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Thermos Single Wall Hydration Bottle, 710ml, Smoke, HP4100SMPTY6


Last updated on May 31, 2023 11:00 pm
SKU: B00EO0K386


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  • Made from impact-resistant and durable Eastman Tritan
  • One-handed push button operation
  • Rotating meter lets you monitor daily water consumption
  • Flip-up carrying loop
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to grip

Specification: Thermos Single Wall Hydration Bottle, 710ml, Smoke, HP4100SMPTY6


Model Number




Product dimensions

‎8.13 x 8.13 x 25.4 cm, 181.44 Grams


‎0.71 Fluid Ounces



Special Features


Item Weight

‎181 g

13 reviews for Thermos Single Wall Hydration Bottle, 710ml, Smoke, HP4100SMPTY6

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Cam Love

    Good size and spill proof

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  2. Seeb

    I’ve been using this bottle for a few weeks now and I’ve gotta say I’m very disappointed.
    The materials feel kinda cheap. The button on the front to access the drinking spout is kinda stiff, not sure if the spring is loose or what the problem is, but it takes actual effort to open the cover. It’s a two handed manoeuvre most times, which is annoying especially if I’m driving.
    There’s no vent/air hole, which means that you can not seal your lips on the drinking spout.
    The ‘drink count’ ring on the top of the bottle is very loose and useless. It’s mostly ornamental.
    I bought this thinking Thermos is a good brand, but I’m very disappointed with it. Poor design. I’ll just have to get another Camelbak drink bottle.

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  3. lmrk21

    I have five of those bottles for Home, Work and the car. As long as you screw the top on properly they are leakproof. Also easy to clean

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  4. Ido

    I like how the bottle feels in my hand and it’s a good size that fits in all cupholders. I also really liked the way water pours out of the mouthpiece.

    The mechanism to open the bottle is a bit flimsy, it’s based on a single rubber band that will weaken overtime and out of the box it is sometimes not strong enough to pull the lid open without a bit of help. The locking mechanism is also poorly designed, the metal loop is annoying to secure and has fallen out of one bottle.

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  5. Scott M Meister

    Love it. Have had it for over a year and have purchased a second one to use at the gym.

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  6. J

    I’ve smacked it off my bedside table into a wall while fumbling for it in the dark.
    I’ve knocked it off my coffee table and it landed on the bricks of my fireplace.
    I’ve had this water bottle for a month and it’s still good as new.
    Handy little clip so the push button open doesn’t accidently spill in your bag, that luckily I’ve remembered to use everytime.
    It’s a good sized water bottle that I’ll definitely buy again when I do manage to finally destroy this one!

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  7. GG48GG

    This review is of the Thermos Tritan bottle, mainly as it compares to the the Thermos Intak Bottle…

    I use a water bottle pretty much all day, every day. I bring the same one with me to work, then bring it home to use. I prefer drinking from a water bottle to a glass in order to prevent spills, and just because I like the way the right bottle drinks. Cleanliness, ergonomics, and durability are most important to me in a bottle.

    I have tried several different bottles over the years and the Thermos Intak is my favorite. I own several Intak’s and wash them in the top rack of my dishwasher every couple of days. The down side of the Intak bottle is that, if it falls hard enough on the top, on a hard surface, the cap will break. It’s not the end of the world since you can get replacement tops from the manufacturer for $4 a piece by just calling them. The ergonomics of the Intak bottle are fantastic. The opening is just the right size for drinking, the cap closes to keep the spout clean, and it also disassembles for thorough cleaning.

    I decided to try this new Tritan bottle because it looks a lot like the Intak bottle that I love, with some improvements. It is the same size in volume and is slightly shorter in height by maybe 1/4 of an inch, due to the more compact cap. From photos, I thought maybe Thermos improved the durability/breakability of the cap, which was my main complaint with the Intak and main reason for trying the Tritan.

    The redesign of the cap brings lots of improvements:
    a) More compact design which may be more durable. I haven’t tried to deliberately drop the bottle, but it seems like it would hold up slightly better, although I can’t say for sure. It’s still not even close to indestructible, but nothing’s perfect.
    b) The clasp and spring mechanism is improved over the Intak. It now uses a silicon rubber band to pop the cap open, whereas with the Intak, the cap popped open by compression of a small piece of silicon rubber. This change makes for smoother close and open, with a better feel to the mechanism. It also helps ensure the top opens all the way. I can see this silicone band wearing out after a while, but it looks easy and cheap to replace, as is the seal.
    c) The extra metal safety clasp is retained and is slightly easier to engage than the Intak’s
    d) The carrrying loop(typically used for holding the bottle with one finger) is improved as well, and its position no longer affects popping open the cap when you press the release button. With the older Intak, if you fold the hook down and try to pop open the cap with one hand, it won’t pop open all the way (I noticed this only happens on some of my Intaks).
    e) The ring for counting your water intake is also a feature of the Tritan bottle. I never use this feature, but I noticed that the ring on the new bottle works just fine, although slightly harder to turn than the Intak.

    In addition to the improvements to the cap, the Tritan bottle is A LOT more grippy. This is very welcome since the Intak bottle could get a bit slippery when wet.

    Although the redesign brings all of these improvements, it brings with it a major detriment to its ergonomics: The spout is significantly smaller in diameter. It is also not angled, like the Intak’s spout. I find that when drinking more than a sip, the Tritan’s spout doesn’t allow enough flow and causes air to mix with the water. It’s not horrible, but it is not as comfortable to drink from as the Intak.

    This bad trait of the Tritan is really unfortunate, because it is better than the Intak in nearly all other ways.

    I just ordered 4 more Intak bottles just in case Thermos decides to discontinue them. I won’t be ordering any more Tritan bottles, but am not going to totally stop using my Tritan either. I hope this review helps others in deciding on a water bottle. Obviously a water bottle is important to me, and I probably sound like a huge nerd. Maybe I am. What can I say?

    P.S. The Intak and Tritan bottles do not have ANY interchangeable parts.

    Edit: Due to breaking too many Intak tops, I now use a Nalgene Narrow Mouth 32oz bottles. These are very difficult to break, and have a higher capacity, and are not quite as top heavy. Other than those advantages, I still like the Intak bottle for the advantages stated in my review.

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  8. Wade

    Pretty happy witht the bottle, it hasnt leaked nor any parts have broken, use it for the gym and leave it in my duffel bag

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  9. Andrei

    Summary- Quick Delivery, Low Price, Great Features

    My old water bottle was expensive, heavy, with hard to clean areas and filters so I purchased this and it is amazing!
    -Arrived in about 12 hours at an incredibly low price! The bottle looks just like the photos, very intricate and unique design which had my friends and family think it was a $50 bottle! The design is also very comfortable, providing extra grip in the hand, though it does appear to be made for left-handers, which is not a problem because I can still just use my right hand, or left hand while cycling when I need the grip!
    -The functionality is also another plus, it has a nice safety lock design, which is, I’ll admit a bit inconvenient to unlock, but it is optional, providing extra security with the built in snap lid which in reality, is all you’ll need.
    -I’ve had no problems with leaking, even when accidentally leaving the bottle upside-down in my bag for hours.
    -It is incredibly easy to wash, with 2 removable silicone inserts (top stopper and rim under lid) which go back in as easy as they come out. There are no fancy useless filters, ensuring a clear path for the water which means no mold or build-ups.
    -Comes with a hook on the back which I haven’t found the need for but is always great to have.
    -Has a meter at the top to keep track of your daily water intake, I keep forgetting to use it but it is very nice to have.
    The only possible negative I could have about this bottle is the size of the spout, it is a bit too small for the mouth, which was odd at first but easy to get accustomed to.

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  10. J N Savic

    Love this bottle . My second time buying this bottle. Needed a new bottle given ware and tear.

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  11. spin_nin

    This is my 3rd or 4th of these over the last several years. Works well, and doesn’t leak unless you overfill it or don’t tighten the top all the way. Easy to clean using an OXO bottle brush and dish soap (I always. wash it by hand). One issue I have is that some black material always develops on the clear silicone that keeps the spout sealed when the lid is closed. Don’t know if this is mold or what but that is what prompts me to replace them.

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  12. Gururajan

    It worked well for couple of months and then started leaking without any drop or unusual handling. Then the pin to hold the cap on top came up apart as well.

    Filmsy and poorly made. I wouldnt recommend it..

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  13. KaseyShopping

    I am a little ashamed to say that I order 4 more of these to add to our collection of 6 that we already had…. Some people may say that I have a problem of hoarding water bottles, I argue that I am just worried about dehydration! I own 6 of these and 4 of the original design.

    I really do love water bottles though. It maybe turning into a problem that will require an intervention at some point, but for now, I think it makes me an expert in the matter. So, here we go!

    What I love about these: The cup counter on the top of the lid is worth the cost of this bottle alone. If you are a person who hates drinking water, the twisting counter on top will help you hit your goal every day. There is something very accomplishing about clicking the dial over to 8 or 9. I also love the metal piece that secures the lid closed and keeps the button from being pressed by accident. It guarantees that it won’t leak and in the 5 years I have owned these bottles, no one of them has spilled in a bag or purse. They will keep the water in.

    I also love that the opening of the body is wide enough to put ice in. There are a few bottles out there that can’t handle the load dropped from a residential ice maker (half moon shaped). These cups have the perfect angle that doesn’t jam or stop the ice up at all.

    One thing I can appreciate with the 2nd generation of this bottle is that they changed the shape so it now fits in a car cupholder a lot better. The first Gen ones don’t quite fit right and it was the biggest complaint from my husband that they didn’t fit in his F350.

    These things are a breeze to put in the dishwasher and don’t retain a smell. I also like filling them up 1/3 of the way with water and freezing them to take camping. Wonderful product!

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    Thermos Single Wall Hydration Bottle, 710ml, Smoke, HP4100SMPTY6
    Thermos Single Wall Hydration Bottle, 710ml, Smoke, HP4100SMPTY6


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