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Wireless Earbuds, SoundPEATS T3 Active Noise Canceling with 4 Mics, Bluetooth 5.2 in-Ear Headphones, ANC Earbuds for Clear Calls, Transparency…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 4:40 pm


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  • 【Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity】: Equipped with the Cutting-edged Bluetooth 5.2 chip, SoundPEATS T3 earphones are characterized by its fast and stable Connectivity, which also delivers incredibly low audio latency between your device.
  • 【ANC & ENC for Clear Sound】: Each earbud has an outward-facing mic to anti-noise, while AI noise cancellation technology effectively pick up your voice even in a noisy environment, which creates superior active noise cancellation.
  • 【Transparency Mode】: By switching to the Transparency mode, you’ll be able to listen to whatever you want at a comfortable volume while still being aware of your surroundings. To hear and connect to your surroundings naturally, even when you are wearing your earbuds.
  • 【Sensitive Touch Control】: Both earbuds have built-in capacitive sensors for sensitive touch controls. You can switch to various features like ANC and Transparency mode by simply touching on the huge surface of the multifunctional buttons.
  • 【One-Step Fast Pairing】: If you have paired the earphones with your device once, SOUNDPEATS T3 earphones will automatically enter the Pairing mode when the charging case is opened and Bluetooth is on from your device. They’re ready to use right out of the case.

Specification: Wireless Earbuds, SoundPEATS T3 Active Noise Canceling with 4 Mics, Bluetooth 5.2 in-Ear Headphones, ANC Earbuds for Clear Calls, Transparency…


Batteries Included



‎SoundPEATS T3

Model Name


Model year


Part Number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC

Special Features

‎noise-cancellation, wireless

Mounting Hardware

‎Wireless Charging Case

Microphone format


Headphones form factor

‎In Ear


‎5 Volts



Cable feature


Batteries Required


Total USB ports


Connector Type


Material Type


Form Factor

‎In Ear

Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎5.46 x 5.36 x 2.99 cm, 80 Grams

Item Weight

‎80 g

Item Model Number

‎SoundPEATS T3


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎26 December 2019

10 reviews for Wireless Earbuds, SoundPEATS T3 Active Noise Canceling with 4 Mics, Bluetooth 5.2 in-Ear Headphones, ANC Earbuds for Clear Calls, Transparency…

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  1. Bubbles

    These SoundPeats T3 are a replacement for my faulty s/peats Q which I returned. So far they’re doing all they should be.Nice bass to music, touch controls very accurate & the ANC very handy on noisy traffic days. I won’t bang on about them being rather good as these are now my 4th pair to date with 3 other makes returned after getting some kind of fault. Maybe it’s me,Either way I’m not giving in, I will keep trying these little adorable buds until I find a pair that likes me & hopefully don’t kill themselves in disgust at my taste of music.🎵🎶
    Update: Happy to say, still working splendidly for me months later. Hazaar!

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  2. Jack

    So I’ve been using these earbuds for a couple days now, and my experience with them overall has been pretty good.

    I’ll start with the build quality. It’s good. Not fantastic, not terrible, just good. The plastic used for the case and the earbuds doesn’t feel cheap for the most part and seems like it’ll withstand a few bumps and drops. However, the lid feels a bit loose and flimsy. However, the magnet is nice and strong, so the lid won’t open on its own if the case is upside-down for example, but it just feels a little bit on the cheap side. Thankfully, there’s very little wiggle with the hinge so it seems sturdy enough.

    Now for the looks. The case is definitely leaning more to the bigger side of things, but due to how the earbuds are designed, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Despite the size, it’s still fits easily into my pocket. They definitely resemble the original AirPods, but unlike the original AirPods, these most likely will not be falling out of your ears thanks to the rubber tips.

    Fit and comfort is something which is also good, could’ve been improved a little bit. The large stem almost always rubs against the side of my face slightly, but the fit in my ears does feel fairly good, but at times it almost feels like they’re coming a bit loose and I end up adjusting them every couple of minutes. The only thing I would probably change here is the size of the stem.

    The touch controls do work pretty well. They’re configured differently to how I normally like, but I did get used to them pretty within the first day of use. However, play and pause isn’t perfect. Songs continue playing for barely a split second after pausing, and about half a second of a song is missed when playing. Skipping and reversing works well, but after doing either command the song only plays out of the right earbud for the first half a second, which did get a little annoying at first, but like the controls, it’s something I got used to and didn’t really bother me after a while.

    Battery life, same as the build quality, is good. I didn’t run into any issues with the battery life during my usage, but I wish they had a little more juice. 4 hours is enough battery life for listening to music, but depending on the volume level, this could be less. Thankfully they never ran out of juice during my usage.

    Playback is where I ran into a minor issue at times. When listening to music, there’s no problems at all, as it doesn’t need to be in sync with the device if you are only listening to something, like music or podcasts. However, video playback has its ups and downs. For the most part, these would sync up with the video or movie being played, but there were a couple instances where the audio wouldn’t be in sync. Thankfully, pausing and playing the video/movie fixes this issue almost every time, so it’s a minor issue that mostly fixes itself.

    Finally, onto sound quality and playback. This is where they really surprised me. Whilst watching videos and movis, everything sounded fantastic with plenty of depth and detail. Same goes for listening to music. They have great mids and highs with plenty of deep, punchy bass which I’m definitely a fan of. Overall, very nice sound for the price.

    In conclusion, overall, these earbuds are pretty good for the price. Not incredible or downright terrible, just pretty good. They sounded great with pretty much everything I watched and listened to. The case may feel a tiny bit on the cheap side, mostly in regards to the lid, but it feels durable enough to withstand the test of time. If you’re after a pair of affordable wireless earbuds that has great sound, good comfort and decent battery life, I’d definitely recommend these.

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  3. Luis

    Bonitos pero hasta ahí.
    La calidad de audio es mediocre. La batería dura poco, tanto en los audífonos como en el case.
    El micrófono y la reducción de ruido no son buenos. Lo peor del caso es que en menos de un mes, uno de los audífonos dejó de funcionar correctamente, es apenas audible.
    Lamentablemente no pude hacer la devolución por problemas personales pero invito a NO comprar este producto. Decepción total.

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  4. kangafeet

    I wanted these as an extra pair for work. I have the trueair2 for general use but can’t wear them all day.
    I had some very cheap buds for work but the microphone was worse than useless. Saw these and have not been disappointed. They have anc. This doesn’t block everything but does make a noticeable difference. They are super comfortable even when wearing them all day. Sound quality is above average but not quite as clear as my trueairs but they don’t have aptx hd so that’s to be expected.
    Had a small issue with them after nearly a year and customer service were exceptional at helping me and sorting out the issue.
    All round a great pair of budget buds that could out do some more expensive brands.

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  5. judithann

    These buds are really good says the husband he is very happy with them

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  6. Vishal D.

    Easy to carry and use while travelling plus good backup, last longer

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  7. Fahad F.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from these earbuds. I had read mostly positive reviews from international customers, but there was some doubt because of the price point whether these would be any good. I took the plunge because it was affordable, and I wanted a spare pair to keep in the office for listening while I work and meetings connected to my computer.

    The first song that played sounded good…really good! I played through several songs and was impressed with the balance of bass, mids, and treble. Nothing seemed out of balance or overpowering. Bass lovers may want more bass, but for me it was more than enough. I then compared them to some of my other earbuds thinking I had forgotten how the songs sounded on good earbuds. I realised that I enjoyed the sound these earbuds produced more than most of my other buds, including far more expensive ones (I kind of collect them!). I find I am reaching for these buds as my go-to for sound.

    The connection to my phone on taking the buds out of their case has been 100% successful. This is not the case with other earbuds where I often have to reconnect either the left or right earbud.

    This is the first time I have had a touch button controlled earbud as opposed to a touch sensitive controller. I feel that for most uses the touch button is better as there are no accidental touches and I have better control.

    The sound quality on talking is excellent. Google assistant works easily. The controls work as specified and are reliable, unlike a lot of touch sensitive earbuds.

    I’ve gone for a run in them and they were secure and I didn’t feel like they were going to fall out.

    One negative is you can’t control volume from the buds. You will need to do that from your phone or computer.

    I would recommend these for the price and the quality sound you get for the price.

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  8. Robert James

    sound isn’t bad for these headphones. better than a pair of klipsch i paid twice as much for. this ones fit much better and the ANC works on them as well.
    i still get the bluetooth cutting out occasionally on my android 12 phone
    but i’d still recommend them

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  9. GC

    I compared these to my buds+ and the sound quality is close, these are just a bit below the buds+. Something about these they just didn’t have the same range as the buds+. The noise canceling works, comfort i feel they fit more snug and a bit better than my buds +. But this is subjective to each person. I never made a phone call with them so I can review thar portion.

    The case is bulkier and does not support wireless charging which is kind of a bummer as it means just another cord to deal with.

    Review update: been using them for a while now, and the feedback while talking to people is they pick up a lot of ambient noise on the microphones so you will get washed out on windy days or if you are running. And prolonged wear gets to be a lil uncomfortable.

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  10. MattW

    So I bought these for making calls and listening, on phone and for listening from my laptop. The sound performance is fine, especially for the price. The microphones on this model (despite being sold on ‘crystal clear calls’) work fine in quiet environments, but don’t deal well with background noise and are particularly sensitive to wind. Even a mild breeze will make it impossible for the person you are listening to hear you. And the wind ‘pick up’ in your ears will make it hard to hear them. I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect some testing by the manufacturer with air movement! The fit is a bit uncomfortable and they chafe after a few hours use, but of course this will vary between individuals. They pair well with my laptop, much better than the very expensive pair from a leading manufacturer I threw away due to this problem.

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    Wireless Earbuds, SoundPEATS T3 Active Noise Canceling with 4 Mics, Bluetooth 5.2 in-Ear Headphones, ANC Earbuds for Clear Calls, Transparency…
    Wireless Earbuds, SoundPEATS T3 Active Noise Canceling with 4 Mics, Bluetooth 5.2 in-Ear Headphones, ANC Earbuds for Clear Calls, Transparency…


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