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SoundPEATS TrueFree2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in-Ear Stereo IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earbuds, Monaural/Binaural Calls, Single/Twin…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:40 pm
SKU: B08BLL8467


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  • [Customized EarFins & IPX7 Waterproof] – Exclusive silicone ear fins powered by Freebit provide you comfortable and secure-fit. Reinforced design and IPX7-rated protect the earbuds from sweat and water, and allows you to enjoy your positive and active lifestyle.
  • [Full Control & Effortless Operation] – On-ear sensitive button control delivers comfort touch and enables your accurate operation on switching tracks, adjusting volume, handling calls and activating voice assistant as hassle-free as possible.
  • [Type-C Charge & Power Indicators] – Battery-shaped indicators inside the charging case give you a clear picture of the battery left in the case, one LED stands for 25% power. Type-C charge brings convenience and ensure stability.
  • [Uninterrupted Connection & Auto Pairing] – Seamless connection between single mode with either earbud or single/twin mode. Both earbuds support working as the first/master unit. Instant pairing right after out of charging case.
  • [Pleasant Sound & 20 Hours] – Built-in 6mm bio-compound diaphragm driver streams finely tuned sound with outstanding clarity and low distortion. Around 4 times full recharges by charging case enrich your leisure. Note: SoundPEATS provides 12 months hassle-free warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase.

Specification: SoundPEATS TrueFree2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in-Ear Stereo IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earbuds, Monaural/Binaural Calls, Single/Twin…


Batteries Included



‎SoundPEATS Truefree2

Model Name


Part Number


Special Features

‎IPX7 Waterproof, Monaural/Binaural Calls, Single/Twin Mode, Customized Ear Fins, USB-C, 20 Hours Playtime

Mounting Hardware

‎Charging Case

Microphone format


Headphones form factor

‎On Ear


‎0.01 Volts

Power Source




Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Ion

Batteries Required


Cable feature

‎Without Cable

Connector Type


Material Type


Form Factor

‎In Ear

Product dimensions

‎2.77 x 2.08 x 2.49 cm, 2.83 Grams

Item Weight

‎2.83 g

Item Model Number

‎SoundPEATS Truefree2


‎2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎10 March 2020

8 reviews for SoundPEATS TrueFree2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in-Ear Stereo IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earbuds, Monaural/Binaural Calls, Single/Twin…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Angelo

    I use them for work in an environment where I am covered head to toe in ppe. They are still going strong and hold their charge well. Sound is really good for a budget ear bud.

    Only downside is the pause/answer button in them needs to be clicked in, which means you end up pressing the bud further into your ear. Other types just require a light tap.

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  2. Lisa Bratley

    Bought as a gift. Thankfully the recipient loves them!
    They are very fussy, and loves their music, so it was a risk buying them, but they are a hit!

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  3. Martin

    Love them!!! Wear them on daily basis to commute on my bike and they are excellent!

    Easy to pair each time, they stay paired and in sync (an issue I had with previous sets), good battery life, sweat? No problem, rain? No problems – they keep working fine. Great fit, wear them whilst road cycling and running and they have never felt loose.

    I set out on a bike ride with my daughter. I wore one earphone and she wore the other. We were up to 20 meters from eachother and they kept working fine.

    Buttons are clickable (instead of touch sensitive). This feels a little clumsy, particularly when turning the volume up (double click) BUT I WOULD NOT CHANGE IT as, in the other hand, buttons are not accidentally operated by sweat or water drops – a very annoy issue I had with touch sensitive pairs in the past (don’t judge – run hard, sweat a lot 🙂

    Buds battery life is excellent. I have never run out of battery mid session or during a long hike. However the battery life of the recharging case seems to last about a week (I use them every day for 2-3 hours which is less than other pairs I’ve owned.

    The mic is functional. It gets you buy. It seems to capture a lot of noise. They work ok indoors and in quite environment but outdoors are almost unusable.

    One day I will lose them…or break them…and I will be buying another pair for sure.

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  4. NJ

    For the price super impressive, great battery life, noise cancellation is amazing!! Just wow!

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  5. Jon

    I ordered these, the TrueDot earphones from the same brand, and got some wireless headphone free with my phone (“Motobuds Charge”). Of the three, these were the best.

    I also compared to my wife’s earpods and my experience of low to high end audio equipment.

    Sound quality is good, especially for the price. There are better sounding wireless earphones out there, but those are much more expensive. There is a cap on how good sound is going to be in wireless, in-ear headphones and I’d say these are 75-80% of the way there. This price and quality is the sweet spot if you want something that is fine for everyday use but don’t want to spend a lot or worry about your week being ruined if you lose one or drop it in the sink. You can then spend the money you save on some proper high-quality over-ear headphones for home (I went with Audio-Technica).

    The fit is fine for my ears and it comes with different sized rubber parts if you need to adjust the fit. They are a bit large for my wife’s ears. I have run short distances with them in and they have not fallen out, however for intense exercise I would recommend something with a lanyard for piece of mind. I use them for walking/running with the dog.

    They look fine, not cheap or silly looking.

    The button is one you actually press, not a touch control, which I actually prefer – harder to accidentally pause or change tracks. However, beyond pause/play (1 press) it’s a bit tricky remembering the sequences for next track volume up/down and timing the presses to do what you want. Personally, I just take out my phone to do most of these. There is one button on each earpiece.

    I like that the case tells you how much charge it has left. Very useful and often overlooked feature at this price point! Case is a bit large, to suit these larger headphones. They snap into the case with a magent – very satisfying and they always charge. I use them 1-3hrs every day, I have never run out of earpiece battery in that time, and I charge the case after about a week when it indicates 1/4 charge.

    Microphone not tested.

    Overall, I recommend these. The sound quality is good for the price and it has several nice-to-have features that others do not.

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  6. Robert Brown

    My previous ones were a name brand, cost 5 times as much, didn’t sound any different, and lasted a week. These are still going strong and getting regular use. Would buy again happily.

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  7. Cassian L.

    Best fitting earbuds in the world. I have the samsung galaxy buds pro 2’s and they sound awesome but dont nearly have as good a fit as these. If only the Soundpeats were higher quality. Still didnt stop me from buying a pair of these for all my family.

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  8. Ben

    I have had these earbuds for about a year or so now and can confidently say, that these are 110% worth the price. The sound quality is definitely average, however they’re loud. My new pixel A buds ($170 AUD) have better sound quality, yet I see myself needing to max my phone volume in loud areas to listen to podcasts etc… With these, I would say 60% – 70% volume is like 100% with the pixel A buds, so if you are constantly using earbuds in loud areas I would suggest these, especially at this price point. At this price point (I paid $35 AUD) they’re amazing, obviously you suffer with cheap electronics and a plastic charging case (yet still seemingly tough and could 100% survive a 20 meter drop). The features on my Pixel A buds ($170) are by far better, when I take my earbud out of my ear the podcast, music or video pauses, until I put it back in my ear, something I never knew I needed until I got my Pixel A buds. I couldn’t imagine using earbuds without that feature, the battery level for both ear pods and the case is displayed on my phone and I can simply touch the A buds and my video will pause. Really good features like that are only on higher end earbuds, they are sadly things that are left out in budget ones like these. I would recommend these if you don’t mind a straight forward approach to earbuds. No extra features, decent quality, good charging case…

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    SoundPEATS TrueFree2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in-Ear Stereo IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earbuds, Monaural/Binaural Calls, Single/Twin…
    SoundPEATS TrueFree2 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in-Ear Stereo IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earbuds, Monaural/Binaural Calls, Single/Twin…


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