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TOZO NC9 2022Version Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, in Ear Headphones IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.3 Stereo Earphones, Immersive…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:38 pm


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  • 【Active Noise Cancellation】Hybrid 3 layer Active Noise Cancellation. 1. Outward-facing microphone detects external sounds and counter with equal anti-noise to first cancel noise. 2. Inward-facing microphone listens inside ear canal to pick up internal sounds and produce anti-noise again to twice cancel the left noise. 3. Ear caps prevent 90% noise going to ear canal.
  • Transparent Mode】 You can hear what you want to hear, which lets outside sound in so you can hear and interact with the world around you. You can clearly hear the announcement of the airline or subway and what is saying around you without taking off the headphones.
  • 【Built-in Dual Noise Cancelling Microphone】Double microphone noise reduction system suppresses environmental noise. A dedicated internal and two external microphones pick up your voice and isolate it from outside noise.
  • 【One-step Pairing】Pick up the two headsets from the charging case, and they will be paired automatically. Then simply enable bluetooth connection on your mobile phone to pair the device with your earbuds.
  • 【Charge on the Go】TOZO NC9 wireless earbuds can last for over 13 hours’ playtime from a single charge and 27 extra hours in the compact charging case. In the Active Noise Cancellation mode can last for over 7 hours’ play time. Providing convenient charging way with no strings attached.

Specification: TOZO NC9 2022Version Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, in Ear Headphones IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.3 Stereo Earphones, Immersive…






Model Name

‎NC9 2022

Model year


Part Number


Special Features

‎Noise Cancellation, Microphone Included

Mounting Hardware

‎USB-C Charging Cable, TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, 6 pairs of Eartips (XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL), Quick Guide & User Manual, Wireless Charging Case

Headphones form factor

‎In Ear

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Metal

Cable feature

‎Without Cable

Connector Type


Material Type


Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎2.06 x 2.45 x 2.63 cm, 42.5 Grams

Item Weight

‎42.5 g

Item Model Number



‎1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

‎4 July 2022

13 reviews for TOZO NC9 2022Version Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, in Ear Headphones IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.3 Stereo Earphones, Immersive…

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Xander

    Wasn’t expecting an amazing set of headphones for the price, but was pleasantly surprised with the overall quality.
    Sound quality is decent evough, I’d give them a solid 6/10. A little bit tinny but does improve with ANC on for some reason. I love that it has ANC and transparent mode but they both aren’t overly effective compared to higher end buds, but again for the price point they perform better than expected.
    Haven’t gauged the long term quality but they seem solid, with a good case and sterdy feel in hand.
    I’d love if they fit a little more snug in ear, but maybe thicker after market rubber clip ons would help?

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  2. Paul Brassett

    I initially wrote a review on the TOZO NC9 ear buds, with I returned due to what i suspected to be a fault.
    I then tried verious other brands of ear buds, Transmart Apollo ANC ears, Sony WF-1000 and Jabra 75 Elite.
    The sony did not stay in my ear as most of the ear bud is outside of the ear, the jabra were good but expensive, the transmart I returned.
    So lets get things into prespective, what do you want to use your ear buds for, watching a movie on your laptop, listening to music while working, drowning out noise on planes, trains? I am not a sound engineer and i wanted these to use on skpe calls, listen to music and answer my phone while out waking.
    Lets be real here most of us want them for everyday use, e.g. wearing when out walking or in the gym. We re not looking for these to use while producing best selling records in the recording studio
    If you intend to use your buds for the gym then they will need to be IP rated to prevent moisture (SWEAT) ingress in to the elctronic circuitry within the ear buds.
    I read all the reviews and thought to myself 73% of 6444 people gave TOZO a 5 star rating, so common sense woud indicate that these 4704 people can not be wrong. So I gave Tozo another go and I got some TOZO 12 ear buds. T
    hese abuds have a IPX8 rating this is a rating that means that the device is protected against water submersion for an extended period of time, so they are more that capealbe of keeping out any sweat created while working out or any rain if you happen to get caugh in shower while out walking and these can be washed after a trip to the gym to remove any salt build up from the sweat. .
    The Buds come with a very good selction of ear tips to ensure that you get a good seal in the ear canal. These buds have been designed to sit deep in your ear canal. This ensures not just a secure fit, but a tight seal. These buds do not have active noise cancelling ao it is essential to get a good seal with the correct ear tip as this will help prevent outside noise seeping in around the buds and ruining your listening experience.
    The buds come with their own charging case which has a C type USB connector socket.
    The case also a unique feature in thqt it has a display which shows the amout of charge available in both the case and each bud, The power in the buds are shown by bar graph , four bars indicates 100%, 1 bar 25%. the case power is shown by numbers.
    I find the sound is good and the microphone is clear when making / answering mobile calls., I said i am not a sound engineer but these are good for the money and will be acceptabe to most of us who are not audiophiles. Be realistic and you will be happy with what you get for you money.
    Battery life is good.
    All in all i would give these a 5 star rating for what you get for your money.

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  3. Misc and rewier of music headsets , high price doesn’t mean best ~ 🎵 all samples are welcome both from bands and distributors

    I’ve had a few different pairs of earbuds but these Tozo NC9’s beat them all.
    The pairing was super simple and as soon as I removed the buds from the charging box my phone saw them and I was able to pair immediately.
    They are extremely comfortable in the ear and easily withstand physical exercise without falling out.
    The sound quality blew me away. Deep bass coupled with great quality throughout the ranges.
    The notice cancelling feature is a bonus and works really well.
    The microphone also works very well and the few people I’ve phoned using them have said the voice quality is excellent.
    The battery life is also really good!
    All in all a fantastic set of earbuds and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

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  4. TrevorS

    Okay call me The Music man for fun I am a big Music junkie I’m always walking around listening to music so the one thing you want in a good pair of headsets is battery life sound quality and definitely you want to be able to block out the outside world when I bought these I bought the first version of the NC9, Then they brought out An upgraded version and bloody wow what a difference battery life up to 10 hours let’s just put this into perspective everybody AirPods for hours . Echo buds four hours, Bose 5 hours , beats buds 5.5 And horrible now all the others are £150 plus and you would think the sound quality would be absolutely 10 times better there is only one of those which surpasses the sound of these and that is the Bose, but these are not earbuds so if I separate that is by far outweigh any of the leading brands and I’ve got three sets I’ve got blue black and white and you can go to bed and be guaranteed with noise cancellation working that you can go to bed at 11 o’clock at night put some sleep music on all night still be playing when you wake up and whoever says you cannot sleep with easing you can you’ve just got to Nestle them into your ear properly, You’ve got to just simply twist them slightly and they work , The one true thing I do love about these is the sound quality just improved every time they release this particular version now I’ve got also the other tozo 12 brand stuff, Which the sound quality is fantastic just no the noise cancellation, But I’ll be honest with you you are she don’t need it because if it’s all well into the ear they drowned a lot out anyway.
    I am always looking for different brands to try and they’re always comes back to this particular brand and I’ve tried some others and the rubbish and get banned now people will say but the cheap so they must be crap that’s rubbish what is shows you is how much the leading brands hijack the price no I would tell you I don’t buy crap I don’t like a bad sound and these are a fantastic sound the noise cancellation on the works so if you got air-conditioning and you want drowning out and you wanna listen to the music knock yourself out because that’s what I do it works a treat personally I hope they bring another version out which is even stronger on the nice cat noise cancellation you can’t fault them and I beg to differ by anybody because I’ve been into music for 30 years and I’ve tried every range of music headset there is and these are up there with the best so I am beggar belief why we are not selling more than what they are doing I know the popular book these particular brought the NC9 Is by far far better than some leading brands by a mile now I’m just waiting for the next upgrade because I would love to see what they’re gonna do without someone say it don’t support aptx , With respect I say this to you if you’ve got a bloody android phone and your Bluetooth thing makes no bloody difference it’s all done by Codecs from the phone, oh your laptop so whoever is asking stupid questions like that you need to look at the equipment you are using any always makes me laugh when somebody asks that question because it’s clearly you do not understand how music Codex work is the actual device you are using to listen from if it is compatible like for example I have a Music I take it to the highest codec it’s got so I’ve got the best sound quality and it’s brilliant and then try it with deezer hi-fi, IMusic Beats it hands down, put the biggest surprise of all and you are better read this start subscribing to Amazon HD because I tell you now the music quality from that is a CD quality standard now but they’re also doing a Nopus which is another variation of it but it just means it studio quality and you can’t get that from Spotify so you so-called music muffins out there you’re not your complete numpties because at the end of the day it’s also down to who you are streaming music from that counts are you not taking this into consideration if you are listening to your own music which I’ve put onto your own phone and listening flac , It will sound awesome with these headsets I guarantee it and if there’s anybody from tozo reads this , You really need to get some British people who can test your products and write reviews because your products need proper reviews and they’re not getting them and I’ve been a music junkie for 30 years and your products are brilliant and they should be up there with the best of them are built well they’ve improved over the last two years you’ve clearly got hold of a concept and I’ve built on top of it but I’ve got to see what you’ve done with the NC9 I just can’t wait for the next upgrade the only thing I would say which is something you really do need to be thinking about is do your own bloody app where we can play around with the settings because not all music streaming services allow you to play around with your own equaliser so a bit like Jabra Jabra headsets you cannot argue with guys they are the top of the range and they are my number one by far they are number one Tozo come in at number three Bose two , And I’ve got plenty of other brands as well but for Earbuds they are my top three, i’ve got a pair of AirPods promax and they are crap you by the top of the range and you can’t even turn the volume down on the pro you can which idiot came up with that concept I mean come on we want to be able to manually turn things down as well we don’t wanna have to rely on getting this phone out or talking to one of us voice assistance we want to be out if you’re in bed you want to be able to manually turn it down and that’s key for me I want to be able to manually turn it down but I would recommend these without a doubt and if you want more information contact me and I will gladly tell you why these are in my top three and I probably got 40 pairs of earbuds which I’ve tried tested and binned

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  5. El Gheib

    I’ve been using these for months with my iPhone 13, and they don’t disappoint. In a 24-hour flight I kept them in most of the time and the noise cancelling was good enough. I discovered that listening to long podcast conversations in the plane, sometimes paired with casual gaming, is better than movies or trying to read books. They pair quickly and I’ve no zero issues with R/L sync or whatever. The only thing I don’t like is the voice signal: it talks too slowly, and cycles through ANC Mode, ANC Off, and Transparency Mode. So when you press, and it starts to say ANC, you don’t know if it’s going to say ANC Mode or ANC Off. That’s just slightly frustrating UX, no big deal. Also when it pairs, it says Power on and then Connected for each side, separately, which feels cheap and unsettling. It would be smoother and more seamless if it just waited and said Connected in both ears at the same time. Again, no big deal. Sound is good, amapiano and electro sure brings out the bass! Podcasts and Audible are super clear and loud even at half volume and using stuff like vacuum cleaners and long-hall quad jet engines. I go running with these, and they don’t fall out (I returned the Beats Fit Pro which kept falling out). When running, I turn off ANC, otherwise the wind is audible. The transparency mode works well but doesn’t sound transparent like more expensive products; it sounds like a tinny amplification of surroundings, which remains functional, but not something I’d leave on for any length of time. Phone calls work great and people say they hear me fine, and I often ask because I know cheap earbuds tend to lack in this regard. The controls work great too, volume and play and so on, but a hood or hat can set them off sometimes, so I’d probably prefer actual buttons that I could click. You can’t sleep on the side with these in, because of comfort and the buttons get triggered somehow (electric pillows?!). The charging is conveniently wireless (I use a merch pad I picked up from a job) and there’s USB-C which is faster. I use them all the time and don’t even charge the case every day. All in all they are ridiculously good value for fifty bucks (I think they were on special) and even though I’d like AirPods or Beats to get spatial audio and a better overall experience, it’s hard to justify the cost when these work so well. Thanks TOZO!

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  6. JL

    I cannot recommend these highly enough. I owned one pair, lost them, and then bought two pairs in replacement. I also bought a pair for a friend overseas (although he has yet to try the noise cancelling feature I bought them for xD).

    Audio quality is a respectable 4/5 stars, the ANC feature is a godsend in noisy supermarket/mall/public settings or even when you’re home and want some quiet time from your housemates/kids/partner. They’re very comfortable to wear and a full charge lasts somewhere around 8-10 hours of use. Controls are decent if a bit fiddly (you have to click more than once sometimes for the earbud to register). They also rarely fall out; I’ve played basketball in these, listening to them as I rack up jumpshots and only occasionally do I have to adjust them.

    Highly recommended for general use.

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  7. J. A.

    There are so many products from TOZO, it was difficult to choose the “best.” I purchased the NC9 model and was impressed. But the T12 and other models’ specs and features seemed so tempting! Are the NC9 really the best? I reached out to the company, but didn’t get a clear answer.

    So, I decided to test. I purchased the NC9 Pro and the T12 Pro. I only purchased the TOZO products with the largest driver diameter because I want to hear deep bass when listening to music. I also like to listen to music in bed; earbuds which will not fall out or be uncomfortable when placing my ear on a pillow are a must. Here are the differences I noted, and my recommendations.


    Which TOZO devices are compatible with the TOZO Sound app?
    – The TOZO Sound app is currently compatible with models T6S, T10S, NC2 Pro, NC7 Pro, NC9 Pro and NC9 Pro Max.
    – The NC9 Pro Max model doesn’t appear to be available as of this writing.
    – From the products I tested, only the NC9 Pro works with the app.
    – The T12 Pro and NC9 are not recognized by the app.

    The TOZO Sound mobile app main features:
    – Equalizer that actually works
    – Programmable earbud button controls
    – More noise canceling options, including custom mode
    (must use app to set – extra modes don’t cycle when pressing the earbuds button).


    The NC9 and NC9 Pro are essentially the same, except:
    – The NC9 Pro has updated voice/sound feedback and seems to respond a little faster.
    – The NC9 Pro works with the TOZO Sound mobile app.
    – Slight cosmetic differences (more below).
    – Both the NC9 and NC9 Pro models feature active noise canceling and transparent mode.

    The T12 Pro earbuds and charger feature a different design.
    – The overall size is about the same as the NC9/NC9 Pro, but more round.
    – The earbuds are designed to fit a little deeper in the ear canal.
    – The T12 Pro features a larger “power bank” charging case with detailed battery stats.
    – The T12 Pro does not feature any noise canceling or transparent modes.


    – The NC9 Pro earbuds have “TOZO” printed on the outside and “L” and “R” printed on the inside.
    – The NC9 earbuds have “L” and “R” printed on the outside, TOZO on the inside.
    – The T12 Pro has detailed charger and earbud battery stats.
    – The NC9 and NC9 Pro have simple indicator lights.
    – The NC9 Pro charging case lights blink faster than the NC9 when the case is charging.
    – The NC9 pairs once you take the earbuds out of the charging case.
    – The NC9 Pro and T12 Pro will pair as soon as you open the charging case lid.


    T12 Pro
    – The T12 Pro earbuds feature the deepest bass, though it’s only a little more than the NC9/NC9 Pro.
    – They seem to be factory-tuned for big bass with slightly muted mid and higher frequencies.

    NC9/NC9 Pro
    – The NC9 and NC9 Pro are factory-tuned with louder, clear vocals and highs, and still have rich bass.

    NC9 Pro Advantage “Cheat Mode”
    – With the TOZO Sound app “Bass +” equalizer setting, the NC9 Pro can be tuned to produce as much bass as the T12 Pro,
    – All while keeping the clear vocals and highs.


    It is my opinion that the active noise canceling and “transparent mode” features in the NC9/NC9 Pro are just too good to pass up. However, they don’t block ALL sounds. Here’s what to expect.

    Active Noise Canceling:
    – Works great for erasing continuous “white noise” from wind, airplanes, cars, fans, machinery, etc.
    – Really erases most white noise. Airplane noise gone. Car noise gone. Yes, that too.
    – Doesn’t block all shorter or sharp sounds.
    – Doesn’t block all rain noise.
    – You’ll still hear muffled sounds of people talking, dogs barking, etc.
    – You’ll still hear some white noise if wearing earbud seals too small for your ear.

    Transparent Mode:
    – Great for hearing people talking, airlines announcements, etc. while wearing earbuds.
    – Depending on the volume, you may need to pause your music to clearly hear outside noise.
    – Also amplifies white noise; it may not be so great to use this mode all the time.

    ANC Off – Standard Mode:
    – Still blocks some sounds, but doesn’t block white noise.
    – You’ll hear muffled sounds of people talking, dogs barking, etc.
    – NC9/NC9 Pro earbud batteries really last over 10 hours when using this mode (about 30% volume).
    – Perfect in a quieter environment when you don’t have to pay attention to others talking.


    Please keep in mind: all of these TOZO models sound great. If you’re used to laptop speakers or the tiny, wired earbuds included with your mobile device, you’ll likely be amazed at the sound quality difference.

    NC9 Pro: In my opinion, the NC9 Pro provides the best choice of features in regards to app-adjustable sound and noise cancelation. If you love these features, don’t need the power bank charger feature of the T12 Pro, and don’t mind the higher price, the NC9 Pro may be your best choice.

    NC9: The NC9 model sounds great and works well. To be honest, I often set my NC9 Pro equalizer feature to flat/standard because “bass +” is just too much bass. So, my NC9 sounds the same as my NC9 Pro. Considering the lower price point, the NC9 is very tempting.

    T12 Pro: If you must have the power bank charger feature, and the noise canceling or app features don’t appeal to you, the T12 may be for you. Still, may I recommend the NC9?

    T12: In my opinion, this model doesn’t offer any advantages over the NC9 (no power bank charger). Buy the NC9 instead.


    – In all models I tested, the microphones pick up loud outside noise (i.e. airports arrivals area), which makes it difficult to use for calling (your friend can’t hear you). They work well in quieter environments.

    – I have smaller ears. I found the NC9/NC9 Pro earbuds fit better and were more comfortable than the T12 earbuds, especially when placing my ear on a pillow. Even though they’re similar in size, the T12 earbuds seem to stick out of my ears more. They may work better for people with larger ears.

    – The earbud buttons on all models are very sensitive. They’ll trigger if you accidentally touch them with your arm, hand, etc.

    – When skipping tracks, I’ve found it’s easier to just lightly double-tap the earbud button with the palm of my hand, or even my arm, than to try to locate it with a finger.

    I hope this review has been helpful!

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  8. michael

    Great buds. Work as well as much more expensive brands I’ve owned in the past. I would recommend Tozo brand ear buds. This is my second pair, the first I misplaced.

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  9. Kiwi39

    Great item – sound is very good and very easy to set up connect with.

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  10. Finally, finally an earplug that works by blocking irritating noises, , fits perfectly in my ears. I slept comfortably and deeply.

    I like the noise cancellation while out and about by foot, not so much while Travelling by bus or train it seems to catch the screetching noise of the train tracks and bus motor.
    Is a Tad bigger than I thought for my ears. This earphone is better suited for men.

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  11. Angelina Fu

    The media could not be loaded.

     Good quality, feels solid. Packaging was good and not too much unnecessary stuff. Pairs easily no problem. The sound quality is amazing and beats ear buds which cost twice the amount. You can also choose different sound profiles on the app. My fave feature which none of the expensive ear buds had is that you can change the volume on the earbud itself. Also, if you want to use only 1 ear bud it still works no problem. Fits snugly into the ear too.

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  12. Grega

    Not great volume but for the price amazing

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  13. TrevorS

    Ok so I’ll start by saying I received these to demo and give my opinion. I’m so glad I took them up on the offer!
    So what do I think? First impressions….

    I have used many high end IEM’s (Alien Ears, Shure, etc) and for the price, again if I were to pay for them, I’d say the sound is very good. Better than I expected. Sound is a personal preference so some may think there is too much bass, others may prefer a bit more mids, but for me it was a good balance. I listen to everything…rock, dance, country and it played everything nicely. The bass was tight and not too loose. There was a nice crisp high-end to help bring out cymbals, fret noise, and pick noise without being overbearing. The louder you push them the nicer they sound. So for the sound I would highly recommend them.

    Transparency Mode:
    I really like this feature. It allows me to listen to someone talking to me without taking out my earbuds

    I’ve not had much experience with devices that have this so can only give my novice first impressions. It’s great for tuning out the kids haha! I don’t use public transport so can’t speak to that but so far with it enabled they function like my custom molded IEMs and block out most of the sound around me. I’m sure it depends on your environment and what you are listening to but for me they are perfect.

    As for battery life, so far so good. I have had no issues. They seem to last a while. I’ll update after I have them a while.

    The case is nice and small and I like the battery leds on the front. It is very light but I think it will last a while.

    At first I thought I received a faulty cable or case because it wouldn’t stay in. Truth is I didn’t want to break the connection. But I finally got brave and pushed a little harder and it snapped into place and now fits nice and secure.

    My Cons (Reason for only 4 stars):
    The only things so far I can fault is…
    1. the BT connection has it’s moments when it is intermittent even with my phone right beside me but it only happens every now and then. Again I’ll update this review in the future after I have them a while.
    2. The voice in my head saying it has connected is different from the voice saying disconnected. Not sure why they don’t use the same voice. It’s the little things ya know.

    So would I recommend buying them?
    It is all subjective but in my opinion they are worth every bit of the asking price.

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    TOZO NC9 2022Version Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, in Ear Headphones IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.3 Stereo Earphones, Immersive…
    TOZO NC9 2022Version Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, in Ear Headphones IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.3 Stereo Earphones, Immersive…


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