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WOLFBOX G850 4K Mirror Dash Cam: 12” Rear View Mirror Camera for Car,Dual Dash Cameras Front and Rear,Super Night Vision,Parking…


Last updated on May 29, 2023 11:57 am


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  • LARGE SCREEN & REAL 4K – Equipped with 12-inch 4K front camera and WDR rear camera, bringing super clear and smooth video experience, helps you read the key details like road signs, and vehicle number plates and offers better-defined details. G850 dash cam mirror combines WOLFBOX’s most advanced technology and takes into account the high-cost performance.
  • TYPE-C INTERFACE AND SUPER CAPACITOR – WOLFBOX has upgraded the supercapacitor and TYPE-C interface for the G850 mirror camera. Compared with the traditional lithium battery, the supercapacitor is designed to withstand extreme temperatures of -4 F to 149 F to prevent the risk of overheating, explosion, and melting, and its service life is twice that of lithium-ion batteries. Compared with the traditional 5-pin mini-USB, TYPE-C avoids the black screen, restart, and high-temperature deformation.
  • WDR/HDR TECHNOLOGY – Both front and rear cameras feature WDR/HDR technology to capture clear, lifelike images in even the most demanding lighting conditions, never darkened or corrupted by shadows, glare, reflections, and sunlight. In rainy and snowy nights, G850 rear view mirror backup camera brings you more realistic images.
  • LOOP RECORDING, G-SENSOR, PARKING MONITOR – Loop recording will automatically overwrite the old files when the SD card is full. G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage, so rearview mirror camera won’t overwrite locked files; the Parking monitor functions as a surveillance camera system while the vehicle is off (need to be powered by a hardware kit. Asin:B09X1L1GMX)
  • REVERSE ASSISTANCE, STREAM MEDIA, REAR CAM FLIP & MIRROR – After connecting the red wire of the rear cam to the positive electrode of the reverse light, the reverse line appears when you turn to “R” gear; The streaming media enlarges the scene behind the car by 1.5 times, provide a wider field of view. The rear cam flip & mirror function makes this dash cam perfectly compatible with RVs, pickups, and trucks, etc..

Specification: WOLFBOX G850 4K Mirror Dash Cam: 12” Rear View Mirror Camera for Car,Dual Dash Cameras Front and Rear,Super Night Vision,Parking…






Model Name

‎WOLFBOX G850 12inch 4K Mirror Dash Cam

Part Number


Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Personal Computer

Special Features

‎12inch screen & 4K high resolution dash cam mirror,dual dash camera,parking monitoring, Reversing auxiliary line,loop recording,G-sensor,GPS tracking,Super capacitor,High temperature resistance, Image flip & mirror,adjustable angle,TYPE-C port

Mounting Hardware

‎‎32GB TF Card, Car Charger, 4K Dash Cam Mirror, 1080P Rear Camera with Screws and 3M tape, External GPS antenna, User Manual, 20ft rear camera cable

Number of items


Standing screen display size


Display Type


Video capture resolution


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Connector Type


Compatible media type


Mounting type

‎Fixed on rear view mirror by straps

Actual viewing angle

‎140 Degrees

Does it contain liquid


Includes Rechargeable Battery


Product dimensions

‎30 x 1.6 x 7.5 cm, 1 Kilograms

Item Weight

‎1 kg



Item Model Number


Date First Available

‎1 July 2022

13 reviews for WOLFBOX G850 4K Mirror Dash Cam: 12” Rear View Mirror Camera for Car,Dual Dash Cameras Front and Rear,Super Night Vision,Parking…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Whatshisface

    My boyfriend recommended me to buy this dash cam, and it is also used in his car. After getting it, I found that it is really good. It has wider mirror, more things can be seen in the screen. It is also very easy to install and it can be done in 5 minutes. The video quality is also very good, and I also use it to record my journey. It will automatically open every time you get in to car, which is very convenient. In addition, it can also display time and date. It come with a SD card and it has a reversing image. I think the price is very suitable, and I will continue to recommend it to my other friends.

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  2. M F

    Please be aware that this product has some design flaws.

    First of all I would not recommend it for Mercedes CLS W219. The problem is there is not enough space between ceiling and camera top. The USB-C wire connector is too tall and does not fit into the space between mirror and the ceiling. They should have designed two USB-C ports, one on the top and one on the side or even better – on the back (bottom). If you do manage to squeeze USB-C connector into that tight space, then it will push onto the ceiling and mirror will angle down, causing front camera to point up LOL. Now, you might think that you can adjust the front camera angle downwards, nope. The front camera does not move enough to compensate….

    The camera can be installed above the license plate. There is a space there. But camera base is longer, so it will stick out into the street, catching all rain water. This can be solved by pushing camera backwards as much as possible.

    Software allows you to choose what image will be displayed on the mirror: front camera, back camera or both in a split view. Now, this mirror is mounted on top of your original mirror, means once installed… you have no other way to know what is going on in the back, but to switch On the rear camera feed. That makes front camera feed kind of useless. You will use it only for adjusting your front camera angle once and will never get to it.

    The feed from the rear camera can be projected in two modes: 1) full screen mode, it will take up the whole mirror 2) panoramic view, it will take up approx. 50% of the mirror width and will be aligned in the centre, leaving left and right sides show nothing. Now, the problem with the full screen view – your picture is cropped, you simply do not see enough traffic behind your car!!! It is useless when driving. The problem with panoramic view – the picture is twice smaller than your original mirror!!! Again, you see some hints of what is going on but its not what you need for safe driving. The only way around this – to adjust camera angle so that it gives you safe view of the situation in the rear when driving.

    If you adjust the angle of reverse camera for the safe driving…. then function “parking assistant” becomes useless, because now, camera is not pointing to the ground, hence when parking it is not helping you much. The only sensible “solution” to this problem is dual camera or camera with automatically movable lens.

    When your are in the reverse parking mode, camera view can be digitally adjusted by panning image – slide finger up/down on the mirror, to simulate the view to the bottom. Basically, by default camera gives you a huge image which does not fit into the mirror screen and with your finger you can choose what portion of that big image you want to see (by sliding up or down). This feature is OK but for some weird reason it does not work in the normal rear camera feed when driving. Could be very useful.

    Basically problems 4, 5 and 6 make this camera to work either only as parking assist or only as rear view feed when driving but not both. Huh??

    Can you image, there is no way to set the current time. Huh?? Only to choose your timezone, but it does not help. For example, at 10pm in Australia Sydney with time zone set to UTC+10 the time on the screen showed 6am. What!?

    If 1 – 7 is not enough, let me tell you one more – the screen is too bright for evening. Even at the lowest brightness level. This can be solved by turning brightness to the minimum, sometimes requires to swipe three times. Its better if there was a quick access single click button for night mode.

    There is no way to switch off the recording. Not a big deal, but annoying. Say you don’t want to record anything, but hey camera always starts recording. Even if you explicitly stop it, that action will be forgotten and next time camera will force start the recording again. Silly software design.

    So yeah, the concept is Ok, but practical use is not there. I recommend to avoid it until bugs are solved.

    Warning. If your car has led-based original parking assistant, then when reversing you are looking at led indicators through the original mirror. With this mirror installed, you have to turn your head back. Would be nice if mirror could tap into the original car parking assistant and show parking proximity progress bar on the screen. This can be done if mirror is paired with wireless ODB2 transmitter.

    Seller is providing a good support. Will try to solve timezone problem by updating firmware.

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  3. Kane

    I love this device. I will definitely be installing in all my cars.

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  4. Maniac

    This is a good quality read view camera mirror . I have had 2 others by different brands in the last 2 years. The camera housing for the rear is nice metal. Installation is pretty good. Resolution is good .
    The bad is the screen isn’t that bright during normal day driving. It’s set at brightest setting and needs to go up like another 30 percent . It’s not bad but could be much better. Wish camera was a bit more wide mode. Otherwise it’s a great product in every other way. To me if those issues were resolved it would be 5 stars. Compared to other cameras on market for price this one is excellent . Seems and feels reliable.

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  5. Hayley Pham

    Had an issue with the Unit. The seller was prompt in sending me updated firmware and fantastic customer support

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  6. Daniel

    The media could not be loaded.

     Note: I have been informed that the hardware has changed since I posted this review. Please note that this is for the first gen G850.

    I’ve had a few dashcams, but this is my first mirror dash cam. I was worried how this would work as a mirror replacement, but my concerns were unfounded. Even with the screen on, I can see either the content in the mirror or the content on the screen based on where my eyes focus. It works surprisingly well. With the screen off, the mirror functions satisfactorily also.

    The UI is intuitive and easy to understand.
    The camera properly switches to the rear when reversing, and switches the screen back on if it was off.
    You can switch between cameras, and you can set a default view.
    The screen has a timeout functionality which is disabled by default. You can have it fully turn off the screen, or have it enter a screensaver mode, which leaves the screen on; but only displays the direction and speed. I prefer to use the screensaver mode.
    You can tap the power button once to shut the screen off. It will turn back on when reversing, by tapping the power button, or touching the screen.

    There is no indicator on the camera that it is on if the screen is off. This makes it very easy to leave on and recording after you’ve shut the car off. This can be avoided by leaving the screen on or in screensaver mode, but that can make it a bit difficult to use the mirror part at night.

    The screen is nice and clear and the screensaver mode is great (shows direction, speed, and time only).

    Cons: The screen is a bit bright at night even in screen saver mode. An OLED screen would rectify this, but would likely increase the cost too much. There does not appear to be any auto-brightness adjustment, meaning the brightness must be manually adjusted based on the time of day.

    The front camera provides 4K, 2.5K, and 2K video options. 4K video has slightly more detail than 2.5K, but only runs at 25 FPS. 2.5K will record at 30 FPS. For this reason, I prefer to use the 2.5K video option.
    It is difficult to read license plates unless they are close and off to the side, likely due to distortion from the wide angle lens.
    Video Quality is satisfactory at night.

    Cons: 25 FPS for 4K recording.

    Rear Camera:
    The rear camera records in 1080p video. It is difficult to read license plates, likely due to distortion from the wide angle lens.
    The software supports installing the rear camera in different positions depending on your use case.

    Includes plenty of cabling for most cars. I was even able to run the power cable to my rear outlet.

    Cons: Requires a dedicated outlet and the power adapter provides no extra USB ports. Will not even power off a USB PD port.

    The GPS grabs satellites quickly and seems accurate.

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  7. Random Dude

    Bought this to help in supervising a learner driver. When sitting in the passenger seat it can be difficult to know what is going on behind the car. With this camera you get a great view of what is behind the car as well as the lanes on either side. So it has been great for that purpose.

    In some ways it is more useful that the car’s built in reversing camera as the view is much wider. The colours on screen are a bit muted so it depends if that is important to you. Set up was quite simple and both front and rear cameras are immediately detected.

    We chose not to mount it to the mirror as intended by the manufacturer as we do not know if it meets Australian Standards for motor vehicle mirrors . It is quite handy having it on the dash and the original rear view mirror is unaffected. Overall it has been a great addition to the car.

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  8. Random Dude

    Bought for my sons Ute, works well, clear picture. Very happy

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  9. Niko

    I’ve had a similar product in the past but this one specifically has been much better in regards to camera quality, versatility and usage. The device fits snugly on top of your vehicle rear view mirror given rubber straps. I’ve been able to take it to a BestBuy to have the cords professionally installed and hidden so the whole ensemble is aesthetically flawless. I have also noticed with these devices many people driving around you drive more cautiously as they can see the big screen and perhaps may be intimidating to others (which with living in a big city with terrible traffic has helped a lot).

    The camera/video quality with my previous device does not equate to the quality of this device. Though there are times, mostly at night, where night vision is slightly affected with projected headlights behind you. It can take a second for the camera to adjust but when it does the screen becomes quite clear.

    One thing I have noticed with my past device and current one is that they both can identify a license plate as needed but only to a certain distance (5-10 feet) which either can or cannot help you if need be.

    With this device you’re able to switch to different modes (front, rear, front and rear) with just a swipe of a finger. You can also increase the brightness as well as adjust the rear view camera up and down all on the same screen.

    Overall, I would rate this product much higher than my previous product. Much better camera quality and user friendliness. I would very much recommend this to a friend as well as having it professionally installed for only ~$80 with best buy. Since using this product I have felt much safer driving my car in a big city.

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  10. Loc Nguyen

    Awesome camera for the price can’t fault it and after sales support via wolf box email is great !!

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  11. lizzi stokes

    Must buy ladies and gentlemen, fuego

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  12. Maniac

    The media could not be loaded.

     I got this Wolfbox camera for a very good price, and replaced my older (technically illegal) Z-Edge dual dash cam with it. It’s about the same price as the Z-Edge, but has a much larger screen, better interface, and like I said is not illegal. The reason some Dash cams are illegal is that they partially obstruct the windshield (like my Z-Edge). The Wolfbox is fantastic because it actually attaches to your rearview mirror and does not obstruct any of your view of the road.

    Accessories and additional items included in the box(the dashcam is obviously included):
    Silicon attachments (use these to hold the dashcam on the mirror, there are smaller ones for smaller mirrors which I used, and larger ones for larger mirrors)
    Microfiber cloth to clean the screen
    Power cord
    Rear camera
    GPS attachment
    User manual

    As mentioned, you just attach the silicon stretchy brackets to the upper back hooks of the dashcam, hang it over your mirror, and then attach the lower part of the brackets to the lower hook on the dashcam. You then can attach the power cord and rear view camera wire and run them behind your paneling (I attached pictures and a video with a brief summary of how I ran my wires). Plug in the GPS (attach somewhere out of the way with the 3m tape), and then plug in the cigarette lighter adapter. Voila! You are good to go. Don’t forget to take the protective plastic off the cameras (not that I have ever forgotten that haha).

    Great features that are included:
    General direction you are driving (N for north, SE for southeast etc.)
    Time and Date
    Screen Saver mode (in Screen Display under settings, talk more about this later)
    Sensitivity adjustment (how big of a bump you want for the camera to recognize a “crash”)
    Brightness adjustment (turn it down to low, or use screen saver mode if you want to use the camera as a mirror instead, talk more about this later)
    A very responsive touch screen
    Button to take a picture
    Change resolution (options are 4k, 2.5k, and 1080p. Default is 2.5k.)
    Loop time of the recordings (options are 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins. Default is 1 min)
    Whether you want to record audio or not.
    Option to attach the reverse line so the camera will automatically turn on the reverse camera when reversing
    Can flip the rear camera (this means you can install it upside down or rightside up if you want)

    Important things to note:
    Running the dashcam requires a small amount of technical skill. Not much, since I am not super car savvy. However, if you want to setup the cameras in the best position possible you may have to get creative (I’ll talk more about this later). HOWEVER, if you want the rear camera to automatically turn on in reverse, you have to splice or crimp the red reverse line into your reverse lights. This requires the correct tools and know how, which I did not have. I had to get a mechanic friend of mine to install it. He also installed the rearview mirror on the outside of my vehicle, above the license plate. To do this, he had to drill a hole behind the rear lights, run the wire through there and then out with the license plate light. If you do this, make sure you don’t drill a large hole and then you weatherproof the hole with some sort of rubber, otherwise water will get in and rust out the car.
    This dash cam functions as both a mirror and a dashcam. What I mean by this is that if the screen is off, it will act as a rear view mirror and you can see through the window behind you. If the screen is on, it will still show the rear view AS WELL as the footage on the camera. This can be a bit distracting, so what I do is I choose to put my Wolfbox in “Screen Saver” mode in the settings options. This turns off the camera while I am driving, but leaves on the nice features like direction and speed. My friend who also has this camera, instead chooses to just leave the camera on but have the rear view on all the time. Essentially he uses the camera instead of a mirror. One thing to note if you do this, is that cars will be closer than they look in the camera.
    The manual is written with poor English grammar, and does not explain the features well. It requires some trial and error to figure everything out yourself.
    Installing the rear camera in the recommended position above the license plate means that cars behind you shine their lights directly into the lens. This can make it hard to capture details of the car behind you at night.

    Lots of great features
    Large screen with nice touch interface
    Clear picture
    Relatively easy to install
    Easy to use
    Option to use as a rear view mirror, or use the rear camera to see behind your vehicle.

    Poor grammar in manual
    Hard to see license plates at night
    The camera lens quality is good but not great, resulting in a picture that is useable but not as clear as I might like.

    Overall my cons are mostly just nitpicks, and I think this is a fantastic camera. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in installing their own dash cam.

    A really cool feature they could add is Google maps functionality that displays google maps on the camera. That way I wouldn’t even need my phone anymore. But that would require adding some totally different programming, so it’s mostly just my own wish!

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  13. Sivakumar Muniappan

    The video quality is good, very bright and clear even at night. Cosmetic looks high quality
    Only few minor things such as the screen is a little bit short, couldn’t cover all the rear view mirror and reverse line marks is a little narrow and the USB-C hardwire kit is nearly double price as general kit. Anyway, all those things doesn’t really matter. The camera is working well, worth the money

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    WOLFBOX G850 4K Mirror Dash Cam: 12” Rear View Mirror Camera for Car,Dual Dash Cameras Front and Rear,Super Night Vision,Parking…
    WOLFBOX G850 4K Mirror Dash Cam: 12” Rear View Mirror Camera for Car,Dual Dash Cameras Front and Rear,Super Night Vision,Parking…


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