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SPOTMYUV UV Detection Stickers for Sunscreen with Dermatrue Skin Mimicking Technology – 48 Count


Last updated on June 21, 2023 11:34 am


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  • SEE WHEN TO REAPPLY SUNSCREEN: SPOTMYUV is the world’s first clinically proven UV Detection Sticker with Dermatrue skin mimicking technology giving you a personalized reminder of when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. Cover SPOTMYUV with sunscreen and outdoors in direct sunlight, your SPOT will turn clear, showing you that your sunscreen is protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. As sunscreen wears off SPOTMYUV turns purple again, notifying you to reapply your sunscreen!
  • SKIN MIMICKING TECHNOLOGY: SPOTMYUV’s patented Dermatrue skin-mimicking top layer absorbs and releases sunscreen at the same rate as skin. As a result, Dermatrue ensures you have a clear view of your sun protection in real-time as you run, swim, and sweat when sunscreen wears off your skin.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: SPOTMYUV features a hypoallergenic, latex free adhesive, which has been dermatologist and pediatrician tested, making SPOT safer for children 3+ with adult supervision of course. The best part is that it’s gentle and won’t hurt to peel away. Use SPOTMYUV on the whole family so that you’re aware of your sun exposure each day you spend outside together.
  • ONE STICKER PER DAY: Each spot is water and sweat-resistant and can last up to 12 hours or 6 sunscreen applications. The colour-changing ink is reversible with each sunscreen reapplication, so you don’t need to use a new sticker each time you reapply. For example, if the SPOT is purple, apply sunscreen over the SPOT sticker and all exposed skin, and the SPOT will turn back to transparent/clear, telling you that your sunscreen is working.
  • BEST PRACTICE: To activate the SPOT, expose it to UV light before applying sunscreen. After sunscreen application, if the SPOT isn’t turning clear, your sunscreen may not be a high-enough SPF, might be expired, or you may not have applied enough. SPOTs are only effective when outdoors. The intensity of the UV light may affect the speed of SPOT’s color change, so it could take longer to turn purple or clear on a cloudy day.

Specification: SPOTMYUV UV Detection Stickers for Sunscreen with Dermatrue Skin Mimicking Technology – 48 Count

Product dimensions

‎12.19 x 6.35 x 0.76 cm, 10 Grams

Item Weight

‎10 g


‎Suncayr, Inc.

Item Model Number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎1 March 2021

5 reviews for SPOTMYUV UV Detection Stickers for Sunscreen with Dermatrue Skin Mimicking Technology – 48 Count

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  1. April

    I was super skeptical at first. I’m fair skinned and burn within 2 mins of walking into direct sunlight. We took these out on a week long vacation out into the *gasp* sun. These little dots were pretty great at detecting our UV limits and reminding us to reapply sunscreen. Worked perfect! No burns 🙂

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  2. Diane Cushley

    So after a holiday abroad and the good weather back home, I used these every day and my LB has never burned. Pop one on in the morning before going in the sun and apply sun cream as usual and the spot will go clear then we are good to go! I wish I had know about these sooner!
    What I really love is that my LB is more aware of sun safety and will actually ask for more cream on if he notices the colour begin to change. Before it was like wrestling with an octopus getting him to put it on 🤣. Definitely recommend and have to my family and friends as well as anyone who asked “what is that wee spot?” 👌🏻

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  3. Amazon Customer

    We read the instructions, put it on, went out and let it get some sunlight and afterwards put on the suncream. It goes transparent after putting the sunscreen, then it reappears slowly after a few hours and then we would put sunscreen again. It lasted the whole day without issues and we didn’t got burned once 😊🙏 Will but more when I run out.

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  4. Kendra Sekera

    We bought these for a cruise and they really do work great but the Sunscreen doesn’t absorb into the sticker like it does skin so when it gets wet the Sunscreen washes right off the sticker. I recommend using these for dry activities.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Where have these been all my life?! I’m very fair skinned, and I burn easily. I use sunscreen every day, no matter what, and I use a lot in the summer, but these will let me know I need to reapply before I get into the danger zone. They stick on easily, stay on well, and remove easily without leaving residue. I put mine on my wrist or forearm, where I frequently get sun exposure and can see it easily. It is definitely noticeable when it turns the warning color, which is a reddish purple. One kid thought it was a bruise until I took off the sticker. They are kind of expensive, but worth it to prevent a painful burn. I’m going to order more.

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    SPOTMYUV UV Detection Stickers for Sunscreen with Dermatrue Skin Mimicking Technology – 48 Count
    SPOTMYUV UV Detection Stickers for Sunscreen with Dermatrue Skin Mimicking Technology – 48 Count


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