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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Wristband – 1.62″ 490×192 AMOLED Display Screen, 120 Sport Modes, 5ATM Water Resistance, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring,…


Last updated on May 31, 2023 11:00 pm


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  • · New full-screen display: 1.62″ AMOLED Display Screen, which is 25% larger than Mi Smart Band 6. With a higher resolution (490×192), you can check your health and exercise data easier.
  • · Sports Tracking: Xiaomi Mi Band 7 not only has 120 sports modes, but also provides insights on VO2 Max, training load, recovery time, training effect. Four “Pro” sport modes (as part of 120) with automatic workout detection for certain activities.
  • · Battery: The battery life of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 can last for 14-day. Wiht the 2 POGO pin magnetic charging, it only takes two hours to fully charge.
  • · Multiple functions: Xiaomi Mi Band 7 offers continuous heart rate and blood oxygen tracking, as well as support for breathing exercises, stress evaluation and female cycle tracking.
  • ·Watch faces: Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has 100+ watch faces and some of the 100+ watch faces include animated elements.

Specification: Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Wristband – 1.62″ 490×192 AMOLED Display Screen, 120 Sport Modes, 5ATM Water Resistance, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring,…


Scanner Resolution

‎490 x 490


‎1 watts

Colour Screen


Standing screen display size

‎1.62 Inches

Display Technology


Number of items


Special Features

‎Heart Rate Monitor

Battery Average Life

‎15 days

Compatible Devices


Operating System

‎Android 6

Memory Storage Capacity

‎4000 MB

Part Number


Model year


Model Name

‎Mi Band 7





Batteries Required


Includes remote


Is discontinued by manufacturer



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item Model Number




Item Weight

‎90 g

Product dimensions

‎10 x 2 x 0.5 cm, 90 Grams

Includes Rechargeable Battery


Batteries Included


Does it contain liquid


Human interface input


Connector Type


Wireless Type


Battery power rating


Battery cell composition

‎Lithium Polymer

Date First Available

‎26 May 2022

13 reviews for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Wristband – 1.62″ 490×192 AMOLED Display Screen, 120 Sport Modes, 5ATM Water Resistance, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring,…

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Donna

    Very happy with product – it has all the features I need in a slim and compact model.

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  2. BM.

    Currently unable to test the device as it will not let me complete the setup. According to the Mi App the device is not supported in my region. I am hoping to resolve the issue or unfortunately I will have to return the device. The strap and device itself is a high quality build. Fingers crossed I can actually get it working.

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  3. Joop

    I recently purchased two Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Wristbands for my boys, and I have been impressed with their performance and affordability. These wristbands offer a range of features that make them an excellent choice for kids, including step tracking, sleep monitoring, heart rate measurement, and tracking various activities.

    While the Mi Band 7 doesn’t have some of the more advanced smartwatch capabilities, such as GPS tracking or making calls, this is actually a benefit for our family. Most schools have strict rules against such features, so the Mi Band 7 provides just the right balance of functionality without crossing any boundaries.

    The wristbands are well-priced, making them an affordable option for parents who want to provide their kids with a fitness tracker. My boys have enjoyed using their Mi Band 7s and have become more engaged in monitoring their activity levels and overall health.

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  4. Josh

    The MI band activity tracker has always been a great product and excellent example of Xiaomi’s brand philosophy to provide excellent value for the money instead of maximizing the markup on everything they sell like Apple and Samsung. Even though this year’s model is about $10 more expensive than last year’s Mi Band 6 the new model still gives you a lot for your money for around $50.

    I’ve owned these going back to the Mi Band 4 and every new model has improved upon the one from the previous year, giving customers a legitimate reason to upgrade. While the MI Band 5, 6, and 7 have all been physically identical Xiaomi has managed to make the display larger every year by utilizing more real estate on the screen. The display has also gotten brighter every year making the MI Band 7 the first that’s actually pretty easy to read in bright sunlight.

    I primarily utilize mine as a cheap smartwatch instead of an activity tracker but I still find the step counter and pulse monitoring functions useful. When I separately check my blood pressure I usually find the pulse reading on the Mi Band to be pretty accurate.

    You can use the Mi Band 7 to track and analyze your sleep if you want to wear it 24 hours a day. The sleep analysis is supposed to track how many hours of sleep you get and how much of that is deep sleep but since all the band has to go on is pulse and body movement and medical sleep analysis is done primarily by measuring brainwaves I wouldn’t count on a device like this providing extremely accurate sleep analysis.

    The Mi Band 7 can also display your notifications and texts, the name of an incoming caller and dismiss the call instead of picking up your phone, and if the music service or app that you use is compatible the Mi Band 7 can display the name of the track that’s playing and control music playback.

    When using it as a fitness tracker the Mi Band 7 allows you to select specific activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, and more. A new feature has been added to measure blood oxygen levels but I have no idea how accurate that feature is.

    Using the smartphone app, you can set alerts to inform you if your blood pressure is too high or too low, if you have been sitting and inactive for too long, measure stress, and remind you to relax if your blood pressure goes higher than 80. Calendar and event reminders on your smartphone can also be synced to the Mi Band 7.

    The app has settings to adjust the Mi Band 7’s display brightness, enable Always On Display, use the battery-saving Lift Wrist To View setting instead or use both options by setting a daily schedule for each. You can also use the app to customize what you see when you swipe through the Mi 7 display.

    An assortment of faces that can be synced to the Mi Band 7 are included and more are available through free apps available in the Play Store.

    The Global model will automatically display in whatever the default language is on your smartphone making setup fairly simple although the various MI Band settings inside the app could definitely be organized better to make them easier to find. The Chinese model supports English but reportedly not Spanish so for any languages other than Chinese and English make sure to purchase the Global model.

    The Mi Band 7 offers very good build quality, a nice AMOLED display, and a very large array of features. It’s also easy to recommend the upgrade this year even if you already own last year’s Mi Band 6.

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  5. Rod

    It is a nice upgrade from the Mi Band 5 I had previously. Bigger screen, more data good selection of faces. A bit complicated to set up. The new phone app is an improvement.

    Sleep tracking feature provides useful info. Heart rate is reasonably accurate. Steps overcounted a bit but provides a good indication.

    I use it mainly for pool swimming. It accurately counts the number of laps, the session time and average time per 100m. Measures heart rate while swimming.

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  6. Sydney

    Issues with app. Pia and vo2 max don’t work well on app. No ability to set a alarm to go off on phone and wrist so have to use 2 alarm apps. Watch itself is very good. Very good value for money and good features, app just needs working on.

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  7. Mike

    Great value. Comfortable to wear. Long battery life depending on what features activated. All u need. Plenty of display options to personalise.
    Using the Mifitness app to get the best out of the data collected.

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  8. Y. Zhuo

    Xiaomi is one of my favourite brands. This is the 3rd Mi band that I bought. I had two Mi Band 6 for my kid but they all stopped working after using for swimming. The app is perfect and supports a lot of activities. Just can’t use it for swimming otherwise all good.

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  9. Pavanbl

    I was looking for a step tracker as I start my health journey. I looked at Apple Watches and Fitbits, but everything was so pricey. This was such a cheap price for all this little thing can do! To check for accuracy, I used the watch as well as step trackers on my phone and consistently checked it while I did my walking today, and it seems pretty accurate. I also love all the other things this can do. The app is easy to navigate and you can customize it from there as well. This was a great deal so far, even though I’ve had it for one day, I can tell that it is decent quality. Great alternative to Fitbit and keeps a good charge too!

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  10. Joe Smart

    I got this watch because I have a nickel allergy and I could not make my FitBit stop irritating my skin. I tried liquid bandage, I tried putting tape over the part that touches your skin, I tried baby powder, I kept the band impeccably clean and dry and I could not stop the nickel on the Fitbit from causing me a horrible rash on my wrist.

    I did not want to spend several hundred dollars for a fitness watch all because of a brand name, especially after spending so much on my Fitbit and having it wasted.

    There are very few fitness watches on the market that do not have nickel that touches the skin, but this is one of them.

    I did as much research as I could and purchased this one and I do not regret it. I actually like it more than I ever liked my Fitbit because this one was only around $50 and does everything my Fitbit did AND MORE. I had the fitbit versa 3.

    Not sure why I was not able to get oxygen monitoring on my Fitbit, because they advertised that as a feature, but it is available for free on this band.

    Be more customizable than Fitbit or any other smartwatch I’ve seen. I actually put a picture of my dog as my watch face with a customized overlay (the actual watch time, the heart rate, whatever else you want to see). The photo quality of my watch face is crazy. It looks just like a phone screen and it behaves like one too. It’s very receptive and fast.

    So much about this watch is highly customizable which is great for me because I’m very particular about what I want popping up on my watch, so I don’t get distracted. You have a lot of freedom in choosing what alerts pop up on your watch and during what hours of the day, you can even choose a custom vibration pattern.

    Around October 24 I purchased 2 of the xiaomi band 7s for my boyfriend and I. It is now November 18th as I’m writing this, so that’s how long I’ve had the watches.

    The only downsides to this watch that I have found are: the companion app, the durability of the screen, and the band falling off sometimes. I will explain in detail.

    The Google app store has two applications for this watch and only one of them is good. Both of them are a little bit unintuitive to navigate, but it is manageable. The app recommended in the manual is the one that most people don’t like (I found this out online from reviewers).

    A few times, I was out of the house and my band just came undone and fell off. I almost didn’t notice and I could have lost my watch. Luckily I noticed in time and I picked it up, but unfortunately the screen was chipped a bit on the edge. It fell on concrete but it only fell like 2 ft down.

    The good app to get is ZEPP LIFE. Don’t even bother with the other one. You can do everything you need to do in the Zepp Life app!

    Hey xiaomi, you should advertise that your watch is nickel free because you could increase your customers! I had to search the web to find recommendations from other people who have nickel allergies. This information is hard to find, so you guys are missing out on potential customers.

    TLDR; I absolutely love this watch and I am very happy that I purchased it. I would definitely buy other products from xiaomi because of my experience with this watch. I prefer it to my old Fitbits and the price makes it a great value.

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  11. Jacky

    Tracks everything I need, step, sleep and heart rate over the entire day. Works well with Zepp Life app which can be used to customise the band from look and feel to shortcuts.

    It has super long battery life compare to the Apple Watch and does everything I need it to. I don’t bother taking this off except for the occasional once a week+ charging.

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  12. Leslie

    Amazing watch which ticks all the boxes of smart watch. I had earlier used bands 5 and was very happy with it. However from past 1 year I found it but slow and band strape was really loose. The hook keeps coming out. After researching for other watches including Samsung watch I finally got Mi band 7.
    I also compared with band 7 pro, I felt this one was better in many aspects. Which includes weight Size of screen etc.. Now I know many of you think how can I compare this watch with expensive watches . But the below are my reasons:
    1. Amazingly light weight. I wear it all day long including night.
    2. I also didn’t want huge screen which would affect the eyes. This watch has perfect size it is neither too small nor too big.
    3. The hook of the strap even though looks same to previous model is little tight which help in the grip. Hence it is locked perfectly.
    4. O2 festure gives almost accurate result. However one should not be relied upon this entirely.
    5. New clock faces which gives bright new look and feel.
    6. The strap of previous versions fits well with this watch so there are various options.
    7. Unlike 7 pro which has weird new type of charging, this one continued the same magnetic cable like its predecessors.

    Now few things which I wanted to be better:
    1. This may be just me. But even though the strap is sturdy even I always have this feeling of it coming off. I like the good old buckle straps.
    2. The UI could have been better compared to other watches in this price range.
    3. NFC support not available. However this is not that big of an issue.

    Overall this is one of the best watches currently available in the market.

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  13. Jacky

    The Mi band 7 is the perfect balance between fitness tracker and smart watch I need, I can track my sleep, heartrate and activities and still get notifications on my wrist, the only problem is that it appears this is the older, non NFC model meaning you can’t make payments with it

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    Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Wristband – 1.62″ 490×192 AMOLED Display Screen, 120 Sport Modes, 5ATM Water Resistance, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring,…
    Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Wristband – 1.62″ 490×192 AMOLED Display Screen, 120 Sport Modes, 5ATM Water Resistance, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring,…


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