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SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm QCC3040, TrueWireless Mirroring, 4 Mic for Clear…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:38 pm


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  • [Qualcomm 3040 & Bluetooth 5.2] – The latest Qualcomm QCC3040 chip built-in and Bluetooth 5.2 technology create an all-round upgrade with optimized Bluetooth transmission, flawless connection (75% more stable than the last generation) and enhanced sound to bring you unprecedented experience.
  • [4 Mic & cVc Noise Cancellation] – Higher-order noise cancellation arithmetic and cVc 8.0 ensures clear calls without any disruption along with 2 mic in each earbud, one for capturing your voice in the best way and the other for reducing the ambient noise around, making the TrueAir2 perfect for conference calls, online courses and video/voice chat.
  • [TrueWireless Mirroring & Seamless Connection] – Upgraded on truewireless Plus, the advanced TrueWireless Mirroring technology balances consumption between two earbuds and maximumly improves connection stability even under poor radio frequency circumstance, to provide seamless and reliable audio transmission with low consumption.
  • [Melodious Sound & 25 Hours] – 14.2mm bio-compound diaphragm driver inside and aptX codec precisely parse the details and restore realistic sound to pass wonderful notes and give immersive experience. 5 hours playtime per charge and another 4 recharges by charging case extend your enjoyment and enrich leisure time.
  • [Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable Fit] – With single earbud weighing 0.14oz and charging case weighing 0.95oz, the compact and portable design delivers visible texture. Semi-in-ear shaped earbuds with frosted casing support long-time wearing without any discomfort.

Specification: SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm QCC3040, TrueWireless Mirroring, 4 Mic for Clear…






Model Name


Part Number


Hardware Platform

‎Gaming Console

Special Features

‎noise-cancellation, wireless

Mounting Hardware

‎Wireless Charging Case

Number of items


Microphone format


Headphones form factor

‎In Ear


‎0.01 Volts

Power Source


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Metal

Cable feature

‎Without Cable

Connector Type


Material Type


Form Factor

‎In Ear

Includes Rechargeable Battery


Package Dimensions

‎10.4 x 9.3 x 4.2 cm, 10 Grams

Item Weight

‎10 g

Item Model Number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎16 April 2019

8 reviews for SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm QCC3040, TrueWireless Mirroring, 4 Mic for Clear…

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  1. Manuel

    El diseño me parece muy bonito. El color rosa pastel es mi favorito y sin duda se ven muy bien estéticamente.
    Yo los uso para hacer pesas en el gym, al menos para eso me han parecido bastante cómodos.
    El volumen es bastante bueno.
    La tacto se sienten como mate y me parece muy buena opción.
    La batería dura bastante tiempo y su cargador también.
    Hasta ahora que los he usado (1mes) creo que cumplen con su función y tienen buena relación calidad/ precio
    No los he usado para cardio como correr o saltar pero si he hecho movimiento brusco y no se me han caído.

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  2. KO

    For unsealed airpod style earbuds these are excellent. Probably the best of the cheaper lot. I tried the closest alternative, the sound liberty 92, and the soundpeats true air 2 are a whole step above. Sound as good if not better than airpods.

    – pair fast enough, great BT connection in use
    – very light, fit secure enough to jog with
    – great mic quality, with much better voice pickup in wind than my older pixel buds
    – connects using aptx hd
    – sound is good and clear but slightly high treble, so I wouldn’t use them for all day listening, gets exhausting.
    – almost no lag on videos, which is an improvement over my old pixel buds
    – don’t move while jogging, and the assistant picked up my voice while windy. This is a nice plus.

    Cons (though at this price most of these cons can be easily ignored):
    – case needs a led battery level light
    – connecting could be faster – expensive buds have sensors in the case so the buds start connecting to the phone soon as you open the case, these only wake up after you remove the buds from the case. Since each bud only wakes up after its removed from the case, the second one connects a few seconds later.
    – touch area is a pain to target, I wish they would add a second sensor in the stem to squeeze to summon Google assistant instead of the current triple tap which is a bit hard to do for ppl without Olympic level finger dexterity.
    – a big con: I have paired the headphones with my phone and pc, but once connected to one device initiating a connect from another device does nothing. I need to turn off the eabuds, turn of BT on phone then turn on the earbuds for then to connect to my laptop.

    Wishes for the next version:
    – add a lanyard hole to the case, it’s too small and slippery, would like to attach a string to it.
    – add a squeeze sensor to the stem, it’s much easier to squeeze that than to target the current small touch area.
    – make a soundpeats app to customise taps and sound.
    – make your product line clearer, there are way to many similar earphones! Took a bit of research to realise this is the current newest and bestest non in-ear soundpeats.
    – The case needs a lid sensor which wakes up the earbuds as soon as the case opens.
    – when a connection request is sent from a already paired device earbuds should connect to it.
    – change the case to an airpods style one, the current one is a lot more awkward to open. There is a reason why Apple and Google went with a verticle style case, you can open it easily one handed.
    – a general soundpeats request: stop changing out products from the same amazon listing, its a scammy thing to do, there are reviews of older soundpeats products mixed with newer ones for the same listing.

    Overall, these are close to 5 stars, just a few more tweaks needed for full 5 stars.

    2021 update: My dog ate my original trueair2 earbuds, and surveying the landscape a few months later, I didn’t see anything else better than this in the 30-100AUD price range. So bought another pair for AUD37 during of the many soundpeats sales.

    Interested in what the trueair3 looks like, hoping soundpeats releases a “pro” version of this kind of open earphone.

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  3. Manuel

    La duración de la pila cumple con la descripción del producto, en mi caso no lo uso para ejercitar, porque no se adapta de forma adecuada a mi oído. Habría que considerar que mi oído es muy pequeño y creo seria la causa. Los sonidos son nítidos y puedo tener conversaciones de forma clara. Es un producto que recomiendo, cumple con mis expectativas y además llego antes de lo esperado

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  4. Vianey Herrera

    NO se caen al correr y el audio es bueno además de la duración de la batería.
    Hace 2 semanas comenzó a escucharse solo el derecho, no encendía en modo manual ni automático el audífono izquierdo, procedí a hacer el reset y volvieron a funcionar pero solo un par de días, cuando sucedió lo mismo otro ahora con el izquierdo, procedí igual y funcionaron ambos, ahora el derecho ya no prende ni carga, el led ya no enciende y no los puedo resetear, obviamente ya no tienen garantía y he visto ya varias reseñas que mencionan la falla en el audífono derecho. Mejor no gasten su dinero.

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  5. Ronnie

    I had to buy a new pair of true wireless earphones, as a similar looking pair I had bought from a different brand sold on Amazon that rhymes with “electronics” broke after less than two months of use (defective battery that stopped holding charge – refund was issued). As such, my review is largely on a comparative basis with that unit.

    I picked the SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 because I was looking for true wireless earbuds that balanced battery life with a case that fits well in the pocket.

    The first thing noticeable is how lightweight the case is, and the nice finish. The case is noticeably light. The earbuds are also very light, and more importantly, the plastic has a nice matte-like finish which gives it a premium feel compared to the cheap glossy plastic found elsewhere.
    The earbuds are a hard plastic unibody unit, with no replaceable earbuds (i.e. one size fits all), however, I found it a very good fit, even whilst running, and very comfortable, even after hours of use. It is hard to comment on fit in great detail as everyone’s ears are different, however, given the relatively light weight of the unit, I suspect most people would find it quite comfortable.

    The sound quality is very good for the price range. These earphones have pretty decent bass, though at lower volumes, it is hard to discern and sounded a tad muffled and less crisp than I would like. However, the volume is very good, with the max loud enough to blast over a noisy gym, or loud traffic.

    One anomaly I did notice is that the sound quality is markedly different between the A2DP profile and the HFP profile. Some difference is normal due to the different specifications of the profiles (a limitation of how Bluetooth works and not specific to this unit), however, the difference seemed to be more than I’ve experienced with other Bluetooth headsets – in particular, the sound quality on HFP profile (phone calls) sounded noticeably muffled compared to the A2DP profile and compared to the HFP profile of other headsets. It was noticeable, but not significant enough to impede a lengthy phone call. In good news, the microphone quality appears to be good, and my callers had no problems hearing me.

    The unit is responsive in some ways, and not so responsive in others. I noticed the unit powers on very quickly, however, it takes slightly longer to pair, though at a bare 1 to 2 second difference, it is not a dealbreaker. The touch buttons are very quick and there is no lag when double tapping or holding to skip songs. However, the buttons can be overly sensitive – when lying sideways with your head down, the buttons can be accidentally activated, though after a week of use, I figured out how to lie down without pressing the buttons.

    The aptX codec also makes a difference, being more efficient than the default SBC (which is often the only codec on cheaper earphones), I experienced no skips at all (even whilst running) and good latency.

    The unit is very well thought out, and this is noticeable in some of the minor details. For instance, each earbud, the inside of the case as well as the outside of the case all have LEDs so you can be sure of the battery level and charging status, and the earbuds power on when you remove them from the case, and not when the case is opened.
    These seem like very minor things, but not all brands put this much thought into the design – LEDs eliminate guesswork in knowing your battery life, and the power on method is more efficient when you want to connect just one earbud.
    However, it seems when connecting one earbud, the headset does not default to mono mode (e.g. if you pick up the left headset, only the left channel will be streamed instead of the stereo track from the phone being mixed as a mono track to the left headset).

    The only other thing that irked me was that it can be difficult to find out which way to open the case. There is a groove to indicate this, however, the groove is very shallow, and unless you’re paying attention, it can take a bit of touching to figure out which way to open the case.

    In conclusion, the TrueAir 2 presents excellent value for money and ticks off all the key boxes and then some more. Sure, it doesn’t look like a $200 pair of earphones and it probably doesn’t sound like a $200 pair of earphones and the sound quality during phone calls could do with some improvement, however, it would be tough to find greater value at this price level, and I dare say I would be willing to pay more than the Amazon listed price for this unit.
    The sound quality is excellent when listening to music or watching videos, lengthy phone conversations were more than acceptable in both sound quality, microphone quality and comfort, the model is well designed and lightweight and it simply just works.

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  6. Kervin Rojas

    Me encantó el color, me daba miedo que fuera un rosa muy fuerte, la batería dura bastantito fuera del estuche y la pila del estuche también es duradera, se escuchan muy bien y se conectan excelente a iphone. Si los usas digamos unas 3 horas seguidas comienzan a incomodar claro que esto depende de la forma de tu oído, a mi me comenzaron a incomodar a las 3 hrs pero de inicio son cómodos. Los utilicé para salir a caminar y se mantuvieron en su lugar. Los recomiendo mucho.

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  7. KO

    I love these ear pods! They are comfortable, stay in even while exercising (only loose when your ears are really sweaty!), are easy to use, the battery life is super long and they come in cool colours. Any issues with pairing has been quickly resolved with resetting them. I’ve been so impressed by the ease of making phone calls and the quality of sound – both for me and who I’m speaking to.-

    The left one stopped working after around 11 months of use so I contacted Soundpeats not expecting an answer (because, you know, big companies!), but they have been unbelievably helpful. I’ve never had such efficient and willing customer service! They replied to emails in under 24 hours and checked in without prompting to make sure I was getting the help I needed. They sent me a replacement pair and they’re working beautifully.

    Couldn’t recommend the product or the brand more!

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  8. E. B.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Tuve una experiencia increíble con esta marca, compre los audífonos y tuve un problema con el auricular izquierdo un par de meses después de comprarlos, dejo de sonar, todo parecía que era un problema con la carga, contacté por correo electrónico al área de soporte de la marca, los cuales me dieron un soporte completo, entendiendo mi situación, finalmente para cumplir la garantía de los 12 meses, ellos me enviaron un producto nuevo totalmente gratis, no necesite regresar el producto anterior y el nuevo paquete llegó en 2 días.
    Los escogí inicialmente porque mi pareja ya había comprado esta marca y siempre fue muy bueno, creo que mi caso fue aislado en cuanto a la falla, pero la postventa fue increíble, la recomiendo 100%

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    SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm QCC3040, TrueWireless Mirroring, 4 Mic for Clear…
    SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.2 Headphones Wireless Earphones with Qualcomm QCC3040, TrueWireless Mirroring, 4 Mic for Clear…


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