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SweatBlock Clinical Strength DRIBOOST Antiperspirant Wipes – Treat Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating for Men, Women, and Teens – 7 Days of…


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  • STOP EMBARRASSING SWEAT BEFORE IT STOPS YOU – Wear the clothes you love and stay confident with SweatBlock underarm antiperspirant wipes. Stop hiding sweaty armpits and start living confidently. Strong anti-sweat protection for men, women, and teens.
  • FOR HYPERHIDROSIS TREATMENT & EXCESSIVE SWEATING – Clinical strength antiperspirant wipe strong enough for hyperhidrosis, nervous sweating, hormonal sweating, and perspiration due to prescription drug side-effects.
  • RAISE YOUR ARMS WITHOUT WORRY – Hug and high-five with confidence. Beat excessive sweat and stop sweating with SweatBlock Antiperspirant. Also great as a clinical strength deodorant: Stop underarm sweat, stop underarm odor.
  • DOCTOR CREATED. DOCTOR RECOMMENDED – Apply at night before bed – Up to 7 days protection per use – Safe, strong, and proven – Featured on The Rachael Ray Show & The Today Show.
  • LOVE IT, OR IT’S FREE – “Dry Shirt Guarantee” – Wear the shirts you love without pitting-out or your money back. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Proudly made in the USA. No Parabens, Phthalates, or animal testing.

Specification: SweatBlock Clinical Strength DRIBOOST Antiperspirant Wipes – Treat Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating for Men, Women, and Teens – 7 Days of…

Product dimensions

‎8.6 x 9 x 2.3 cm, 34 Grams

Item Weight

‎34 g



Item Model Number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎19 December 2017

13 reviews for SweatBlock Clinical Strength DRIBOOST Antiperspirant Wipes – Treat Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating for Men, Women, and Teens – 7 Days of…

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Samuraibus

    For someone who would just sit down and sweat like no tomorrow, I always had to keep my arms stuck to me. While working out everyone’s armpits look dry and it gets so embarrassing. I have looked into Botox and miradry but it’s so expensive. So I thought I’d give this a go. First day in and i still feel wet but it’s not crazy. I wore black today so can’t tell but I will try with a lighter colour. It’s definitely not as sweaty as it was and I’m very excited to keep at it!
    Thee weeks in and with continuous use I feel better in lighter clothes and am drier, maybe not completely but not noticeably and I’ll take that any day. Possibly will get better with longer use.
    I managed to use one wipe twice. Kept it where it couldn’t dry out and used in 2 weeks. Pretty good.

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  2. Stephen P Thomas

    As a 60 year old woman who still suffers from hot flushes and facial sweating I was desperate to find somthing to help with this problem. I had just been abroad and was horrified at the sun damage to my face caused by sweating off the sun protection I had used. I was fed up with comments from people around me who couldnt believe how red my face was or how much sweat. I felt constantly uncomfortable. I couldnt go anywhere without my tissues to mop up. How I envied those women who walk around looking cool and fresh all day!
    When I read the reviews it seemed too good to be true, I was also concerned because I have sensitive skin, It did not sting and I am delighted with the results.
    I have only used one facial wipe and have saved it again in the foil and a plastic bag to use again. This makes the cost of the pack much more reasonable. I found that one use lasts about 4 days. Dont be put off by the comments of a terrible smell, it is a smell of cloves that is not unpleasant and lasts seconds! I can use moisturiser and make up or sun protection with it and I am always surprised at having makeup to remove at the end of the day. Thank you so much for making my life comfortable again and my new ‘cool’ look.

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  3. pejman sadeh

    As Described fast acting

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  4. Mr. A. Johnstone

    This product is simply outstanding and a complete game changer! Having had social anxiety issues to varying degrees for most of my adult life I had accepted excessive underarm sweat as the norm. I tried to combat it by wearing layers and colours I knew didn’t show sweat patches too visibly, often wearing more layers than was comfortable in summer! Last year I tried the Thompson Tee to a degree of success. Being able to go through an airport without looking like a sweaty mess was a great thing but the ultimate feeling of having a horrendously soaked tampon under eat armpit is not a good one!!!!

    In April I bought my first pack on Sweat Block and was astounded!!! Absolute GAME CHANGER! I was a heavy sweater and I only have to reapply every two weeks, sometimes longer! It does cause a bit of irritation for a few days after but applying allo vera a few times a day helps. It is so effective I have been on 25 miles bike rides and there’s still no sweat under the arms 😱. Now, in my experience, in circumstances of excessive exercise or stress the sweat does need to go somewhere, usually that’s out of my back or head. I have no problem with that as there’s something far less gross about back sweat.

    For average everyday situations this has been a stellar product. Because sweating is massively reduced it very rarely comes into my mind as a automatic negative thought which inturn has reduced my anxiety a LOT. It’s now summer and we’re in the middle of a heatwave, I am enjoying my summer, not planning my outfit or day around sweat, this is fantastic. So happy I tried this product, just wish I had found it years ago.

    Thanks 😎

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  5. Dario

    I hate to say it, but I’m that guy – Sweat Block unfortunately didn’t work for me. I did all I was supposed to do, I followed the instructions, felt the tingling, got my hopes up, but when push came to shove – it didn’t work for me. I don’t think there’s a problem with the product, it just doesn’t work for me (therefore 3 stars instead of 1). My hyperhidrosis is obviously too special and I hate all of you that found this product to be a life savior. I can’t give it 5 stars because it wasn’t what I hoped it would be, but I can say that I feel that this is extremely helpful for most of the people out there that have problems with excessive sweating. Those are the same people I hate. And envy.

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  6. C

    As someone with hyper hydrosis this product is life changing. I usually am dripping sweat over nothing in both hot and cold. But since using this even during a workout I wasn’t sweating at all. I can’t wait to wear colours other than black now!!! So amazing

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  7. lisa

    Excellent !! Read the reviews and thought hmmm cant be that good, we have had deodorant of the doctor
    and ended up in A & E as it burnt, so was very skeptical about buying these but had to do something, my daughter
    was getting more and more upset as her new uniform showed the wetness under her arms all the way down to her waist and
    it was getting embarrassing, so we thought give it a go !

    What a life changer, done exactly what it says on the pack and we was amazed when my daughter came home from work a bit of wetness
    but fantastic, next few days after no wipe used and no sweat, we didn’t they would work after showering but there brilliant, cant rate them enough
    they are expensive but we have been paying £8.60 for a prescription to which doesn’t work, so only using these sparingly works out the same

    Buy them and try them for yourselves completely took the embarrassment away for my daughter

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  8. Julia McKay

    This product is great. I still use an antiperspirant under my underarms during the day but it’s awesome for Summer days especially when super hot. Recently bought more.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    This product has changed my life.
    I believe I suffer from craniofacial hyperhydrosis aka overly sweaty face. Ever since the age of 16, no matter how much I powdered my foundation into my forehead, kept my hair off my face or attempted to regulate my body temperature; I could not avoid the dreaded sweatbeads forming on my forehead.
    I’m now 25 and have worked in busy, hot bars and restaruants and suffered with this issue. But not anymore.
    I often found that as I entered a warm room after being out in the cold, my forehead would sweat profusely. I’d had enough when on one of the first few dates with my now boyfriend; as he was trying on clothes, I was swiftly powdering my forehead on a shop floor; just ridiculous! It ruined the date as I felt disgusting and I immediately searched “stop forehead sweating”. I came across Sweat Block and watched the firefighter testimonial. I was sold!
    I ordered and the first time I used them was the night before I was due to travel to Edinburgh with my boyfriend. For those of you unaware, Edinburgh has a sh*tload of stairs and I knew we’d be carrying our bags all day Saturday as we walked as well as visiting nightclubs and cosy bars on the Friday night. I applied the wipe onto my forehead and slept.
    I can honestly say that my forehead was bone dry the entire weekend (except when we got caught in the rain hehe). We walked for miles up and down hills and stairs. We drank and danced in small, un-airconditioned clubs and I felt so confident I didn’t even bring a small powder puff to top up my make up.
    I am so thankful a product such as Sweat Block exists; it has changed my life. I re-apply whenever I feel my forehead is starting to produce sweat again; roughly every 3 weeks or so. If you, like me, have been crippled with embarrassment and stress over a sweaty forehead then I implore you to try this product. It seriously improved my mental health, my happiness and my make up stays put!

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  10. Yoloswag69420

    This works really well! I legit don’t excessively sweat under my arms for like 7 days it’s amazing 🙂
    But my guy. Lemme tell you. The smell of these bad boys when you’re applying it is crazyyy horrible. Like not in a fish way, more in a unbelievably overpowering spicy sugar cane way, which kinda sounds good but i’m telling you I’m literally about to puke everytime I put it on. But honestly it’s so worth it if you don’t want your sweat to ruin your outfits lol

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  11. Carann

    Does not work.

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  12. Clare

    This works as described
    But I do find I still need to wear an additional layer of deodorant every morning (but I do not have to use antiperspirant)

    I need to try out applying this two days in a row and see if that improves it’s ability – will modify review at that time

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  13. Scorps

    Works don’t sweat at all under my armpit

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    SweatBlock Clinical Strength DRIBOOST Antiperspirant Wipes – Treat Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating for Men, Women, and Teens – 7 Days of…
    SweatBlock Clinical Strength DRIBOOST Antiperspirant Wipes – Treat Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating for Men, Women, and Teens – 7 Days of…


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