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WC Wicked Cushions Replacement Ear Pads for Beats Studio 2 & 3 (B0501, B0500) Wired & Wireless | Does NOT Fit Beats Solo | Softer PU Leather,…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:38 pm


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  • Fits Like A Glove: Wicked Cushions never cuts corners or repurpose other ear pads, causing a weird, awkward fit. These pads are compatible with Beats Studio Wireless (Model B0501), Beats Studio Wired (Model B0500) , Beats Studio 2 & Beats Studio 3 Wireless. These will not fit Beats solo Pro, Beats Solo or any other headphone model.
  • Easy Installation: We created a step-by-step video guide and instruction manual to ensure a fast, tool-free installation. You’ll also receive industrial-grade adhesive that will form a secure, long-lasting bond
  • Rugged Durability: Our replacement ear pads that are compatible with Beats Studio Wireless headphones are made extra durable. We added stitching and heavy-duty glue on the inside of seams each earpad to prevent them from splitting.
  • Unique Design Maximizes Comfort: Our replacement ear pads are made from extra thick memory foam. Why did we design them like this? To ensure they never flatten and cause discomfort.
  • Enhanced Sound: Your old, beat up ear cushions are negatively affecting the sound performance of your headphones. These earpads comfortably conform to your ear, blocking out noise and dialing in the sound, so you can drift off into the beats

Specification: WC Wicked Cushions Replacement Ear Pads for Beats Studio 2 & 3 (B0501, B0500) Wired & Wireless | Does NOT Fit Beats Solo | Softer PU Leather,…






Part Number


Compatible Devices

‎Beats Studio Wired (B0500), Beats Studio Wireless (B0501), Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Colour Screen



‎0.1 Volts

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Material Type

‎Polyurethane (PU), Faux Leather

Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎10.16 x 7.62 x 1.78 cm, 42.52 Grams

Item Weight

‎42.4 g

Item Model Number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎1 April 2018

12 reviews for WC Wicked Cushions Replacement Ear Pads for Beats Studio 2 & 3 (B0501, B0500) Wired & Wireless | Does NOT Fit Beats Solo | Softer PU Leather,…

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  1. Michelle

    I was a little worried about buying another replacement set of cushions as I’ve bought some from another company before and they were not a good fit and didn’t stick very well, however I thought I’d give these a go. Glad we did as the beats are in perfect condition apart from the degraded cushions, so now we have a perfect set of headphones again!

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  2. Jackie

    These pads a slightly thicker than my originals, and easy to fit, but be gentle removing older ones with a butter knife as you could break the positioning plastic posts on the headset.

    Overall this is the second headset I have upgraded with their product and have no complaints.

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  3. anthony

    Fantastic new pads for beats studio. Easy to install and great quality. Will be sticking with this brand

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  4. Great product – fits as good as the original – thanks

    Great product, fits as good as the original – thanks

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  5. Klaudia

    My original ear pads on my Beats studio headphones started to disintegrate, leaving small particles in my hair and all over my clothing. I was going take the hit and buy myself a new pair of expensive headphones. Luckily I saw these ear pad replacements which are brilliant. They are easy to install and also provide you with a video on how best to do this. These ear pads have saved me well over £200. Reading other reviews I have seen comments about issues with the noise cancelling, at this stage I haven’t had this problem. I have also just used them whilst flying and they were great! Very happy customer.

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  6. Jackie

    My Beats Studio needed a new set of pads, I bought these because the reviews were good and they looked easy enough to put on, to my surprise when I followed the instructions I was amazed how easy it actually was to replace my worn out pads with these new ones, I recommend these to anyone who needs a new set of ear pads for their headphones they really are amazing.

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  7. hawraa

    Bought two sets to replace the pads on my Beats Studio 2 and 3 which were falling apart. The quality of the WC pads is far superior than what came with the original headphones.

    The padding is better, it holds its shape very well and they have a nice soft touch making them very comfortable.

    Getting the old pads off can be tricky but that’s no fault of WC. The instructions are very easy to follow. Would highly recommend these to anyone. Going to buy a set for my Bose QC25 next.

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  8. Andy

    I had bought these to replace the originals as they were completely worn out and has started to hurt my ears, they fit and feel perfect maybe even better then the originals. Only tiny problem is they are just a very tiny bit small, the sponges end just a little bit before the actual headphones plastic. Barely noticeable tho. Definitely recommend.

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  9. Darren

    Easy to install

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  10. Cquad

    I was so enthusiastic about this after seeing everybody’s results. Once they arrived they looked great and the difference between the original worn down pads. On first touch however I already didn’t like the texture. I was confused as reading reviews everybody said these felt even higher quality than the original pads that were on their beats but it felt the opposite to me. These felt far more rigid and uncomfortable to me, I’m autistic and have sensory issues, this already felt horrible but I decided to give them a chance anyways and replace my old pads with these.. worst mistake! I wish so badly I listened to my intuition. They felt like bricks pressing into the sides of my head and months later they feel the same. Along side that my noise cancelling is completely ruined. I spent endless time trying to see if maybe it was something in settings but it wasn’t. My noise cancelling not longer works, if anything the surrounding sounds are amplified making daily life hell for me. I have auditory sensory hypersensitivity and bought my beats to help me get out of the house but now after replacing the pads majority of the time especially if I’m not listening to music, the pads amplify the external sounds. Many times I’ve began having a panic attack and took the headphones off to find that my surroundings were nowhere near as loud as they sounded through the headphones. This never happened to me before replacing the pads and now I can still hear external sounds and people talking even when I have my music on full blast. Also prior to replacing the pads the person next to me couldn’t hear my music or if ever it was very quiet but now, what I’m listening to can be very much heart through my headphones and this gives me extra anxiety. I use to wear my beats often not listening to anything and just turning them on to use the noise cancelling and it felt great but now I can’t do that anymore. Also, whenever I’m taking a call or am on FaceTime, if I am on public transport or in a loud car or around people or any noise I am unable to use the headphones. 2 reasons: 1) the external sounds get even louder so I can’t focus on what someone is saying (I also have ADHD) and 2) MY MIC PICKS UP EVERYTHING AROUND ME AND BARELY MY VOICE! This makes me soooo upset. I now have to attach my plug in iPhone earphones so I can talk into my mic because whoever I’m talking to can not hear me at all and all the surrounding sounds are extremely loud. This had made my experience with my beats horrible and taken away all the reasons I spent £300 on headphones in the first place!!! I thought I was doing a good thing investing in these supposedly high quality replacement pads but I would do anything to go back in time and have my old scruffy pads, they were so much more comfortable and worked for the purpose of the headphones. I wish I could have had the same experience as so many other people in the reviews but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Looks wise the pads look great, they are crisp, they are very nice and white and look high quality from a distance. But the moment I touched them everything about them in a downward spiral. I’m not sure if I got defective ones or if it’s just the product over all but I’ve been very sad about the outcome and hopelessly been holding on for hope thinking I could work around these issues or there may be some way to fix them which is why it’s taken me a long time to write the review. I also wanted to give them a chance aside from my initial reaction hoping it would get better but it never did. I did everything as instructed, I watched the companies tutorial and read the notes over and over again as I was and always am anxious about doing something precisely. I wish I stuck with my old pads and when I say old, they were used every single day and paint peeled from sweat during training and pads tinted green from when I had green hair, they looked horrific but THEY WORKED! These don’t 🙁

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  11. Mark

    arrived quickly
    product came in its own pouch with all the clear instructions and cleaning stuff needed to install
    they are a good quality
    fitted perfect feels great good as new
    great price

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  12. Andy

    The sponges are great fit, no misalignment. Easy to Assemble. Only issue is limited colours for the different variety of beats. I have the dark blue and gold and they didn’t have that shade. Also they don’t do cream. If your not too bothered about specific colours these work well. Happy with my purchase. Easy to contact company with email.

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    WC Wicked Cushions Replacement Ear Pads for Beats Studio 2 & 3 (B0501, B0500) Wired & Wireless | Does NOT Fit Beats Solo | Softer PU Leather,…
    WC Wicked Cushions Replacement Ear Pads for Beats Studio 2 & 3 (B0501, B0500) Wired & Wireless | Does NOT Fit Beats Solo | Softer PU Leather,…


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