the solo pro 3’s and I do enjoy them. What I don’t like is the pain my ears experience after about an hour of having them on.

    I wanted over the ear headphones and everything I read and all the videos I watched pointed me to the xm5’s which ended sadly. I searched Amazon and saw these were a new model. Looked up what little I could find online about them and the consensus was these were the cheap version of the xm5’s. Yeah, I’m sold so I got them.

    They are cheaper feeling, not as bad as the 510’s, but nowhere near the xm5’s workmanship. But they are also not breaking the bank (as bad anyways, it still shocks me to see what headphones are going for nowadays). The sliding part is plastic reinforced by metal. I’ll be honest….I am wondering how they will hold up.

    Excellent. These are super light. I don’t feel them resting on the crown of my head at all. There is no clamping on or around my ears. But the are secure on my head. The padding around the ear cups is decent and the cups are deep so most will not have their ears touching the speakers.

    Bells and whistles: these are old school, they have buttons…no swipe features at all. I like that because in my week of using the xm5’s I discovered quickly that volume adjustment was hit or miss with response time. It might be that my hands are always cold, but in 6 hours of wearing these I have already mastered the buttons. They are very well placed and very responsive.

    App: They are part of the Sony Headphone app. You get an equalizer and other customizable features including the ability to connect to two devices at the same time and it works great as I use the headphones for watching music videos on YouTube and Netflix. I use my phone to adjust the equalizer for the music playing on my iPad.

    Another feature on the app is you can set the headphones to shut off when not in use. I was excited about the auto shutoff feature. Not so much now. It is not sensor based nor is it based on when you device’s screen shuts down. It is based on when you turn of Bluetooth. This makes it worthless to me and maybe a lot of us who do not ever turn Bluetooth off. I think it could have been done better.

    Noise cancelling:
    I’m going to call this adequate. With my Beats Solo pro with ANC I can’t hear anything. Not even someone yelling. These will drown out the hum of a fan pretty well, but they let in a lot of ambient noise (like my husband coughing in the next room right now!). Even the xm5’s were not as good as the Beats. But the on ear style of the Beats may have something to do with that. So I’ll stick to the xm5’s comparison. I also want to say that there are supposedly 3 modes…noise cancelling, ambient and off. I have not noticed any difference between ambient and noise cancelling. There is no voice prompt to let you know which setting you are in. I will play some more to see if I’m missing a setting in the app and if something changes I’ll edit my review.

    Sound quality: (of course this is subjective to each person) Excellent out of the box and I could not say that about the xm5’s. My first mission was to find the equalizer when I took them out of the box and tried them. Not so with these. The sound was nice. I still tweaked it but if I wasn’t able to change it a bit, I would still be happy.

    They do not come with a case. They do not fold. They come with an aux cord and charging cable, no charging block.

    Final thoughts: This is my fourth pair of headphones in a month. I was willing to drop over 300 bucks on a pair. And I didn’t like any of them. Most important to me is fit and sound. Most were severely lacking in sound quality. These are not. And they were cheaper.

    I am most disappointed in the build quality. I think they should’ve done better. To me $150 is alot of money to spend on headphones that feel this plasticy. And if they crack after 6 months I’ll be upset. I’m not expecting $350 quality, but better. These are not too much better than the 510’s when they should’ve been a little less than the 910’s. They are far less quality than the 910’s. Maybe I’m asking too much after coming from the Solo 3 pros and xm5’s which both have a superb build.

    BUT…..they make up for it in having great sound that you can totally adjust to your liking. They are comparable to the xm5’s in sound. And far superior I feel to the 910’s which just sound overly undefined bass. And the comfort!! It’s spot on.

    These are the best out there in terms of sound and app capabilities.

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  2. M.O.S.

    UPDATE 3/13/23: I noticed another reviewer mention that the padding has given out some after a while and I will concur that this has been my perceived experience as well. The padding flattens easily and I wish it was a bit more robust. I wouldn’t say that the speakers are poking my ear, but I do feel my ear being pressed slightly and it does lead to minor discomfort over time. So I would say that the padding could definitely be better on these, and it should be at this price point. I would maybe deduct a half star for this if that was an option, but since it’s not, I’m keeping my 5 star rating. I’m still happy with the sound, but I’ll definitely be looking out for some better pads.

    Original Review:
    I’m impressed with these headphones. They are really good. I will, however, call out from the beginning that you lose some functionality and build quality (potentially – more on that below) seen in more expensive headphones and even though these are “only” $150, I think it’s a bit pricey. But I think good headphones are just ridiculously expensive in general. With that out of the way, here are the headphones I tried in addition to the WH-CH720N: Sony XM4 & XM5, Sennheiser Momentum 4, Soundcore Q30 & Q45, and Technics EAH-A800.

    My main objective in getting new headphones was to get a serious sound quality upgrade from the Soundcore Life Q20’s that I’ve had for several years now, and I was finally ready to pay $300-$400 for it if I had to. I was looking for clear mids and highs with deep, clear, separate bass (think of the difference between a sound system with a separate subwoofer vs a sound system without that tries to pack the bass into the main speakers). With the caveat that sound quality is subjective to the listener, here are my thoughts on each of the headphones I tried:

    Technics EAH-A800 – absolute garbage and a joke at their price. These didn’t even merit more than a few minutes of listening.

    Soundcore Q45 – disappointingly uninspiring sound compared to the much cheaper Q30. They lack bass. I spent very little time with these because I knew that I would take the Q30’s over them without question.

    Soundcore Q30 – These are very good for their price (compared to the other options at that price). If I hadn’t been willing to spend $300+ for the best sound, I would have kept these despite the fact that they powered off in the middle of calls (a problem I believe is specific to OnePlus phones based on my research). But compared to more expensive headphones, the Q30’s bass was not as well defined/separated and it bled into all the frequencies, lending to an overall muddy sound – comparatively. But these are good, and at their price point, I doubt you can find better headphones.

    Momentum 4 – These headphones had, hands down, my favorite bass signature; it was fantastically clean and able to hit impressive lows I could not hear in any other cans. The overall sound was very good, although I never could get them to sound as clear as I wanted once I experienced the 720’s. The M4’s have fantastic battery life. Sadly, there were quite a few issues with the M4’s. They sound awful in wired mode – like, don’t even bother, they’re that bad. Taking calls on the M4s was a very weird experience; it’s hard to explain, but voices sounded kind of echo-y, but in the sense that it was like the voice was everywhere around me to the extent that I was sure that everyone else in the room was hearing the voice just as clearly as I was. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not – all I can say for sure is that it was a very strange experience. The M4’s had software bugs that I just couldn’t overlook, such as the audio being out of sync with video when using aptx (I had to use the lower SBC format to get the audio in sync and this just didn’t make any sense!). The touch controls and on ear detection were a bit of a hit or miss. Software updates are unreasonably slow – like 20 minutes or longer. They are quiet – I found that I had to crank them up well past 50% to get enough volume, but at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter because they did get as loud as I ever needed and still had the ability to go louder. And they are on the heavier side, which meant they didn’t stay in place on my head if I looked down or up. I actually ordered a second pair hoping that the software issues were a defect, but the replacement had all the same issues. But that bass was so good I was tempted, even prepared, to overlook all of those shortcomings. Until I tried the XM5’s and the 720’s.

    Sony XM4 – I’m sure these were great for their time, but their age is evident. The sound was muddy and uninspiring to me. I quickly moved on from these.

    Sony XM5 – these are good – very good. I would have kept the XM5’s if the 720’s hadn’t been released just as I was comparing all of these headphones. The sound is very close to the 720’s, but just not quite as clear, though I think the bass may go a bit lower than the 720’s. It really mostly came down to price when deciding between the XM5 and 720. The XM5’s are feature rich with an excellent ambient mode (the best I’ve experienced). ANC is good, but not at the level I expected for their reputation and really not significantly better than most other headphones. Compared to the 720’s, I’d say the ANC actually blocked out less noise, but the XM5’s made almost no static sound with ANC on and that may have played into that perception because I think the slight static noise the 720’s make might just be covering up the external noises that I’m hearing more on the XM5’s. But getting the absolute best ANC was not the most important thing for me. I liked the touch controls on the XM5’s – it’s easier than feeling around for the correct button. But is it worth the price? Not for me – I’ll take the trade-offs of the 720’s for the savings, especially since I think the 720’s sound better. But I can easily see how someone would buy the XM5’s over the 720’s if money is not an issue.

    Finally, Sony WH-CH720N – these really are best described as the budget version of the XM5’s. Remember how I mentioned that they sound very similar to the XM5’s? Yeah, sometimes I forgot which headphones I was wearing, they are that close (post EQ-ing them to the best sound I could get from them). The ANC and Ambient modes aren’t quite as good on the 720’s, they don’t have touch controls (a positive or negative depending on the person), and they don’t feel as solidly built (though I might argue that is only because of how incredibly light they are – they actually seem well built and there are no creaks, but their lightness is easily perceived as “cheap”). The 720’s don’t come with a case and they don’t fold (but the XM5’s don’t fold, either); not a big deal to me. Not folding just means they have fewer breaking points and are less obnoxious to handle when off the noggin. These live on my desk, so a case is not important to me. For traveling, I prefer the compactness of earbuds anyway. The auto off feature only works after they lose bluetooth connection, which for the majority of us, only happens if we turn our phone off or walk far away from the headphones. So, not significant value there, though I do turn off my phone every night, so the headphones will at least shut off at night if I forget to do it manually, and that is good enough for me. The 720’s are strictly controlled with physical buttons that are well placed, though I find myself expecting the ANC/Ambient button to be on the back, not the front (don’t know why, because it actually makes sense the way they did it), causing me to push the wrong button more than I’d like. And I wish the volume up and down were more distinct from the play/pause button. The buttons are my only real (but minor) complaint, but I’m getting used to the buttons and will be fine in short order. The 720’s are slim compared to the XM5’s and the M4’s. And did I mention they are light? They are insanely light and extremely comfortable. Most importantly, the 720’s sound really good. While they don’t quite have the bass signature of the M4’s, they are so well balanced and clear across all of the frequencies (without being harsh or sibilant) while still having great, clear bass that it could be argued that the 720’s sound better. I just kept finding myself going back to the 720’s over every other set of cans. These headphones won out over the rest from my limited (but targeted) comparison. There might be better sounding headphones out there, but I haven’t found them.

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  3. Happy Customer

    Love these blue tooth headphones, use them for watching my programmes. Good sound and light to wear.

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  4. Austin Hutchen

    Excellent headphones. Notably better than my soundcore Q45 and similar sound/ANC as the XM4. Danced around buying these for a while, but these are a great value for the price range and I’m glad I did. Headphones are also excellent for gaming on the ps5!

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  5. Austin Hutchen

    Not very far from XM-1000XM4 in all aspects. Enjoying these so far. I wish they’d come with a case and be foldable, but cannot complain given the price.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    These are just OK sounding headphones. Noise cancellation is amazing.
    They really score on comfort, you can wear them straight 3 hours of video streaming.
    Value for Money product for sure.

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    Sony WH-CH720N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Ambient Sound, Sound Processor V1, Clear Voice Calls, 35 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge,…
    Sony WH-CH720N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Ambient Sound, Sound Processor V1, Clear Voice Calls, 35 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge,…


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