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VIOFO A129 ,A119V3 Dash Cam 3 Wire Acc HK3 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode


Last updated on May 29, 2023 11:57 am


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  • This VIOFO Hardwire Kit Enables Parking Mode on the VIOFO A129, A129 PRO & A119-V3 Dash Camera
  • This Device is the only Hardwire Device Compatible with the VIOFO A129 & A119-V3 Dash Camera
  • The VIOFO Camera’s Must be Updated to the Latest Firmware in Order to Enable Parking Mode and Use This Device
  • Older Versions of the VIOFO Hardwire Kits Such as The A119 Hardwire Kit are NOT COMPATIBLE With The A129 or The A119-V3

Specification: VIOFO A129 ,A119V3 Dash Cam 3 Wire Acc HK3 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode




Package Dimensions

‎12.5 x 8.2 x 5.1 cm, 136.08 Grams

Item Model Number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Manufacturer Part Number





‎1 Volts

Item Weight

‎136 g

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13 reviews for VIOFO A129 ,A119V3 Dash Cam 3 Wire Acc HK3 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode

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  1. Guv

    This hardwire kit was exactly as advertised, install was easy. Cable lengths more than sufficient. I installed it in my Subaru Levorg Wagon. Make sure you purchase a couple of Fuse Taps around the same time as these are needed for install (unless you are an Auto Elec). Makes installation quick and easy. The product works as described and operates the Parking Modes seamlessly. Highly recommend this product, totally hidden unlike the 12v adapter cable.

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  2. Nick

    Heaps of cable length, if anything there is too much cable that needs hiding behind the panels.

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  3. Justin J

    Nice compact dash cam, great service and fast postage

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  4. Evie

    Okay so you see the very mixed reviews on these hardwire kits and there is a very good reason for it. There seem to be 2 different models with the same model name from Viofo. This is a terrible idea, they should have released a v2 with a different listing. First one wouldn’t work to power the dash cam, the second did, but I noticed it had a slightly different label. Looking closer at the description they even mention that older versions of this kit will not power the duo dash cams, but there seem to still be some mixed into the stock. Viofo support was decent, first support person was useless, but second explained the differing models of hardwire kit.
    Also it’s ridiculous Viofo doesn’t include fuse taps. I ordered a different kit (ROVE) to try and it came with multiple taps, fuses, fuse puller, pry tool and even a little voltage tester. The wires were also preinstalled with connectors to fit the fuse taps. I didn’t need most of this, but it’s great they include everything you will need. The ROVE kit works, but was very oddly slow (60+ seconds) to switch from park to drive modes.

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  5. Evie

    The wiring was labelled incorrectly from the factory which caused no end of headaches when installing. (A129 duo).

    Managed to work it out in the end but ended up being quite expensive as I paid an auto electrician for the install and he couldn’t work out the issue and spent an extra hour fiddling around unecessarily.

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  6. Tevita T

    After using this product, I can confidently say it exists. It’s like the Switzerland of products—neutral, unassuming, and doesn’t take any risks. It didn’t blow my socks off, but it also didn’t make me question the meaning of life. It’s like that friend who always shows up to parties but never really stands out. It’s a master of camouflage in the realm of functionality. If you’re looking for something to blend seamlessly into the background of your life, congratulations, you’ve found it. This product won’t make you jump for joy or throw a fit of rage. It just… is. And as for how much I enjoy writing reviews for products when forced to by websites… Well, let’s just say it’s as thrilling as watching paint dry or listening to elevator music on repeat. Ah, the joys of fulfilling arbitrary obligations!

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  7. Sam A

    I’ve had this for 3 months and everything has been performing mostly as expected. No dead/low batteries, parking mode works great, and the camera functions mostly good… I have one issue with my A129 Pro Duo where sometimes it won’t record while driving, as if it doesn’t detect the engine is started and the car is moving. This happens about 10% of the time, but I’m not sure if it’s the camera or this cable causing the issue, but I’m certain everything is installed correctly because, like I said, all functions work perfect… 9 out of 10 times…

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  8. Michael Field

    It is a good addition to the A129 Duo kit and allows the dashcams to utilise parking mode for extra piece of mind. The K3 kit seems to have a design flaw of some type where the voltage restrictor box breaks after a short period of time resulting in no power being supplied to the dashcams. A google of this problem shows that it is wide spread and lots of people have had the problem. Viofo, to their credit, are very quick and prompt in acknowledging the issue and supplying replacement K3 kits. However, the problem is a design flaw and will most likely happen again and again. Hopefully, Viofo manage to fix this issue and release an updated, more reliable K3 kit. I give 3 stars due to the unreliability of the kit and because when it fails the replacement of it with a new kit involves the removal of roof liners and pilar covers etc.

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  9. T. Porter

    I would definitely recommend getting the hardwire kit so you can record in sentry mode (when the car is parked). With this kit, you can take advantage of having the camera record when parked. Easy to use and fairly straight forward installation. There are many videos you can watch that show you how to install. Added benefit is the wires are all hidden – no wires exposed as they would be if you are using the one that comes with the camera (plugs into the 12v power aka cigarette lighter).

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  10. Bryan_C

    After reading some of the recent negative reviews, I was pretty hesitant to buy this power cable to hook up a Viofo A129 Plus. There’s so much variation of vehicles, fuse blocks, people’s abilities, and the manufacturing ability of Viofo, I couldn’t tell what was true and what was fiction. So, atleast for me, the install went pretty smoothly. The camera was installed into a FJ Cruiser which has a pretty generous interior fuse block with lots of open circuits where using an add-a-circuit is the easiest option. It would have been nice if Viofo included some add-a-circuits, but I had some around from other projects so it wasn’t an added cost (but they’re pretty cheap).

    I read where some people had cables where the red and yellow were flipped, but for me, the Red was Constant 12V and the Yellow was switched 12V as labeled. Everything was wired up and the camera powered up right away.

    Some notes:
    1) From what I understand, the camera will never pull power from the Yellow (ACC) line. That line is just looking for a 12V signal as a trigger to tell the camera to turn on or off. Once that signal is received the camera is being powered only by the red wire.
    2) The round ferrite filter near the tip of the usb connection makes it difficult to hide that part of the wire under the headliner. I tried to do that, but then there was a noticeable bulge in the headliner and I didn’t want to risk that added strain to cause the headliner to separate during the hot and humid Houston summers. I got the wire in front and behind the filter tucked under the headliner, and everything’s staying in place and the filter that sticks out from under the headliner doesn’t bother me at all, but to each his or her own.
    3) Make sure, if you’re using add-a-circuits, that you got the right orientation of how the fuse taps go in. If the tap is backwards, depending on whether or not you’re using the secondary fuse, you may or may not get power. If you do get power, it may fry your fuses, or worse.
    4) My battery is close to needing to be replaced so I haven’t tested the cutoff features nor parking mode yet so I can’t speak to whether or not the cable is working as designed for that function.

    So overall, the cable seems to be of quality and is working just fine. It powers the camera when the car starts and immediately turns it off when the car is shut down. Hopefully it lasts…that seems to be another somewhat frequent complaint in some reviews, but atleast for now, it seems like a good cable.

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  11. catz_rulez

    The dash cam does not detect parking mode very well and does not have a button to manually enter parking mode so you pretty much need this item. This kit cuts off power if the voltage falls beyond a certain point to protect your car battery. However, you if are using an external battery pack, this means there will always be a certain percentage of battery you will not be able to use as there is no way to disable the power cut off feature.

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  12. AtariLegend

    2022 F150: The install was fine. I connected to constant power and accessory power as I have done with wiring car electronics for years. The hardwire kit worked fine for a few weeks until a week or so ago.
    I got in my truck, as usual and noticed the cam was not on; no power. I started the truck, dashcam still did not come on. I unplugged the dashcam and plugged it back in, dashcam still did not work. I took the wife’s dashcam out of her car and put it in my truck, using my truck’s wiring and her dashcam did not come on either. I put my dashcam in her car, using her wiring and the dashcam came on as normal.
    I went to the fuse box in my truck and unplugged both constant and accessory and reconnected them and made sure it was set to 11.8V. Dashcam came on immediately.
    This hardwire kit is bad…but only does this every so often. Not real happy about the idea of having to take my floor mats out, removing the fuse panel cover, and pulling fuses and putting them back in every time this happens (this has happened 2x now). This hardwire kit may need to be replaced and the wiring run all over again…..what a pain in the rump. The battery isn’t even a year old AND I have a battery tender. It sucks having to disconnect the battery or pull fuses every time the voltage drops. Make this one power back on when voltage comes back where it should be

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Install was straightforward enough, but the ground terminal fell away from the wire while installing, seems to snap with barely any pressure applied. Was able to crimp a new terminal on and all is well, but I would suggest being very gentle with it.

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    VIOFO A129 ,A119V3 Dash Cam 3 Wire Acc HK3 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode
    VIOFO A129 ,A119V3 Dash Cam 3 Wire Acc HK3 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode


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